A Sporty Timeout in the Fantastic Caribbean

Tennis time in the Dominican Republic

Enjoy a game of tennis during your timeout in the Caribbean

International Tennis Academy in the Dominican Republic

International Tennis Academy in the Dominican Republic

A holiday in the Caribbean is everybody’s ideal – lying by the pool during daytime, partying in the night time – sounds like a fantastic time!

But you’ll find also numerous options for sports in the DR. Aquatic sports including sailing, kiteboarding seems logical, still there exists much more.

The DR is certainly one of the most well-liked vacation spots. The second-biggest island in the Caribbean, the DR has lots to offer. The beaches are fantastic, and watersport possibilities are huge. But other sports are also fairly well-known right here. You are able to discover golf, tennis, or rafting and many others. The establishments may perhaps occasionally be adjacent with a hotel, but virtually always accessible to be used by anyone.

One specific region which has a fantastic reputation for various sports activities certainly is the Eastern Coast of the in the A sporty timeout in the fantastic Caribbean. Holidaymakers travelling to probably the most recognized towns of Sosua and Cabarete can select from many sports activities. While most tourists arrive here for the beaches and also the water sports, there are also tennis hotels available in the Dominican Republic.

There’s the Sea Horse Ranch  in between Sosua and Cabarete, yet another tennis club may be present in Playa Dorada  and you’ll find various more tennis courts on the premises different resorts in the region.

In case you need to combine those holiday with a match of tennis, and even boost your technique and take  a few classes, here is a tennis school within the Dominican Republic which has a nice site. (click here to head over to www.itatennisacademy.com) to discover excellent details about the tennis scene within the island.  You can find information regarding all resorts with tennis facilities within the several areas in the DR, house rentals, plus of course it’s possible to get tennis training with their tennis school by itself.

The Subconscious Works in Funny Ways

My wife, daughter and I were way overdue for a family vacation. It had been more than four years since our daughter was born. Consequently, it had been more than four years since our last vacation. The vacation talks started a month ago. Our daughter’s summer vacation from school was coming up, and we had to decide where to go. She wanted Europe. I wanted Australia. She threw out New England. I threw out the Virgin Isles. We could not agree. And a vacation, at least the kind we go on, should not be something you compromise on.

It was a month and a half of back and forths. Ideas after ideas. Travel sites after travel sites. We couldn’t figure it out. We decided to put a moratorium on the travel talk for one night. We made dinner while our daughter watched a movie in the living room.

The next morning, I woke up and went downstairs in my robe and put on a cup of coffee. Then an idea hit me for a place neither myself nor my wife has been. A place with beaches, wildlife and culture.  A place that would be fun and educational for our daughter. My wife came downstairs half an hour after me. I told her my idea, and she had the strangest response. She told me she had a dream about that very same place last night. I braced for a fight and instead, surprisingly, got a “Let’s look into it!”

We were going to Madagascar.

We looked into it. The beaches were white and pristine. The water was a beautiful turquoise color, great for swimming, snorkeling and sailing. The national parks were lush jungles, filled with playful lemurs, hiding chameleons and rare trees. The pictures were beautiful. The reviews were great. There wasn’t one thing that drew us to it, but a combination of everything we wanted. And most importantly, our daughter would be able to enjoy her first real vacation. We called our travel agent and booked a yacht charter for a week off the coast of Madagascar. This was it. We finally figured it out. But why?

My wife and I racked our brains on how this came about. Obviously it was meant to be as we were both thinking the same thing that one morning. And as I sit in the airport, about to board our plane in an hour, it hit me. The night of the moratorium on travel talk, my wife and I made dinner while our daughter watched a movie. A movie about a lion, giraffe, zebra and hippo far from their home in the New York City Zoo. In the background played Madagascar.

This is sure to be a vacation we’re not going to forget. And we have my daughter to thank.

The Workaholic’s Guide to a Real Vacation

Once upon a time, 40-hour work weeks were a real thing. After you logged off from your work computer and walked out the door you were done until the following morning. In today’s professional environment, this may sound like one of those exaggerated stories old people tell about how things were different in their day.

The truth is, if you expect good annual reviews, raises and promotions, your workday never ends. That means priority emails at dinner, client meetings over the weekend and business calls at all hours of the day.

Vacation: The Foreign Concept
This always-available mindset means that it’s hard for most to really relax when they’re finally given the chance. To put it frankly, some just don’t know how to stop working.

Whether you’re of the opinion that vacations can wait until retirement, or even if you just find comfort in knowing your boss can always count on and reach you, everyone can benefit from a little time away from responsibilities, obligations and deadlines. Here are a few tips brought to you by Naracoopa Bed and Breakfast Pavilion that will help you disconnect from work and reconnect with your family, friends and the world around you.

Plan early and leave early. A general rule for vacations is begin planning early so that you can secure your flights, hotel accommodation and your spot in whatever tour or event you’d like to participate in while there. If you’re lucky, booking early will also save you a few dollars.

When it comes to the departure day, leave early to avoid traffic delays and long lines at the airport. It’s better to wait an hour in the airport lounge than the security line.

Setup ‘away’ messages on all of your accounts. If people are unable to reach you, they won’t be able to disturb you. Therefore, once you check in at the airport or pull off for your road trip, enable an ‘away’ message for your email address and phone numbers.

However, if you completely cut off all contact you’ll be tempted to check your messages. Instead, give an emergency contact number to only a few people. This way you can ensure you won’t be disturbed unless it’s actually important.

Sign up for a therapeutic massage. According to the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, research has shown that massage therapy offers clear medical benefits, from reducing stress and migraines to improving your white blood cell count.

If you have a demanding, stressful career, one of the first items on your vacation agenda should be a therapeutic massage.

Don’t fill your itinerary with a ton of activities. If you’re visiting somewhere historical that has a ton of landmarks worth visiting, it can be tempting to schedule a visit to each one on your 10-day trip. This only serves to turn your vacation into a project with deadlines.

Instead, select the landmarks you really want to see and spread them out over the duration of your stay. For every day spent in the bustling city wading through crowds, one should be spent lounging on the beach, at the pool or simply strolling through the city.

Create a budget that has a comfortable cushion. Money trouble is the quickest way to increase stress. When planning your trip, estimate your expenses, from daily meals and travel costs to shopping and ticket prices for anything you plan on doing. Knowing ahead of time how much you expect to spend will make it easier to create a budget with a comfortable cushion for emergencies or impromptu expenditures.

The Best Disabled-Friendly Cities in Europe

If you are wondering where to travel next, and want to a place which provides you both with accessibility and comfort, read up on this guide on the best disability-friendly cities in the old continent, being Europe for those not in the know.

We will provide you with three of the friendliest cities, and with a bit of information on what to do and see in each of these cities. Keep reading and enjoy.

This imperious and proud city won an award for best adapted European city in 2013. The city got this award due to generally having better invested in obstacle removal, a heftier transport system adapted for disabled travelers, better conditions and generally a better approach for every type of disability, from visually impaired travelers to those who have restricted mobility.

There is a lot to do and see in Berlin, and it would be difficult to include every kind of attraction here. The top places which come to mind are: The Scholss Chartlottenburg, the Brandeburg gate, the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie Museum and the Unter den Linde. Keep an eye out for all these, and they should be easy to get to as they are all very accessible. Remember, renting a disabled-friendly Berlin short term apartment with a website like City Getaway.com is the best way to ensure a comfortable holiday.

London is very much the place of choice for many first time travelers in Europe, and a metropolis which offers the best for those with disabilities. Approximately 20 million people visit London every year, with a large number of disabled holiday makers among those visitors. London has wheelchair access for almost all of its top spots, including the London Eye Ferris Wheel, Westminster cathedral, St Paul’s and much more.

Again, the top places to visit in London are probably those which everyone is already aware of. “Which ones?” you may end up asking; the answer depends on what you most like to see of course. As mentioned, Westminster cathedral is probably a popular sight for holiday makers as well as Buckingham palace. In any case, it does not matter what you will end up visiting as London is well equipped for disabled travelers.

Paris can still be considered the world capital for fashion, art, culture and philosophy. The city is slightly more challenging than London for disabled travelers, but it is still well equipped for most holiday makers with a disability. The best way to get around in this bustling metropolis is probably by taxi, and wheelchair accessibility should ensure a comfortable experience for all.

All the well known museums and sites have excellent facilities for disabled travelers; these sites include all of the Louvre (including easy access to the Mona Lisa, The Venus and much more), the Eiffel Tower, the Versailles Palace, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and much more. Paris must be visited at least once during one’s lifetime, and it is sure to provide a memorable experience for all but the sternest of travelers.

So there you have it, three of the best European cities with excellent access to disabled travelers. They may seem like very much the spots where everyone goes to, but they are still the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

7 Magical Cruise Ship Ideas

If you think that you will be bored going on a cruise then it’s time to think again! Modern cruise ships have so much to offer the whole family that you will be struggling to fit in all of the activities on your short stay aboard ship. If you want to know more about what’s on offer then have a look at this list of seven top travel activities to do on a cruise ship.


A bit of kayaking or even windsurfing is a great way to spend your day when you’re on a cruise. Of course you’ll be unable to do these activities when the cruise ship is on the move, but as soon as the cruise ship stops by a beautiful tropical island then it’s time to hit the water. Most cruise lines offer beginner classes for those who have never tried their hands at kayaking or windsurfing before.

Regal Boat Tours

A regal boat tour is a fantastic day trip for cruise goers. A spin out on one of these luxury boats is a great adventure and an amazing way of seeing the local sites. This is especially popular in tropical cruise destinations, but you can also find regal boat tours in the Mediterranean. Be sure to compare regal boats before you book the tour if there are a selection to choose from. It’s well worth paying that little extra for some luxury.

Surfing at Sea

You no longer need real waves if you want to try surfing at sea, instead try your hand on a surf simulator for an endless ride. However, if you’re not already a surfer be prepared for a very public wipe out. Regardless of what happens, these surf simulators are great fun and make for a great afternoon’s entertainment.

Banana Boat

The holiday makers favorite; squeeze your knees and hold on tight as the banana boat flies over the ocean waves as the boat tries to loose its passengers. If you have a family with school aged kids, you can guarantee that they’ll want to join you for the fun! Of course you’ll only be able to try this out when the cruise ship stops off for the day.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf is just plain fun and you will be glad to know that most of the major cruise lines like Disney, Caribbean, Princess and Carnival now have a mini golf course on board the ships of their fleet as standard. The rocking of the cruise ship adds an extra edge to crazy golf games. Remember, most of the ships don’t offer the full 18 hole course, but that shouldn’t really matter as it’s offered for free.

Dance Classes

Do you want to learn how to dance the tango or maybe you want to try your hand at a bit of line-dancing or even an Irish jig. Even if you have two left feet, an evening dance class is a great experience and it’s also a nice chance to meet other passengers. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself with your new found dance moves by the end of the cruise.

Outdoor Movies

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. To end the day, why not wrap up warm and take a seat at an outdoor movie theater to enjoy an evening movie. With the stars twinkling above your head and the sound of the cruise liner passing through the ocean you are guaranteed to enjoy the setting, after all, this is one movie theater you will always remember!

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Sydney

When visiting Sydney, there is plenty to see and do. Accommodations are plenty, and one can stay in a big five-star hotel or somewhere less fancy but comfortable. There is always plenty of fun to enjoy in Sydney, and below are some of the top reasons you should find the time to visit Sydney yourself.

1. The Rocks

One of the oldest parts of Sydney rich with history is the Rocks. Full of beautiful sandstone buildings, mazes and courtyards, the Rocks is full of weekend markets, antique stores, gift shops, art galleries and clothing stores. There are plenty of cafes where you can sit down and enjoy a bite to eat. Some of the oldest pubs reside here as well. A stay over at The Rocks includes a beautiful view of the harbor.

2. The Harbor

Everyone loves visiting the harbor in Sydney. You can charter a yacht to see the beautiful views of the Opera House and the city, or if you are full of energy, paddle yourself from Rose Bay into the harbor in a kayak. There are guided cruises that take you through the many islands in the harbor and pass the waterfront mansions.

3. Sydney Aquarium

The aquarium in Sydney is found in the Darling Harbor and is a famous tourist destination. One of the biggest aquariums in the world, the Sydney Aquarium, houses some of the most unusual and astounding aquatic life around. There are over 650 different types of aquatic life here. The aquarium has recreated the Great Barrier Reef, and there is an exciting crocodile display for the family to enjoy.

4. Manly

Everyone visiting Sydney should take the ferry over to Manly for a day. Located on the north side of the harbor, Manly offers great shops, bars and cafes. It is always nice to take a walk through the bush land to Spit Bridge Walk. Scuba diving is popular in Manly as well as kayaking, sailing and many other outdoor sports.

5. The Bridge Climb

An unforgettable experience, the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb is one of the most amazing and enjoyable tourist activities in Sydney. You can choose from three guided climbs that go 134 meters above the harbor. The climb actually takes over three hours. Groups of up to 14 people are led by a professional climb leader.

There is no doubt that a visit to Sydney is always an enjoyable one. Along with the many stunning beaches, breathtaking sights and fabulous cities, Sydney always has something fun everyone.


Flying First Class Is a Different Experience

So you want to obtain that coveted first class ticket for an upcoming business trip because you have heard of how you will feel pampered on the airplane and this is something you want to try for yourself. In order to upgrade to first class, you need to arrive at the airport at least an hour before your flight takes off because if you come too late, you not get the seating you want. Another way to get a first class ticket is by getting an upgrade using your frequent flyer miles at the airport.

Why You Should Fly First Class

One benefit of flying first class with your first class ticket is that you have access to wider and more comfortable seats and there is also better legroom than other types of airline classes. You also have better boarding experiences as a first class traveler because you will get in a special check-in and security line at the airport and you and other first class travelers are the first ones to board the plane. You will eat gourmet meals on the plane and you can surf the Web and watch movies while flying. You also have the chance to earn more frequent flyer miles as you travel often in first class.

It is Quieter On The Plane

Another reason why flying first class is a different experience is because it is less noisy and crowded on the plane than in economy class. You do not have to worry about screaming babies and children on the plane because generally families will not pay a high price for their children to travel in first class.

Now that you have a first class ticket, here are additional facts about first class travel. Most first class seating spots are in the front of the airplane and there are numerous electric ports to plug your gadgets into and there is also a separate restroom that only first class travelers can use. Other perks of first class travel include towels and toiletries provided by a friendly staff and the privilege to carry more baggage on the plane than those who fly in economy class. If you are a frequent flyer, you should travel first class as often as possible because this is how you earn more miles and rewards with your airliner. Finally, look out for new discounts during the week on first class tickets.

Travel by Limousine in London

Are you planning your next vacation to London?  Do you have a wedding to attending in London?  Are you visiting London for a special corporate event?  Then you must call Easy Limo!  They are the premier private transportation company in London.  They have one of the largest selections of transportation to choose from in London.

Available Autos Include:

  • Hummers
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  • Wedding Limousines

Limo Hire London

Limos in London

No limousine would be complete with a professional chauffeur. Easy Limo only employees professional chauffeur’s that will make you feel secure and well represented.  You will be the star of the evening!

Easy Limo’s 24/7 Limo Hire in London

Easy Limo operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on demand they will be there for you.  Hire limousine by Easy Limo, hire the best while you are touring London.

Hire Easy Limo for safety, style, and comfort.  Call them today at Tel: 020 8997 2755

Going on a Surfing Trip? Surfing Safety in Costa Rica

Hawaii is the ancestral home of surfing. Costa Rica bears the affectionate name of the ‘Hawaii of Central America’. If you want to experience some of the best waves in the world, Costa Rica is one of the best places to go. There are also Costa Rica surf camps for beginners who want to get into the sport.

Just like any part of the world, safety is of paramount importance. Travelling to a country with an extraordinarily low crime rate isn’t an excuse for leaving your intelligence on the plane. Here are some tips for surfing in the country’s major hotspots like Montezuma, Santa Teresa, and Mal Pais.


 A riptide, or undertow, is a strong current which occurs when one current flows over another. Getting caught in a riptide will pull you away from shore. Experienced surfers intentionally surf in them to catch waves, though. Watch out for them by obeying any signs or asking a local about the conditions.

If you get caught in a riptide, remember not to panic and swim parallel to the shore. Riptides are generally only about 150 feet wide. When you escape the current, swim back to shore.


 The big danger with surfing in Costa Rica is the crocodiles. Certain break points which feed into river mouths may have a large crocodile hiding underwater. It’s rare for someone to get hurt by these huge reptiles, but it’s best to be safe. Ask locals about where the crocodiles hang out and check Internet surf guides for spots to avoid.


 This country does have a problem with jellyfish. You’ll encounter these regularly. Most surfers report finding them during the early morning and late evening when they tend to float closer to the shore.

The best way to know if there are any jellyfish in the area is to watch out for other surfers. Beaches full of surfers are likely to be safer than isolated paradises outside of town.

 Rock Bottoms

 Most areas where surfers frequent have nice sand bottoms. Some break points might have rocks on the floor. Wearing a wet suit can stop you from sustaining any cuts and bruises on your next wipe out.

Surfing Conditions

 Costa Rica has one disadvantage; storms. Storms regularly cross this country which is only 50 miles in width at its widest point. The last thing you want is to get caught in a lightning storm. Watch for weather signs and mind the surfing conditions. The conditions can change for the worst in just a few minutes.

If you’re unused to surfing in Central America, join a Costa Rica surf camp where they’ll teach you how to spot signs of changing conditions.

Wear a Leash

The law on most Costa Rica beaches is to wear a leash. These leashes keep your surf board firmly attached to you. On beaches where wearing a leash isn’t required by law, it’s important to do it anyway because a runaway board can quickly become a hazard for other surfers.