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My name is Geoff Venning here in Christchurch beautiful New Zealand and I would like to share with you a tour which I am personally going to experience in August.

My daughter lives in London and works at Kings College University so I thought it time to visit and look around England, Wales, Scotland and including Ireland. We have a niece in Northern Cyprus so on 3rd October we fly to Istanbul then onto Cyprus for 10 days. I thought I would share my coach tour details with you as I did spend sometime researching different options like whether to self-drive or not. The tour I have selected below I believe overall provides the best value for money.

It includes a treasure trove of historic sights, rolling countryside and cultural jewels to explore on this fascinating tour. Breathe in fresh air as we explore the best that Britain and Ireland have to offer, from Roman ruins and stunning Cornish coastlines to Shakespeare’s birthplace. Sights include dazzling London and mystic Stonehenge in addition to the charming streets of Edinburgh and the ancient Giant’s Causeway in Ireland.

 “Insider” Experiences also provide for …

  • Local Speciality Visit the House of Waterford Crystal showroom and workshop
  • Local Guide in Londonderry/Derry, Dublin and Edinburgh
  • Be My Guest Visit one of the most beautiful privately-owned castles in Scotland and meet the family whose ancestors have resided in it since the 16th century. After a tour around the castle with your hosts, enjoy a specially prepared buffet lunch
  • Unique Insight Enjoy a visit to the Guinness Brewery for a Storehouse tour and pint pulling demonstration
  • Unique Insight Visit the fascinating ‘Another Place’ by British artist Anthony Gormley at Crosby Beach near Liverpool
  • Unique Insight Meet the official Town Crier of Chester and hear about the history of this traditional role which dates from medieval times
  • Local Expert Experience Belfast from the comfort of your dedicated Black Cab with expert ‘Cabbie’ commentary
  • Hidden Treasure Enjoy at least one surprise Hidden Treasure experience, unique to your itinerary, courtesy of your expert Travel Director

Travel Highlights include …

  • Return ferry across the Irish Sea between Wales and Ireland
  • First Class hotel accommodation featuring two-bedded rooms/private facilities
  • All hotel service charges and tips, baggage handling fees and local taxes
  • Travel by luxury, air-conditioned coach with reclining seats/on-board restroom
  • The services of a professional Travel Director
  • Audio headsets to clearly hear your guide’s commentary on all sightseeing
  • A travel wallet with your documentation
  • Complimentary keepsake photo and map

Tips for keeping your Passport safe:

  1. Always keep your Passport in a secure place
  2. Don’t carry your Passport in your pocket
  3. Have an additional means of identification on you
  4. Never ever hand your Passport over as a guarantee
  5. Don’t ever leave your Passport in your vehicle
  6. Make a note of your Passport number and take a photocopy of your personal details page, keep this separately from the Passport

So, I have my new e-Passport (contains an integrated circuit chip) new suitcase, I have had a flu jab, booked flights with window seats … always fun when flying over new destinations. Nearer the time I will go online to register all my travel plans with our Ministry of Foreign Affairs (safety precaution only) I have had 2 heart procedures so any practical medical insurance cover is out of the question unfortunately!

As a Tour guide for many years I can truly recommend a World-Class International Travel Company for all your travel experiences. 

Travel With Us for a Journey of a Liftime. Travel and Accommodation at Wholesale Rates.  Enjoy 5 STAR Vacations at 2 & 3 STAR prices. You can even get paid at the sametime by becoming your very own Travel Agent and using the best Travel Search Engine ROVIA  which includes a price pledge and rate shrinker …  a WIN / WIN for all.

You are welcome just to use the product yourself for your own unforgettable vacation or tell others about it and get paid for doing so.

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Vietnam tours

Vietnam is a wonderful and unique destination and visiting Hanoi gives you a chance to sample the cities sublime food experiences which will certainly have you going back. For real foodies looking for the best experience and most authentic meal the best thing to do is head away from the main tourist area.

You should venture into Pacific Bia Hoi on Doi Can. The best thing about this cuisine is that it does not matter if you cannot read the menu. Part of the fun to be had is in the guessing and sampling, just be sure to have an open mind and pallet. The best advice would be to pick a dish from every section available on the menu and you are sure to be in for an exquisite feast. This feast will include everything from the crispiest spring rolls to the most mouth-watering ribs. For those of you who like a tipple you can even wash it down with freshly brewed and authentic local beer. Delicious.

If you head back to the main tourist hotspot, discover Hang Bong, where you will find a veritable bevvy of restaurants that come alive at night. All of which can be sampled by Vietnam tours, these night restaurants will give you a taste like you have never sampled before. It truly is remarkable food.

On this cuisine experience of a Vietnam tour it is almost essential to hunt down a large bowl of pho. This shouldn’t be hard to do as any number of the countless market stalls will have it in hordes, so you should need to stray of your Vietnam tour to specially locate it.

With Vietnam tours there is so much to experience, the food and cuisine just being one of them. Be sure to travel to both the north and south experiencing the old before the new and to ensure you gain a broad perspective. Culturally and politically Vietnam tours have much to offer, go there and expect the unexpected, so much can happen.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake, located in northern Italy between Brescia and Verona. The lake is over 50km long and has a maximum depth of 346 meters. It has a distinctive phallic shape, with the lake being at its narrowest in the north. This is said to be due to the result of an ancient Palaeolithic Glacier.

There are also some islands present on the like, including five major islands. The largest of the islands being the Isola del Garda.

The area around Lake Garda enjoys a favourable climate where many famed Mediterranean plants can be found. These include many species of citrus plans as well as the Olive tree. Those that have some to see what the Mediterranean has to offer won’t be disappointed.

The lake itself it home to many species of fish including the Salmo Carpio. It is also known as the Carpione del Garda for good reason. It is a fish native to Lake Garda although it has been introduced to other lakes it proved unsuccessful. The lake clearly has some special qualities.

Getting there
Getting to Lake Garda is quite easy, being in an idea location. The nearest airport is the Verona-Villlafranca approximately 15km away although there are many other airports that are within reach of this region of Italy. It is well connected by air to many major European cities.

If you are coming by land, there are many options to come to Lake Garda. Coming by train is a great option as there are stations along with southern shore, such as the stations at Desenzano and Peschiera del Garda. If you want to visit the north of the lake the station is located at Roverto.

If you are coming by car, many routes including the A22 Brenner-Modena motorway and the A4 Milan-Venice route serve Lake Garda.

There are many events that take place here, all year round. This includes sporting events, cultural festivals and even exhibitions and conferences. There are events year round. This summer there is the Chiaretto wine festival in true Italian style as well as the festival of love knot. Already there has been a bike festival at Garda Trentino nearby. There is certain to be something of interest for everyone.

China Tours

As people look for more and more exotic places to visit and with China becoming more and more popular, there is an increasing number of China tours being offered by a growing number of tour companies. Chinese culture and heritage is so very different from western culture and there is a growing number of people from the western world ready to experience another culture and get an insight into a different way of life. It can still be difficult to travel independently, especially in the remote areas, but there are some fantastic well organised China tours are still the best way to see the country. Whether you are want to go on a short 7 day break to the Great Wall or a more extensive 22 day tour of all the high spots, you will be able to find a China tour to suit you and your budget.

You will need a visa to enter China, and some travel agencies can organise these for you as well as flights. China tours include accommodation at good hotels and often entertainment is available in the evenings. To make the most of your China tour some of the days can be long and start early in the morning. There will be time for relaxation and shopping but you will want to see as much as you can of the country. There is such a lot to see. Everything from temples to trips down the Yangtze can be included in your China tour making it a trip of a lifetime. Discovering China and seeing phenomena such as Elephant Trunk Hill at Guilin City and the culture of the Longi area is a real eye opener and experiences which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

If time is limited, you can enjoy one of the great wonders of the world at the Great Wall of China near Beijing. There are incredible views from the Great Wall and you can begin to appreciate how much work went into the building of the Wall and its purpose. There are also opportunities to become a panda carer on this China tour which can be great fun.

The diverse geography of China will never cease to amaze you. China has been officially divided into five macro regions each with its own individual characteristics. Eastern China is made up of plains and hills with the wild Tibetan highlands offering great places for exploration. There are offshore islands in the east and south which is very fertile. At the other end of the country there are sunken basins and tall massifs and is less populated. China tours can take you on river cruises down the Yangtze and the lesser known Li River with stunning scenery. At Yangshuo on the Li River, you will be able to mingle with the local people and shop at the markets. You will even be able to hire a cycle.

Whatever China tour you choose, you will be amazed by the sights, sounds and atmosphere of China. The food, the ambience, and the people – all of these combine to make your trip to China an unforgettable experience.

Resorts in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas resort vacation packages are a fantastic approach to vacation in one of the whole world’s most sought after vacation destinations. Resorts in Cabo San Lucas have everything that a vacationer could ask for. It has excellent beaches, swimming, snorkeling other water sports and sports fishing. It has exciting night life with night clubs, pubs and restaurants. It has world class golfing with its many world class golf courses. It’s a very interesting city with shops which can be a bargain hunter’s paradise or you can shop in expensive high end shops and malls.

Cabo San Lucas located at the southern most tip of Baja California, Mexico has the Sea of Cortez to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the south and west. The waters are either heavy surfed with crashing waves to the south and west Pacific Ocean, or calm on the beaches of the Sea of Cortez. Part of your visit should be a picturesque drive along the coast to take in the sites outside Cabo. Depending on the time of year, nonetheless, it may be fairly hot especially in the desert.

Vacation packages to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico can be obtained in several ways. You can plan it yourself by looking on line and making your own phone calls and setting your own itinerary. You can buy an already planned package from a travel firm. The most important thing is to be sure you are getting everything you want for the money you spend on your holiday.

Cabo San Lucas is a fun filled and exciting holiday resort town. There is something for everyone to appreciate from leisure to actions. Start planning and have a fantastic vacation experience.

A Money Saving Guide to Australia

If you’re thinking about Australia as a travel destination but you’re also thinking about your back pocket, then this is one reference you should have a look at!

Whilst Australia is not expensive like “Japan” or “Paris” expensive, you still can go through your money quickly if you’re not careful.   And with the Australian dollar quite strong compared to other currencies, this is even more pertinent right now!

There’s lots of “tricks to the trade” when it comes to making sure you don’t spend more than you have to when traveling.  As far as my own travels have gone, ultimately the cheapest experiences have been when I’ve known someone “in the know” locally to guide me (plus it helped that I got free accommodation too!)

So having an Australian “local” reveal lots of local tips is really beneficial.  Most travel websites will be able to tell you about saving on international airfares, inexpensive accommodation and how to get from state to state.  But they won’t tell you how walking isn’t the only way to get around for free in big cities or where to get free household goods if you’re setting up home in Oz for a while.

Naturally the longer you stay down under, the more you will save by following the tips in this guide.  But that’s kind of the point… it’s designed to help you stay for as long as possible – to extend your travel budget for as long as possible.

And for all those madly saving for an extended stay in Australia, an exciting prospect is the opportunity to stop saving and book a ticket tomorrow. Because a working holiday visa allows to work, then travel on the money you’ve earned, then work a bit more etc etc. Something I’ve never seen before is a list of no less than 9 job boards or websites all in one place to help make your job search down under as simple as possible.

The benefits are even greater if you’re planning ahead.  Save on transport with advanced bookings or find a free bed using one of “sleep for cheap” references.

I love the ideas for saving on food and drink, because quite frankly that’s a big part of traveling for me.  Eat what the locals eat, and enjoy yourself with a few drinks.  So I’ve always welcomed any advice in that arena.

All in all there are over 215 hyper linked references in this e guide, so a lot of research has already done for you. Save time AND money. That’s priceless!

For details on the e guide go to

Niagara Falls Weddings

The Niagara Falls are well known as a popular honeymoon and tourist destination, but it’s also a really intimate place really hold your wedding. There are lots of superstitions surrounding the huge waterfall, that people just fall in love if they are there so it’s an all-natural place to get married. This article gives you some suggestions and ideas.

Where To Hold your Wedding

A big hotel like the Giacomo, a popular Buffalo Hotel, is a great place.

If you wish to have your wedding in Niagara falls, you don’t need to necessarily go to a big fancy place like The Giacomo. You can have a small wedding, at a bed and breakfast, that has a chapel and a small reception hall. There are many bed and breakfasts, and family owned inns, that work well for this type of low key wedding.

For something more unique and particular, you can get married right outside in the water. The Maid of the Mist is a local boat tour which takes passengers to the base of the Niagara Falls for a loud and thundering experience. The Maid of the Mist bout tour allows for weddings on board the ship, but you need to do all the planning yourself, and that includes having an official who is licensed to legally perform the wedding ceremony for you. There are many florists and chapels all through the city, so making arrangements is quite easy, and comfortable.

The Niagara Area is Prime Wine Country
There are many vineyards in this area, with many acres of hills and fruiting grapevines. The vineland estates is an example location, and the Carriage House restaurant here is perfect, for a modest, yet tight-knit reception dinner.

The Niagara Falls Honeymoon
After your wedding is complete, the next important thing to plan out is the honeymoon, in the Niagara falls. Historically, one of the first honeymooners to come to Niagara Falls were Jerome Bonaparte and his new wife in 1803. That is Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother, in the event you noticed the last name.

Whatever honeymoon activities you plan on doing, do your best to plan ahead and make reservations whenever you can, so you can prevent any last minute issues. Remember, Niagara falls is a very popular destination, for honeymooners, and tourists alike. We recommend that when you do arrive, making car rental arrangements. There are many local car rental companies, such as Dollar Buffalo Car Rental, Thrifty Buffalo Car Rental, and more.