Travelers and Outdoor Safety

Enjoying the outdoors and outdoor excursions are a core part of many travelers’ vacations. Unfortunately, the outdoor pursuits that travelers can participate in are not devoid of safety hazards. Violent crime, extreme heat or cold, avalanches, water currents, contaminated provisions or water, and dangerous or poisonous animals are only some of the hazards that vacationers may be unfamiliar with or unprepared for. Whether the event all of you are considering involves hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, backcountry skiing, or something still more unusual, these six safety recommendations exist for you.

For more education on outdoor safety, visit the Outdoor Safety Institute’s website.

 Organize the Outing

Without spoiling the unique nature of outdoor adventures, it is possible to provide them with some organization that significantly improves safety. Most outdoor activities and areas feature unique risks that visitors are not going to foresee. Definitely research your planned undertaking online and/or in a guidebook as well as talking with knowledgeable locals. You really do not need to plan every element of your excursion, just put together a simple overview. Most importantly, make sure your selected adventure matches your outdoor skills, competence level, and health and fitness.

 Never Go Alone

Even if you are travelling alone, find some other people to join in your outdoor activities. You never know in advance what variety of unexpected accident may take place in the wilderness and at least one other person is always the best emergency resource you can have on your adventure. In addition to helping in the event of an accident or injury, small groups usually are less exposed to theft or attack when compared to outdoorspeople travelling alone.

 Tell Others

Alert at a minimum one trustworthy individual know where you are going. You do not need to put together a full schedule covering every single second you will be outside. Simply give your friend or family member a simple plan and when you will be back to a location where you can easily be in touch. Contemplate scanning or taking a digital photograph of a map with your route drawn onto it and then emailing it to dependable family members or friends. Sending this map out will instantly allow one of your contacts to send the map to nearby rescue groups if you are overdue. Once complete your outing just be certain to email or call each of your contacts before they alert authorities that they haven’t heard from you!

 Carry the Right Gear


Equip yourself according to the intended landscape and environment for your trip. Make certain that you have the recommended equipment and clothing to take care of the activity and itinerary you have chosen and the expected weather conditions. Spare drinking water (or perhaps even water purification tablets) and food, a flashlight (or, even better, a small headlamp), and spare clothes are items each and every group should have. A map, compass, fire-starting tools (lighter, matches, and a candle), as well as a compact 1st aid kit can easily be critical, yet come with some responsibility when it comes to understanding how you can use them. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat are modern day fundamentals that could be required depending upon conditions. Additionally, a pocketknife (especially a Leatherman or Swiss Army type multi-tool) can be crucial.

 Cell Phones Can Save Lives

In quite a few nations around the world with good mobile coverage area, outdoor travelers are increasingly reliant on cellular phones to call crisis assistance. This has the potential to function well; nonetheless, too many wild places do not have strong network coverage. If you cannot obtain a useable cell signal it is helpful to understand that texting can work even at times when calls do not. For genuinely isolated areas a reasonably priced Fast Find locator beacon or a satellite telephone (very expensive) are the best options for obtaining emergency assistance.

 Be Extra Careful Near Water


Drowning is known to be one of the leading causes of accidental loss of life world-wide, especially for youth. Everybody is advised to use a life jacket (PFD) during any boating activities. Only strong swimmers ought to venture into the water in areas lacking a lifeguard and, ideally, someone should always observe all those in the water, especially children. Give consideration to using the buddy system when on or in the water and certainly never mix swimming or use of small boats with drinking alcohol.

Always do your homework and find out about the areas and outdoor activities you are participating in. This article includes only a few key safety pointers, there are absolutely more dangers that aren’t mentioned here.

Top Five Things You Must Do When Traveling to South Padre Island

Top Five Things You Must Do When Traveling to South Padre Island

One of the more popular vacation destinations, and one of the most popular spring break destinations, is South Padre Island. This destination is a small resort community that is built on what is called a barrier island and sits just off the Texas coast in the Gulf of Mexico. The area is famous for its long beaches, tourist attractions, and is also host to the South Padre International Music Festival. There are many things that keep travelers coming back time and time again to visit the island, and for good reason. The community and it’s surroundings truly offers something for everyone.

Here are five things that you must do when traveling to South Padre Island, Texas:

1. Sea Turtle, Inc. – For a great opportunity to learn about sea turtles and what humans can do to preserve them, visit Sea Turtle, Inc. A nice hands-on wildlife attraction that is great fun for the entire family. This is a very informative, economically priced, and unusual way to spend some quality time on South Padre Island.

2. Island Equestrian Center – Many vacation destinations offer the chance to participate in a trail ride. Riding horses can be a very family friendly activity, especially for novice riders as they learn together. This is not your normal trail ride though, taking advantage of the services of Island Equestrian Center means that visitors will be riding their horses along beautiful beaches, a one of a kind experience.

3. Breakaway Cruises – When travelers come to South Padre Island and want to experience some of the best natural wonders in the area, they should definitely look into Breakaway Cruises. Offering dolphin watching tours, snorkeling opportunities, and more, Breakaway Cruises is the perfect excursion to top off this glorious trip.

4. Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark – One of the most popular attractions on the island is Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark. At this full featured waterpark, visitors can experience many different rides while never leaving the water. There are slow floating rides, thrilling water coasters, and even the opportunity to surf on man made waves. Nobody leaves Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark disappointed.

5. Laguna Madre Nature Trail – One of the nicest areas to go for a walk, the Laguna Madre Nature Trail is a 1,500 foot long board walk that crosses over acres of marshland. See the birds and other natural features of the area with a whole new perspective.

South Padre Island offers both secluded areas of beach where visitors to the area can enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of real life as well as a very vibrant nightlife that visitors can experience. The city is known for being able to entertain visitors of all types with a great number of things to do. A visit to this tourist destination will leave almost any traveler extremely satisfied with their choice. The community and the surrounding area is a fantastic region to explore. The area has everything needed to make for wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.