Holidays to Zakynthos, Greece

For those of you who are looking for an ideal holiday location, I would highly suggest that you consider taking a trip to Zakynthos, Greece. No matter what it is you’re looking for, Zakynthos is certain to provide for a wonderful holiday that the whole family will cherish for many years to come. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with the beautiful attractions and luxury hotels in Zakynthos; that’s okay; I’m going to go through some of the most popular and most exciting locations that are situated in the region of Zakynthos. Let’s talk a bit more about how you can have a memorable and exciting holiday in the world renowned Zakynthos.

A Little Bit about Zakynthos:

Zakynthos or Zante is one of the most popular areas in the Ionian Islands. The area covers 410 km and is home to around 120 km of coastlines. Year after year, several people flock in to the island because of its many natural beauties and other manmade attractions. When you visit the region you can expect to see gorgeous sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear water, many caves and rock formations and also a climate that is absolutely perfect. The landscape of the island is filled with many plains and beaches. In certain parts of the island you can also find mountainous areas that are filled with gorgeous vegetation.

Places of Interest:

Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos Town is the capital city of Zante and it can be found on the eastern region of the island. It is made up of around 50 km, and has many wonderful restaurants and shops within it.

Navagio Beach or Shipwreck

This is one of the most famous beaches within Zakynthos. It has been made popular by the whipwrecked boat that is situated on the beach. The water is absolutely stunning and the wreckage compliments the sandy region beautifully.

Laganas Beach

Another extremely popular beach in the region of Zakynthos is Laganas beach. One of the very unique aspects about this gorgeous beach is that each and every year thousands of Caretta turtles flock here to lay their eggs. This species of turtles is endangered, so it certainly makes for a very memorable and exciting experience.

Blue Caves

To the west of the Laganas coast you can find the stunning blue caves. Here you can spend an afternoon exploring the wonderful natural rock formations that are secluded and relaxing. This particular region is only reachable via boat.

As you can see, the island of Zakynthos is full of many exciting attractions, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding something fun and exciting to do. Most of the region is very beautiful in itself, so any time that you spend anywhere within the island can be a treat. A holiday in Zakynthos can be a very unique and exciting experience. If you want to give your family a trip that they will remember for the rest of their lives, I would highly suggest that you take a trip to the region of Zakynthos.

Traveling In Belfast- Getting Cheap Airline Tickets

Are you planning to take a vacation by traveling in Belfast? Continue to read on…

The sky is packed with a lot of airliners, with this known fact; all of them are finding ways to create a demand and trying to outdo each other in order to get passengers. Knowing that airline companies offer different types of promos and deals, you have to be wise in buying the cheapest airline tickets. This helps you save and get the best value of your money.

The internet is a wonderful resource for finding remarkable and great deals on airfares. You can find travel agencies online, and just like airline companies; they intensely compete with one another by providing very best offers on airfares, lodging and car rentals.

If you devote some time on these sites and compare what they have to offer you, you will be confident to come across a whopper of a deal that fits into your schedule and is easy on your pocket as well.

Travel sites are very user-friendly – all you might have to do is enter the date/s of departure and arrival, place (origin and destination) as well as the quantity of passengers. The search function of the travel internet sites returns the results and lists the air fare deals that match your specifications. If you don’t have the time and patience to search the internet and compare the offers by the travel websites, then all you need to is to pick up the telephone and call a travel agent. It is possible to feed your travel agent exactly the same info mentioned above, and ask him to run a check on the cheapest airline tickets.

As travel agents are neck-deep into this business, they might spring a surprise by supplying you a deal which is at par or perhaps much better than a deal. However, you must expect that there is a service charge when you course through your booking with the travel agencies. However, before you book your air tickets, check to determine the best offers and then see should you can adjust your schedule to take advantage of these cheap airfare tickets.

Now, you can travel in Belfast the cheapest way possible. The money you have saved in buying tickets can now be used for your pocket money when you tour around the city and might have a chance to bring home tokens from Belfast to your family and friends.

Next up? Belfast hotels and booking your place to stay!

Top tips for a round the world trip

When my husband and I made the decision to take a sabbatical from our jobs and head off on a round-the-world trip last year, our first reaction when we booked our flights was one of anticipation and excitement. The second was a dawning sense of panic – how on earth were we going to manage a round-the-world trip with all the youngsters we’d meet on our travels? We spoke to lots of friends before we went (or indeed, the children of friends) and we picked up some invaluable tips which made our trip a breeze.

Shop around for the best flight prices. It’s a big expenditure so don’t feel pressured into taking the first price you’re offered. Be sure not to check out only the official tourist websites, but also travel blogs. These give you a real sense of the parts of the world you want to visit and won’t omit any bad points that might put you off. It’s better that you know now what it’s going to be like so that you don’t end up wasting time and money.

One of the essentials you’ll need is some form of sarong. This is extremely versatile, as you can use it as beachwear, as a shawl or shoulder covering if you enter any religious buildings, as an extra layer on beds or to sit on on beaches or grass. Another extremely useful option is an international SIM card. These mean you can call friends at home and stay in touch with people you’ve met on your travels without spending a fortune on the phone bill. An external hard drive can also be useful if you’re planning on taking lots of photos so you can clear pictures from your camera.

Take some earplugs if you’re a light sleeper. You’ll find yourself on lots of long flights, long train journeys and long bus rides. You won’t sleep a wink if you don’t have something to block out all the noise. Also think about taking a small puzzle book and a pen. You need to make sure there’s something to keep your mind occupied when there are hours of a journey left.

Once Traveling
The most important thing to remember is that you should be flexible. Traveling around the world shouldn’t mean having a strict schedule or rushing around to see everything. If you like a country, don’t feel bad about spending an extra week there before moving on to your next destination. The rest of the world isn’t going anywhere, so make the most of each place as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and shouldn’t be spent being stressed and anxious about time-keeping.

We learn that while some days are better than others when you go traveling for so long, it’s all made bearable if you check in with friends and family back home from time to time and throw yourself into the experience, even if things don’t go to plan. Bon voyage!

Kids suitcase ideas by Valenciaflats

Kids suitcase ideas by Valenciaflats

When planning a journey with children one never is sure about what to put into the suitcase. The list of things that must be carried never ends and once in the journey we sometimes regret not having included that item or having included these ones.

This infographic is done by Valencia Flats , the  top company of holiday rentals in Valencia, Spain.



Here are some ideas that may help you to do the perfect kids suitcase:

The first thing is the suitcase. A funny suitcase for the kid, better a light trolley, It is going to be their “home” for a few days and they need feeling comfortable with it.

A little backpack, different from the school one, will be useful too for the outings.

His/her favourite toy. Only one is the best. Let them choose it and in case it would be the bike or that big lovely bear, try to explain that it must be carried of by him/her at any time as well as the suitcase. Avoid the electronic toys, they might be useless sometimes.

The medicines they are used to take, only in small samples, one thermometer, decorated plasters, an after bite cream, towelettes and toothpaste with toothbrush and a comb. Better in a hard plastic box easy to identify.

Always include a coat, not matter what weather is and best if it is a raincoat. In warm sunny places it is cooler in the evenings and early mornings and if you are going to a beach place, the coat will protect the kid from the wet air in the nights.

High sun protection cream for kids and sun-glasses for mountain and beach. Swimming goggles for the swimming pool and  trunks or swimsuit and armbands if they are still using them.

It is quite useful a small light for the nights with an international socket, not only for the babies but for the growing ups too. Awakening in a strange place is somehow upsetting.

Small pastime like game cards for children, little pencils and a notebook to draw or write will delight them in the long journeys by plane, by car, by train…

The older ones would love to play with their game console too.

Two pairs of comfortable shoes at least, better the sport ones and water resistant and a pair of sandals (that can be used too as slippers)

And why not? A light blanket or duvet if the kid is fond of it, will be useful in the train, in the car, in the sofa having a nap. And an inflatable ball, the little type will do to play in everywhere.

Apartments in Valencia – Free Kids Accommodation

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London’s Great Attractions

A lot of people visit London for both business and leisure. And why not? Aside from a string of great attractions, it is also home to a number of London conference venues that play host to some of the grandest, most important events. But whether you are planning a visit for business or a holiday with a loved one, or a mix of the two, it is a crime to miss out on the attractions this great city has to offer.

If you have the time or the inclination to venture outside the London conference venues, here are some of the highly recommended attractions you need to visit and experience up close and personal:

Big Ben

Even if you are visiting purely for business or out scouting for possible London conference venues, this oversized clock is considered the city’s landmark. It is also the world’s largest clock inside a tower, which was installed way back the 19th century. The clock got its name from the clock’s hour bell, Big Ben.

 London Eye


Another famous landmark of the city is the London Eye, which remains to be a very popular tourist attraction to this day. The London Eye offers you the ultimate observation deck wheel that is situated on the South Bank’s Jubilee Gardens. This gigantic structure stands 135 meters and was built as an integral part of the city’s millennium celebrations.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is another great landmark of the city, which served as the prison, stronghold, royal palace, execution site and treasury in the past. Today, it is recognized as a World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular attractions of London. Explore the cells and turrets and a day of explore will allow you to see the beefeaters and the Crown Jewels.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Another iconic attraction, it is the spiritual heart of the city and is considered to have a more human feel to it compared to the great Westminster Abbey. You can enjoy the best views of London from one of its lofty lanterns.

The Buckingham Palace

A visit to the Buckingham Palace is of course a mainstay in any tourist itinerary. If you happen to visit London during the summer months, the palace is open for tourists who want to snoop around. You will be dazzled by the opulent interiors of the Palace, including an array of great paintings and Her majesty’s secret dinner service.

London Zoo

The London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the planet. This mega-menagerie was opened back in 1828 and continues to be a research organization in the present day, with even supports a molecular biology team.
Truly London remains to be among the great destinations in England today; apart from great London conference venues, which offers ideal locations for business conventions and seminars. Of course, you don’t want to miss out in exploring the great many attractions that offer some of the most unique, enthralling experiences even for world weary travellers.

The Amenities at the Marvelous Vacation Rental Homes in Canmore Alberta

Canmore in Alberta is a popular Canadian tourist spot. Every year, many tourists from far and wide visit these mountains to get away from the hustles of the city life and to involve in various activities like skiing, biking, swimming, and mountaineering. Visitors to Canmore can enjoy their stay at the beautiful vacation rentals. The rentals will be available for a time period of your choice. The cost of these rentals will vary according to the duration of your stay. The vacation rental homes in Canmore Alberta offer many amenities which can be compared to that of a luxurious hotel.

 Breath taking views

The vacation rental homes in Canmore offer its visitors a breathtaking view. Most of these rental homes are situated close to the mountains. Visitors can be assured of waking up in the lap of nature, which can be a totally rejuvenating experience.

 Fully furnished kitchens

Canmore vacation rentals come with a kitchen that is fully furnished. The kitchens will be stocked with all the necessary cookware and dishes. This gives you the luxury of preparing the dishes of your own choice.

 Entertainment options

Visitors to vacation rental homes in Canmore can be assured that they won’t run short of entertainment options. The rental homes come with LCD TVs and sometimes with a home theatre system. Internet facilities are available and most of the rental homes offer free Wi-Fi facility too. The rental homes also offer gym facilities. Apart form this, you can also relax comfortably at the heated pools in these rental homes.

 Easy to get around

Most vacation rental homes in Canmore are at places where you will find it easy to move around. These homes will be strategically located near sightseeing attractions and places where you can involve in your favorite sports activities. This saves the visitor the trouble of traveling and of spending more money to move around the place.

Uniquely Menorca: Holidays to Remember

Visitors who return year after year to this small Balearic island know that Menorca holidays offer sights and experiences that cannot be found in any other place in thee world. In addition to some of the most beautiful beaches and countryside in the world, the island has a unique historical and cultural unlike other place. Prehistoric settlements, paleo-Christian basilicas, Talaiotic monuments that date back over 3000 years, ruins of Roman settlements dating back to 121 BC, and British colonial architecture are only some of the sites that will surprise new visitors that consider Menorca a ‘beach destination’. Listed below are some of the sites and experiences guaranteed to make your Menorca holidays unforgettable.



As an island of Spain, the island has more than its share churches and basilicas worthy of exploration in their own right, making it the perfect destination for a trekking holiday. However, unique to the island are the navetas. Navetas, named after the small ships they resemble, are prehistoric stone structures that served a variety of needs, from living areas to communal tombs (some are even purported to be altars for ancient pagan sacrifices. Navetas of different sizes and conditions can be found all over the island. From the outside, these structures look like piles of stones haphazardly piled on top of one another, but walk inside one and you’ll immediately be transported back in time and gain immediate insight into the lives of pre-Talaiotic Menorcans. These structures are even part of the island’s folklore. According to legend, the first naveta was built by a giant who was competing with another giant for the love of an island girl. Looking at these stone megaliths during you Menorca holidays, it’s quite easy to believe that they were indeed built by giants!

Cova d´en Xoroi

One generally imagines caves to be dark, dank, scary, and the last place to go to have a good time. This is why Menorca holidays are so unique. Only on this island can you view the sunset and a panoramic view of the sea comfortably from within a natural cave on the side of a cliff.  In the morning, get a glorious view of the ocean while you relax on comfortable cushions and sip cool drinks. After dark, the cave becomes a disco club where you can dance and socialise with fellow travellers.


Although the fiesta is celebrated in towns all over Spain, Menorca holidays during fiesta season many exciting events unique to the island. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these events is the jaleo, which celebrates the Menorcan horse, which is indigenous to the island, and its role in the island’s culture and history. On the island, horse riding is part of daily life, and horses are used in both trade and farming. The jaleo begins with a parade of horses adorned with ribbons and rosettes through the streets to the main square by riders dressed in black tails and white riding breeches. The jaleo culminates in horse show during which the horses ‘dance’ on their hind legs in time to music. For another great event featuring the Menorcan horse, check out the weekly harness races, which are reminiscent of the Roman chariot races.


Kalafatis Beach, Mykonos

Kalafatis Beach in Mykonos, Greece, is one of the earliest established beaches on the Greek island. This beach, with its long shores and sparkling water, attracts many wind surfers due to its strategic location and the offshore breeze that swings though constantly. The beach is also a good family beach, with a laid-back, quiet atmosphere. Your kids can run around without fear of being lost or trampled and you can keep an eye out for them, as the beach is a quieter and less crowded beach than the more popular Paradise and Super Paradise Beaches.


There are a good many private rooms, apartments and studios for the visitors to the beach, and there is a sprawling holiday hotel complex as well. Part of the package deal for those beach-goers staying further into the city is an aquatics feature, with diving a premium that includes beach access through a regular bus service. The large Mykonos luxury hotels are a bit further, but there are some nice boutique hotels that will fit into your price range and comfort expectations very well. The prices are good and match the quality of the experience that you will have when staying on this section of the island of Mykonos.

What to Do

There is diving available through the hotels you are staying at or on its own, and snorkeling in the water is a beautiful experience. The water is warm, the sand is fine and spacious and the atmosphere is brilliantly calm. You can lay out on your towel or in a lounge chair and nap to the tune of the natural sounds of the sea and wildlife. Walks along this beach are pleasant and enjoyable, whether in the water up to your ankles or just past the water line. You can watch the windsurfers or do some windsurfing yourself in the warm weather and water.

Food and Drink

There are a number of smaller family-run restaurants that are around the area, which serve local seafood cooked and prepared to perfection. It is a lovely experience to sit and enjoy your food with a bit ouzo or riko to compliment the flavors. The prices are good to your wallet and will leave you satisfied with the quality and good service of the staff. You can take your drink along the beach and the leftovers (of there are any left of your delicious meal) can be enjoyed later in your Mykonos hotel room.

The Roman Table: Dining While Staying in a Design Hotel Rome

There are many aspects of Rome that appeal to visitors, and high on the list of highlights is the fabulous cuisine. A stay in a design hotel in central Rome is a true treat for the foodie traveller, with the best of the city’s fine dining at your fingertips – not to mention the excellent market fare, enticing cafés, and gelato shops. If you’re looking forward to sampling the best that Rome has to offer, read on for some tips on what to look out for.

Market Treats


 A great starting point for exploring the city’s culinary highlights from your design hotel, Rome is a market trip. Not only are the colourful outdoor markets such as Campo de Fiori full of atmosphere and appetising wares, they also offer a great way to familiarise yourself with the Roman diet and get a sense of what the key ingredients are. Strolling through their aisles, you’ll see fresh regional produce, and deli counters stacked with popular local lunch items – perfect for putting together a picnic to enjoy during your sightseeing. This is also a great way to take the flavours of Rome home with you, as the ingredients here are not readily available everywhere else in the world – why not stock up on edible souvenirs?

Fine Dining

There are plenty of options when it comes to dining out from your design hotel Rome, and plenty of opportunities to savour the taste of traditionally prepared Roman dishes. The city’s cuisine is known for its strong yet well-balanced flavours and simple preparation, achieving elegance with the unique flavours of regionally produced ingredients – for this reason, it is hard to get a truly Roman meal anywhere but Rome. There is a long tradition of roasting meat such as pork and lamb with fragrant spices – but the most popular food in the city, with both residents and visitors – is pasta. Some of the most well known Italian pasta sauces originate in Rome, including alfredo and carbonara, while other typically Roman sauces include gricia – which is like carbonara without the egg – and amatriciana – made with cured pork cheek, pecorino and tomatoes. For dessert, a local specialty to try is the ricotta-based cheesecake known as crostata di ricotta.

 Ancient Roman Cuisine

 If you’re feeling more adventurous, a stay in a design hotel Rome is as good an excuse as any to seek out the flavours of Ancient Rome. Some of the popular delicacies – including dormice and live fish – from that former era are very different from what can be found on modern menus, but other dishes are less strange, and it can be interesting to seek out restaurants serving recipes from the ancient world, including delicately flavoured meats and rich fruity desserts.

Traveling Cabo or Vegas

Looking for an escape to paradise, a relaxing and special stay in a beach resort? If you have never had the privilege of vacationing the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, then you will not believe what you are about to experience. Head over to Cabo Resorts, where your budget will not prevent you from experiencing a luxury vacation. This flawless environment has some of the most lavish resorts, spas, fine dining, and relaxing beaches. And none other than Cabo Resorts can plan this dream vacation for you.

However, if you’re not looking to go as far as the Baja Peninsula, you can also seek an adventurous vacation right in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas Hotels are some of the best imaginable ranging from kid-friendly hotels to luxurious hotels. Las Vegas does not always have to be bright lights and activities; there are just as many opportunities of relaxation in this exhilarating vacation spot from spas to cruising surrounding deserts.

So if you’re looking for an ideal vacation spot, you’re bound to find an amazing vacation tailored just for your needs at either Cabo Resorts or Vegas Hotels.