Adventure or Safari in Tanzania

A safari commonly means an unforgettable travel experience or adventure. A trip to Tanzania can be exciting and is created by the amazing balance between the landscapes and the people living there, and the wildlife. An adventure or a Safari allows a person to explore the surprising diversity of landscapes, the wildlife and the fascinating and significant cultures in Tanzania while visiting the National Parks in Northern Tanzania.

In one’s lifetime one should definitely visit the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. This fascinating park covers a vast geographical area of endless rolling plains, which reach up to the border of Kenya and extends almost to Lake Victoria. One visiting this park gets a visionary view of the fascinating wildlife that is found in abundance here. The Serengetti is known as one of the best sanctuary for wildlife in the world. A Serengetti Safari is a memorable one for a person who has visited the place as he sees large herds of animals here and this includes the Antelope, Patterson’s eland, Dikdik, Klipspringer, Zebra, lion, gazelles, impala, cheetah, hyena, etc. The other large mammals found here include rhino, giraffe, hippopotamus, elephants, etc. There are almost five hundred species found in the Serengeti National Park. Many are on the endless plains but some are found in the woodlands of the Serengeti.

The climate of Serengeti is warm and dry. The rainy season found in the tropics is from the month of March to May. However, short rains occur from October to November. The woodlands are absolutely lush and green after the rainy season. But it is usually after the rains that a steady drying up of the land follows which forces the animals to move from one migrate in search of water.

One should even go for an Ngorongoro Safari, this Safari or travel is fascinating and is incomplete without a visionary experience. The Ngorongoro Crater is found within the area of the Ngorongoro Conservational Area. The Ngorongoro Crater is a large volcanic caldera and is also recognized as one of the seven wonders of Africa. One who sees this Crater indeed has a breath taking experience looking over the crater edge.  The Ngorongoro Conservational Area has the Olduvai Gorge situated in its plains area, this Conservational area protects the Olduvai Gorge which is a steep sided ravine in the Great Rift Valley.

The Best Tanzania Safari or the best Tanzania Holiday is possible for a person if he actually visits the Ngorongoro Conservational Area and the Serengeti National Park. However, a person can visit these places alone to live his wildest dreams and to appreciate the beauty and gift of nature, or he could be accompanied by his family or friends.

One of the worlds most magnificent Hotels – The 5* Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco

Fancy a memorable stay in one of the world’s most magnificent settings? The Mazagan Beach Resort is an amazing place that will get you every time. Not only beautiful to look at, the Mazagan Beach Resort is a venue of infinite promise, of unforgettable entertainment and moments of sublime relaxation.

Breath taking Royal Treatment
There’s no question you’ll be treated like royalty throughout your stay, as the Mazagan Beach Resort lays on every comfort you could imagine. Amidst a breathless Moroccan backdrop and resounding views of the Atlantic horizon, you’ll be little short of gobsmacked by your excellent choice in accommodation.

Spoiled Rotten and Completely Connected!

It’s one of the great delights that every room at the Mazagan Beach Resort features an outstanding 24/7 room service, along with global newspaper delivery, laundry, linen and dry cleaning facilities and even its very own shoe shining service. Need the internet? Every room at the Mazagan has a free online service, so you don’t need to worry about staying connected.

 World Class Leisure and Sports (including a par 72 18 hole golf course!)

In terms of resort facilities, there is a veritable feast to indulge in. Of exceptional quality, the Mazagan Beach Resort houses a golf course to stroll around, heated swimming pools, world class fitness suites, a vibrant casino and a premium spa to unwind in. On every corner of this huge hotel you will find the Mazagan delivers a new treat every single time! To top it off, you can enjoy the wonders of a hearty breakfast, free of charge, every morning.

Worldwide cuisine and over 8 main restaurants! (plus poolside bars)

How better to relax at the One of the worlds most magnificent Hotels – The 5* Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco, than to wine and dine amongst unparalleled cuisine, featuring a range of Moroccan and international dishes on its menu? You can also discover the Morjana restaurant at the resort, boasting many a culinary delight through its Lebanese and Moroccan inspired themes.

Relaxing Bars and Partying Clubs!
Energized by music and dance as the sultry evenings roll in, there are numerous shows to watch.  Many fantastic singers from far and wide provide top ‘Mazagan Nights’ entertainment and there are some great deals on beverages to be had. Don’t miss out on nights at the Palm Grill, the Atrium and the Club House Bar, where the listings are full and varied with a wonderful selection of top notch entertainment.

If you are bringing the kids along too, then don’t fear, as there are plenty of things for them to engage in. From child friendly themed evenings, to leisure activities and special sports events, all ages are catered for. Contact Fleetway Travel for more information about booking your dream stay at the delightfully exotic Mazagan beach resort.

For more info check out their website at or for reviews Trip Advisor

Business Travel and the Briefcase

If you travel for business, then you understand the decision between traveling light and traveling prepared. However, more importantly, we’ve found that certain considerations should be made for optimal and ease of business travel. Understanding that the briefcase will be used at all times on your trip, this is what we will be looking at.

Top Handle
If you have not put any thought to it, you must think we are crazy to talk about the top handle as an important briefcase function. For longer trips, we find that businessmen usually bring a briefcase with a strap. These briefcases may not have a top handle, and it is our proposition that no top handle when moving about is dreadfully annoying.

When you are getting out of a cab, moving between offices and getting up from your seat quickly, the first thing you grab is the top handle. Briefcases without a top handle will be grabbed by the strap, which is lengthy and will dangle from side to side. The bottom line is that a top handle is required for effective travel.

Running Out of Time

Detachable Strap
Similar to the above, because of the preference of taking the weight off your hand and also freeing your hand for flexibility, a strap is usually needed for business travel. While not required, we greatly prefer the briefcases with a detachable strap. Typically, in business, a strap is unprofessional and sloppy. When dangled unused from the sides of a briefcase, it detracts from the clean professional look that you want to portray.

Suitcase Handle Flap
Some suitcases have a flap at the back of the suitcase that allows you to slip it over a suitcase handle. This is invaluable for travel as it allows you to free up your shoulder and hand so it is more comfortable or if you need to use it hold on to a railing, press an elevator button, sign paperwork, etc. Most suitcases have a rear slot where you can slide paperwork in, the best ones have an additional slot that pokes through the bottom, or a zipper bottom that can allow the rear slot to double as a suitcase handle flap. This feature isn’t advertised often, so definitely do your research before you buy. We typically check PerfectBag to confirm our needs are met before buying.

Overall, preferences aside, we feel that these three features are worth consideration when looking for a briefcase for travel.

The Hidden Cost of Spinner Suitcases

Spinner suitcases are very popular these days. Characterized typically by four 360 degree rotation wheels, this type of suitcase allows effortless movement along smooth surfaces with minimal strength and maximum maneuverability. The ability to take the weight off your arm to move the luggage is a big benefit for those looking to travel with ease. This article is to tell you that before you buy a spinner luggage, that there are some things you have not yet considered.


Typically spinner suitcases come in polycarbonate hard cases, occasionally cloth exterior. The hardcases are always marked up due to the hardness of the exterior. They are also prone to cracking. where the cloth is prone to tearing. However, this affects all luggage. The big problem with spinner luggage in particular are the wheels. The 360 rotational wheels you love so much also protrude quite a bit, and are very prone to breaking during baggage handling. You only need one wheel to break or be faulty for the entire suitcase to be useless. Regular luggage of the two wheel plus stand variety has a recessed wheel and are far more durable. The first to break on these types of luggage is actually the handle.

Additionally, over longer walk, because the wheels are designed for 360 rotation flexibility, they do not stand up to the long walks over rough terrain. What ends up happening is that the wheels shear off and become rough. When you tilt the luggage over for two wheel diagonal use, the wear on the back wheels is much quicker than the front, causing imbalance and the usual “turning” of the suitcase when back on all fours.

We noted previously that this was a strength. However, if you have every used a spinner luggage for longer periods of travel, you would also know that it is a weakness. A smooth surface is required for easy movement. If it is bumpy, rocks, gaps in the road, or if you need to walk a long distance, typically rolling it on all four wheels is not only difficult but dangerous. The alternative is rolling it on two wheels like a typical suitcase. However, the design of the wheel is optimized for upright movement, not diagonal movement, and the wheels are typically smaller and less durable than standard suitcases.

These are two of the main problems we have found with spinner suitcases. However, please don’t discount the value proposition of this type of suitcase, as there is still a big reason to get it. We recommend the LuggagePicks a resource to help you chose the luggage that is best suited for your travel needs.

Seat Selection in an Airplane

Not all economy airplane seats are identical and they are certainly not equal. Savvy travelers bag the best seats on the plane by following these air travel tips.

 Get a head start.

Early birds get the good worms so as soon as you are permitted to, choose your seat. Other travellers know the good seats, the bad and the truly awful so select a good seat as soon as you can. If you are booking on-line, many airlines allow you to choose your seat at the time of booking. If not, phone the airline immediately after booking and ask for a seat allocation. Some airlines hold bulk head and exit row seats til check-in so be sure to check-in on line as soon as that facility opens. Airlines have cottoned on to the advantages of some seats over others and are charging for the privilege. Consider paying on a long haul flight or if you have particular needs. But let’s not encourage them by shelling out for middling seats on short-hops. If you find yourself being allocated a seat in the airport 45 minutes before take-off you might really deserve all you get, however you can still enter into negotiations at the gate. Premium fliers sometimes get bumped to first class. A good travel tip is to ask if anyone has just vacated a really plum airline seat and could you have it.

 Know the good seats

Accepted wisdom states that exit seats are good and anything to the front of the plane is a gain. You can have a look on sites like and for detailed maps of each plane on each airline. They give ratings to airlines according to comfort level, service and food which you may want to consider before booking. They also have compiled composite advice based on reviews of the best air plane seats. Ultimately it comes down to personal choice and needs. If you want to disembark promptly look for an aisle seat at the front or the back. If you suffer from motion sickness you are best in a wing seat at the window. The wing experiences less turbulence and looking out the window towards the horizon really helps with the conflicting brain messages which cause the nausea. If you have long legs look for a seat with extended leg room like bulk head seats or exit row seats.

Know the bad seats

On an overnight flight an aisle seat is to be avoided. Imagine hopping up and down every moment to allow inside passengers stretch their legs. Bulkhead seats are good for leg room but be warned passengers travelling with infants are often allocated these seats as there is room for a bassinet. Anything in the middle is generally pretty rotten and if there are 5 seats in a row the middle-middle is a real dud. Seats in the middle of the plane are also last to be served food as service usually starts from the front and the back. If seat width is an issue avoid seats which stow the table-top in the arm rest as this reduces the seat width slightly.

 Know the really awful seats

Any seat near the toilet, which has limited recline or does not recline, is squeezed into an after-thought space or has limited leg-room is a total washout. Sites like seat guru help to identify these and travellers should avoid at all costs. If you find yourself in one of these it is time for a charm offensive with the air steward to get reallocated to an empty seat.

By following these travel tips travellers in the know can grab the best airline seats and avoid the most unpleasant.

Top 5 Places to Go in Marbella Spain

The Costa del Sol is a vacation hot spot for lucky luxury travelers year round. The wide array of excursions, beaches and night clubs can leave even the most seasoned traveler wondering what he or she should do first. Here’s a list of the top five things you should do first next time you’re in Marbella or Puerto Banus, Spain.

1)      Old Town Marbella. At the eastern end of town, just north of the main road you’ll find Old Town Marbella. Old Town is home to beautiful cobbled streets, local bars, pavement cafes and the best authentic Spanish restaurants. Orange Square is lined with orange trees and is a great place to people watch away from the hustle and bustle of everything else going on.

2)      Dali Statues in Marbella. If you’re a luxury traveler who enjoys the finer things in life, you’ll likely be impressed with the Salvador Dali sculptures in Marbella. They’re located in central Marbella down the Avenida del Mar. Both sides of the street are linked with fountains and statues in the center.

3)      Find a home away from home.  Although it may not be considered a tourist attraction, the beautiful vacation villas of Marbella and Puerto Banus are worth mentioning. The true luxury traveler doesn’t stay at a hotel, but instead rents a home away from home. Marbella Rentals  is one of the premier vacation rental companies of the region and has villas ranging from 3500 euros per week all the way up to 70,000 euros per week. Some of the villas are beach front, while others overlook the golf course. You can even find villas that include nannies, chefs, chauffeurs and butlers. Talk about rest and relaxation.

4)      Puerto Banus. If mingling with the rich and the famous is up your alley, then you’ll love Puerto Banus. It’s a favorite for jetsetters, A-listers and fun seekers alike. If yachts and marinas are your thing, you’ll be right at home.  Here you can find the hottest night clubs, fine dining restaurants, pubs and music bars to fit any taste.

5)      Beaches. What trip to southern Spain would be complete without soaking up some sun? For about 5 euros per day, you can rent a sun bed and parasol on one of Marbella’s beaches. If you’re an adventurous type, you can try out water sports such as water skiing and paragliding. If you prefer to just kick back, there are plenty of places to eat and drink along the shoreline.

Mexico Travel Tips and Advice For Women

Planning ahead of time is important for a gratifying and successful vacation.  This involves readying your stuff and getting details on where you will spend your vacation.  It does not need to know everything, but learning the basic things about what to bring matters. Travelling to Mexico is a great experience if you know the guide to follow:

Mexico Travel Guide

1. Packing all the stuff you need is important, but don’t forget to mentally prepared as well.  This will help you understand the different culture of the place you’re headed to.  Don’t be surprised with the practices you are not used to.

2. Mexico has exotic culture and practices, some of which are imitated from the South America. Mostly, cultures and lifestyles in other countries are not easy to do if you are not accustomed to doing it.  When it comes to climate, Mexico has a different weather from Asia, USA and Europe. Therefore it is highly advised that you take time to knowing at once the practices and culture existing in Mexico.

3. Passport is the first and most important thing to carry when driving to Mexico. Known for multiple events of crimes and accidents, bringing big cash amount is discouraged.  A simple waist-pack pocket will do for your needs of money. Also, highways and roads are not totally clean in Mexico.  It helps if you bring extra footwear to use on rough and stony roads.

4. Tips on traveling and kind of clothes to put on are important.  Mexico is a tropical place, so don’t forget your sunscreen. However, mountain areas have cold temperature, that’s why you need to bring thick clothes as well.

5. To overcome loud music during your travel, handy earplugs should be worn on your ears. Many first-class transportations play noisy music late at night. Earplugs help you not to get disturbed.

6. There’s no need to bring with you extra clothes. You will be provided with washing facilities in your place of accommodations. Toiletries, however, can be brought. Don’t forget your own towel because accommodations don’t provide any towels.

Tips for Traveling Women

1. If you’re a woman, one thing you should know when driving to Mexico is that many Mexican men will always look at you.  Those men are easily attracted to women especially to women who are not dressed modestly.

2. Dress up yourself appropriately by not wearing mini-skirts. More importantly, women should always have companions when travelling to Mexico.

3. Don’t dare talk to strangers, especially men who have the intention of flirting with you. In a sense, this tip could be funny, but it is crucial to be cautious because you don’t really know what might happen.

Always bring your Mexican Insurance

And finally, buying your Mexican car insurance before leaving for Mexico is very important. Although you may have car insurance in Canada or US, this insurance is not valid in Mexico.  Therefore, plan ahead to get your car insured immediately before leaving.  Regardless of what driving experience you want to do in Mexico, you will enjoy it if you know you have car insurance with you.

Home Trades – The New, Better Way To Travel

Most people have heard of Airbnb and VRBO.  These are arguably the two most popular vacation rental websites.  They connect homeowners with travelers, using an easy-to-use interface, and allowing each party to have some benefits over traditional hotels.  For the homeowners, it’s a simple way to make some extra money when you aren’t using your home.  For the travelers, you get the use of a fully furnished home, often with better amenities than a hotel, for a cheaper price.

Well…the new trend in vacationing is known as a “home trade” or “home exchange” or “home swap”.  This is a system where people can exchange holiday homes with one another, without needing to exchange any money.

Chances are if you’re a homeowner, you’re already paying a mortgage on your home, so when you go on vacation, you’d be paying your mortgage PLUS whatever lodging fees you incurred at your destination.  But with a home trade, you get free accommodations while travelling.  The savings can be enormous.  There’s also the added bonus of not having to collect taxes while renting out your home (like Airbnb and VRBO users typically have to), so you don’t need to worry about government intervention.

Also, when doing a home exchange, you don’t have to do the exchange simultaneously.  This means that Homeowner A may stay at Homeowner B’s house for a week in May, but Homeowner B may want to stay at Homeowner A’s house for a week in December.  No problem!  You just need to coordinate your schedule with the other homeowner to work this out.

A friend of mine recently traded his NYC condo for a 9000 sq ft villa in Thailand that came with its own staff…and even a waterslide!  How could this be a fair trade?  Well…New York City is one of those super desirable locations, so he was able to trade his condo that would rent on Airbnb for hundreds of dollars a night, for a villa that’s worth thousands of dollars a night. And it cost him absolutely nothing. There’s no other way to pull something this awesome off, other than a house exchange.

What if I rent?

Not a problem.  As long as it’s ok with your landlord you can still participate in home trades.

This newly launched site allows people from all over the world to swap their homes.   There’s other sites that offer a similar service, but’s main differentiator is that they make it easy to search for homes based on your lifestyle, rather than just cities you want to go to.  So, for example, if you’re into kiteboarding, you can find homes in areas that offer that.


Safety is always a primary concern when doing a home swap.  One way to reduce any chance of risk is to check out the reviews on the home trade website for the other homeowner.  You should also talk to them on the phone and some research on them using social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  It’s very, very rare for people to have issues using the home trade model. This is likely because many people treat other homes even better than their own.

How do I learn more?

Head over to and sign up for free.

Prague Beer Tours in Czech Republic

Prague Beer Tours in Czech Republic

Are you interested in the Prague sightseeing, but want to avoid end up with boring lecture?  Do you want to learn the history of the beer in Czech republic and get some knowledge about the brewing process? Combine going through the city with some beer tasting! The company called Beer Prague located in Czech republic has a solution for you. The unforgettable trip promises visit of the local mini-breweries with UNLIMITED beer consumption. Yes, you will not only taste the number of regular samples during each brewery visit, but you can drink as many beers as you wish on the last stop. Each time you will join the tour you might see the different places and districts of the Prague. Well-known beer brands are today nothing surprising. You can buy them in every shop and that makes them very common. Luckily those trips focus specifically on local mini-breweries, which produce really unique beers various in color, taste or the drinking feeling in general.

Did you know, that?

  • Czech republic is having the greatest per capita consumption of the beer in the world (i.e. 160 liters annually). That is one bottle of beer for every man, woman and child living here per day! Such has been fact in nearly last hundred years.
  • Czech beer comes in many degrees from 6-19%; but 10% and 12% are the most common. Many think that the percent is the amount of alcohol, but it’s actually the amount of malt extract used in the brewing process. Of course, malt contains sugar, so to some extent, the higher the % (malt used), the higher the alcohol. The percentage of alcohol is about a quarter of the “percent” shown on the bottle, so 12% beer is roughly 3.1% alcohol.
  • It was the Czech brewery in Pilsen that has given the world the brandname of Pils in 1842.
  • The best temperature at which to drink beer is between 7-10 degrees Celsius. Which by the way, is keeping it on the seventh step down to the cellar.

Learn how is the traditional Czech beer brewed, no matter what’s the weather like. Forget about the well-known brands and focus on the beauty of small beer production, which can surprise even experienced beer drinkers. That all for the cheapest price in the city.

The tour starts at 6:00 p.m. every working day, and at 4:00 p.m. during weekends. It takes about 3 hours and costs 1000 CZK.
Join the Prague Beer Tour today!

Backpacking in Kerala

Traveling is one of the great passions of my life and I have traveled through all continents. Kerala was one of the most special places I have been to.

My journey to Kerala was life changing. Kerala is the southernmost tip of India. Local population of kerala is known as keralites, malayalees or mallus. It is not the India you have seen in the TV. Everything about Kerala is different. This is not an India of snake charmers, beggars or slums that keeps popping up in the TV screens, Hollywood movies or BBC articles

To say Kerala is beautiful is a huge understatement. People call it gods own country and you don’t give a name like that without a valid reason. Kerala is the whole package. Kerala has a Great culture, people, food, and nature is at its best. Women are empowered in Kerala. An age old tradition of matrilineal inheritance made women very independent and empowered in Kerala society.

I have been to all of India, Kerala a country with-in a country. More than 20 percentage of this green state is forest. People are near 100% educated, living conditions are better than in the west.  There is a hospital, church and a school in every 1 mile. Kerala has a very low population growth, Economy grows above 10%. Keralalites have one of the oldest Christian populations in the world. Syrian Christians or Nasranis of Kerala are 1st century Christians and their churches are among the oldest and grandest in the world. Legend says they were converted by St: Thomas himself.  Hinduism and Islam are other two main religions in Kerala. Kerala is a perfect example of a working multiculturalism.

Kerala is a land full of beautiful backwaters. Around 44 rivers make this land very fertile and green. Cold, Green and beautiful hill station of Munnar is the favourite summer retreat of keralites.  Tea counties, beautiful valleys and rivers make it a heaven on earth. KTDC Tea County is the perfect place to explore Munnar. And nearby Thekkady is a beautiful wild life sanctuary with a gorgeous artificial lake and lot of tigers. Yes, the real king of jungle is there in plenty!

Cochin is hot and it is a very cosmopolitan city. It is called the queen on Arabian Sea. It has beautiful beaches nearby, Chinese fishing nets and sun set at Cochin is a must see.  Cochin has one of the biggest malls in Asia, if you are into a bit of shopping.

Kerala have plenty of toddy shops. Toddy is a local alcohol from coconut and it is all natural, healthy and tasty. Toddy parlours have the real authentic malayalee food and some hard-core food items that are only available in toddy parlours. It is spicy and hot so it is not for the faint hearted.  Kerala fish dishes are a must eat. Green frog is a beauty and no other Indian state makes meat dishes better than mallus.  Most of the keralites are non-vegetarian’s.  Even malayalee Hindus eat beef. Different beef dishes are a speciality in Kerala. During my travel around Kerala, I have met many Mappilas of Kerala (Muslims) who drink alcohol and party real hard like the rest of Keralalites. In general malayalees are not ultra-religious people and makes really good travel companions.

My next stop was Alappuzha, known as the Venice of the east and it is nearby the world famous kumarakom, the backwater country.  I took a houseboat from Alappuzha to kumarakom. I used Rajahamsam house boat and it was a beauty. It has 2 Luxury air conditioned bedrooms, balcony, cook, driver, & cleaner, and all for just few dollars. Try karimeen pollichathu and konchu fry on house boat, it’s tasty. I enjoyed beautiful vembanattu lake for 2 days and it was one of the most memorable times of my life.

Don’t forget to check out kathakali , the folk dance of Kerala and kalaripayattu one of the most ancient martial arts of the world.   Bodhidharma the great kalaripayattu master is still loved in china and known as the great grandmaster of shaolin temple.  Taking some time off from busy life schedule and studying kalaripayattu would be a good idea. Explore a bit of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient way of living and medicine in Kerala and it is very effective, give it a try. Staying few months in laid back countryside state of Kerala is a win-win situation.

Author is a “Serial Backpacker” and works in tourism sector.  He was in Kerala for a long time so this is just a little overview of his very long vacation in Kerala. If you would like to check out great backpacks, check this website on converse backpacks: