Top Tips to Find Your Ideal Theatre Break in London

Going to a theatre performance or to a musical is a fantastic way to put an end to a day (or week) of stressful work. Of course, when it comes to theatre plays nothing comes closer to watching a performance at the glitzy London West End. And since you are at it, why not turn an evening at the theatre into a luxurious weekend break? If you are watching your budget but don’t want to give up on this fantastic opportunity of enjoying a break in the West End, read on for some useful tips.

Book in advance
This is particularly applicable if you are interested in watching some of the most popular West End shows. But how far in advance should you book? Four months is what most bargain experts recommend. At reputable companies like Newmarket Holidays, London theatre packages are offered for top shows like The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and Mamma Mia. You can book now for shows taking place in March to benefit from the best savings.

Book you tickets as part of a package
Many travel agents and tour operators offer West End packages that include tickets to the show, transportation to London, and accommodation. These companies are able to get better deals with the box offices of the top theatres, so by booking a package you could end up saving up to 50 per cent in the price of your tickets. Businesses like Newmarket Holidays will help you to find fantastic deals for London theatre breaks, and may even be able to offer you possibility of upgrading your seats.

Go to the previews
If you are in for a new experience and want to save money at the same time, consider booking tickets for the previews that take place just before the opening of a West End show. Because technically speaking, the production of the show will still be ongoing, theatres offer discounted tickets at bargain prices. As a bonus, you get to see the show before anyone else!

 Avoid Fridays and Saturdays
Demands for theatre tickets are much higher on Friday and Saturday nights, so the prices rise accordingly. Instead, go for a mid-week theatre break and book your London theatre trip any day from Monday to Thursday. With reputable companies like Newmarket Holidays, you can choose which day you want to travel to London, so that you get more value for your money.

Perth Adrenalin Junky Activities

Perth is one of the top destinations for adventure sports in Australia. Entertainment is what Perth does best, and if you consider that the City of Perth provides free entertainment for its 1.6 million metropolitan residents, you will realise why over 100,000 people visit here everyday.

Go Jet Boating – Jet boat rides travel at nearly 75km per hour and is a great way to let off some steam. Add some wild, fast pumping music and you have the perfect combination for a thrilling experience. As you push the throttle, your jet boat will release 25 tons of water per minute, which lifts the boat into the air.

Go SailingGo on a sailing tour and get to see the number of islands off of Perth. The Carnac Island, home of the Australian Sea Lion is one of the amazing islands that you will get a closer look at. Take a break from sailing and get in some snorkelling, swimming, or just relax. Sailing is a very romantic way to experience Perth with the one you love.

Go Tandem SkydivingIf you want the thrill of skydiving the safe way, then you need to do it while attached to a Tandem Jump Master. A bit of basic training and the correct kit is all you need to take your first leap. After twenty minutes in the air, you reach an altitude of 14,000ft, which is when you jump into nothingness. You fall at 200 kilometres per hour, but it is a fully monitored 7,500ft freefall.

Go On Aerobatic FlightsLoop the loop, Nose dive, barrel through the skies and fly upside down in a custom built Aerobatic plane in Perth. The aerobatics instructor will be sitting next to you, so there is no reason to panic. You will experience medium ‘G’ forces, and you can ask your instructor to put you through more Gs if you have the stomach for it.

Go Rally DrivingIf land sports excite you, and then try rally driving. It really is as thrilling as it is looks like it is on TV. You get to drive a real rally car, manage the controls and explore the dirt roads on your very own rally-driving track. Get a professional to hop in and show you what the turbocharged WRX or Evo can do.

Go AbseilingProfessionals will demonstrate the different abseiling techniques and provide you with the basic ground training. You will be monitored and directed by instructors as you move on vertical, over-hanging and rock faces higher up. You can even give forward-facing abseiling a try if you are up to it.

Go Water RaftingThe Avon River is where some of the best rafters and kayakers take each other on, especially in the Avon Descent. Whether you raft from Bells Rapid to Sandleford Winery or Walyunga National Park to Bells Rapid, you will have mind-blowing views of the surrounding landscapes.

Learn to flyIf you like the idea of flying all by yourself over Perth, you can! You will need to have an experienced instructor with you, but after a brief ground session, you will actually be able to fly the plane by yourself. You will even get a certificate for piloting the aircraft, which you can take home to show friends and family.

Explore Mitchell FallsThis amazing waterfall is created by the Mitchell River, which carves a path through the Mitchell Plateau and finally cascades over layers of rock into a deep pool. Fan palms surround the falls and this sight alone is gratitude enough after the two days of driving and 15 hours of trekking from Kununurra.

Go Hot Air Ballooningtake a hot air balloon trip if you want to experience the beauty of this place from the skies. The rolling hills, the Avon River, the countryside, and manmade glories are waiting for you when you reach the ground. Your adventure begins at dawn and lasts for about an hour, an hour of bliss among the clouds.

Swim with Wild DolphinsSwim with wild dolphins off the coast of Rockingham, which is only 45 minutes south of Perth. The dolphins are completely wild, and this is an experience that you will never get again. Experienced operators from Rockingham Wild Encounters have been operating for 25 years and they will be keeping an eye on you while you swim with these amazing creatures.

Go Kite BoardingWhether you kite board from Brighton Beach, Leighton Beach, or Mullaloo Beach; Perth’s sea breezes will give you the best kite boarding conditions around. There are a number of kite boarding schools in Perth, which is great news if you are a beginner and want to get some training before hitting the waves.

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Bring The Outdoor Into Your Living Room

Can’t seem to get the time off work to go to all those places on your bucket list? If so the next best thing is to bring the outdoors into your home with scenery videos. I recently upgraded my home entertainment system to include a media streamer. This means goodbye to DVDs and has opened up a whole new world of media to enjoy.

What I’d like to show you today is a cool way to make use of your TV with scenery videos. These simple 20 minute clips are designed to be used as a background when not watching TV shows and movies. They are said to help promote relaxation and conversation. They have certainly been aiding my own relaxation and made a great moving background to a dinner party with friends last weekend.

The videos come in MP4 downloads. So you will need some kind of media player or media streaming device. I went with Apple TV as I use a Mac but there are other options too like Roku and WD boxes. These devices then connect to your home wifi signal so that they can play the video files stored on your hard drive.

I also installed Plex which manages your files. You create a folder on your computer for movies, one for music and one for TV shows. If you like you can then install Plex on your iPad or iPhone to act as a remote or even play the files on your device. Anyway enough about the technical details, lets look at some examples of background videos I have been using instead of taking a holiday:

This website is called River Wild so I thought it fitting to start with a rather wild river clip. This one shows water rapids and lots of greenery. An ideal way to bring some of the outdoors into your living room:

We all love beach holidays and the clip below is a nice example which you can loop (set to repeat) for hours:

You can browse for more of the same at Nature Videos

5 Best Safaris in Africa

Safaris are known for its wildlife inhabitants. During the olden times, safaris are popular for hunting primitive animals. If you are one of the people who are into desert life adventures, a tour in a safari park is the best for you. Want to know the great safaris in Africa? Here are the best five hunting expedition locations that you would surely enjoy.

1. Chobe National Park, Botswana

One of the greatest sights in this wildlife park is the presence of around 120,000 elephants. That is what the Chobe National Park is known for. It is found it the Okavango Delta and envelopes four distinct Eco-systems. The famous Savuti marsh offers its visitors the highest accumulation in African wildlife all year round. Not only will you encounter elephants here but also giraffes, zebra, and buffalos just to name a few. The perfect time to take a tour on this outstanding safari park is between the months of April and October.

2. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

It is known to be the favorite destination of most safari-goers because of its migratory animals. Not only that, the safari is also very picturesque and impressive in its’ own right. Serengeti is flourishing with birds, a magnificent wildlife and a splendid landscape. The flora and fauna will definitely make you engrossed as well as its village scenes and busy markets. Truly it is one great adventure that you shouldn’t miss.

3. Kruger National Park, South Africa

If you would like to see animals such as crocodiles, hippos, cheetahs and more, then the Kruger National Park is the one you might be interested in. It bluster a wide array of African wildlife. Kruger is also one of the well-kept safaris in the country which makes it excellent for driving around the area.

4. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

It is one place that you would never get tired of touring. The Ngorongoro Crater caters to a lot of animals and other various species that live all together. It might be small in size but it boasts of a great wildlife preserves as well as a burgeoning areas of woodland that is best for picnics,  while gazing at the marvelous creation and adorable animals such as flamingos and the like. There is also a marvelous small lake that is surrounded by tall grasses and trees to shade you from the sun.

5. Etosha National Park, Namibia

Last but definitely not the least is the Etosha National Park in Namibia which is so far the best safari there is. It is the home to a lot of mammal species as well as to the black rhinos that are near to being extinct and to Africa’s tallest elephants. During the dry season, a lot of photographers tend to gather in the wildlife and waterholes to take fascinating pictures of the spectacular views and the animals too. You would get a chance to marvel at giraffes, lions, leopards and cheetahs as well. It is a solo-drive safari experience that you would surely enjoy.

Being able to make a visit to a safari park would not only make you feel one with nature but it would also give you full awareness of the beauty that surrounds us in this living planet. A lot of discoveries and learning will also be unveiled. So, take a Safari tour and have the time of your life in the wild.

Northern California Winery Escapes

Northern California is known for many things from San Francisco to the excellent wine vineyards!  Northern California winery escapes are some of the best around given the close proximity of so many great wineries.

California is one of the richest wine producing states in the US. and Northern California wine tasting is best the The Napa Valley wine country. Located in the northern region of California, this is home to miles of vineyards and many different wineries – all of which produce different wine varietals and blends. The climate of Northern California makes this area a perfect spot for wine lovers to take a vacation. Enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the many excursions available make this California destination a special place for couples and other groups of wine enthusiasts.


The Road to Dry Creek tasting pass is only $25 for Tasting Pass for two to Sonoma’s best wineries. Dry Creek Valley has long been home to some of California’s finest Zinfandel. More recently, this picturesque valley has grown in renown for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, becoming one of the best tasting regions in the Wine Country to visit. The Dry Creek Tasting Pass provides complimentary tasting experiences for 2 to Dry Creek’s best wineries. Deux Amis Winery, Dry Creek Vineyard, Fritz Underground Winery, Hook and Ladder Vineyards, Mutt Lynch Winery, Sbragia Winery, & Viszlay winery. Includes Complimentary Wine Tasting for 2 and 10-15% off Bottle Purchase at most wineries.

The Sip Sonoma Tasting Card for two  includes free tastings, bottle discounts, & barrel tastings to over 20 Sonoma Wineries. Not sure where to go or what to taste The Sonoma Wine Passport will not only act as a regional guide but offer huge savings as well. The easiest and most affordable way to experience the best wineries in Napa and Sonoma county, California’s most popular wine region boasting the biggest Cabs and sensational Chardonnays!

Whether you prefer the wineries of Sonoma or Napa, it is easy to see why Northern California wine tasting includes a mecca of wineries. There are many different places to explore, along with many different ways to see this beautiful wine country.

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Hotel Balmoral Paris

Located in a peaceful street one hundred meters from Place de I’Etoile, the Hotel Balmoral Paris offers cozy comfort in a very elegant setting, at the Parisian tradition. The hotel is perfect exit point for a day out in Paris. It is a very near to the stunning Champs Elysees,  RER Station that is going to Palais des Congres and La Defense, Air France bus station, 15 minutes away from the famous Eiffel Tower, and very near to the theaters and shops of famed Saint – Honore.

Hotel Balmoral has a total of 57 completely refurbished, non – smoking and air-conditioned rooms. Guests can choose from the five room types of the hotel including: Classic Room, Superior Room, Triple and Prestige Room, Family Space, and Family Space for up to five people. Refined and comfortable, every room offers its guests with French tradition and savior faire. From the hustle and bustle of the city, in a peaceful nest, you can have an excellent night’s sleep, whether you are in a Classic or Prestige room.

All rooms in the Balmoral Hotel Paris have the following:

  • Soundproofed rooms
  • Double-paned windows
  • Elegant and Classic decoration
  • Breakfast in room
  • Antique furnishings
  • Phone
  • 24 hours reception
  • Lift/elevator
  • Free iPad
  • Free international newspapers
  • Free wireless internet connection
  • Safe
  • Mini bar
  • Bathrobes
  • Trousers press
  • Bathroom linen
  • Hair dryer
  • Shower or bathtub
  • Baby cot on request
  • Room service
  • Dry cleaning

In a classic Haussmanian building, the hotel gives you relaxation and quietness in a friendly ambiance where you are going to feel well. The warm paneling, timeless pieces, fresh flowers on every storey, and 18 as well as 19th century furniture, all add elegant and classic touch. The loyal staffs of the hotel are round the clock at your service during your whole stay in the hotel. They will provide you concierge services. Check this out for the best hotels in Sydney!

Warm up to a holiday in Iceland!

We usually think of holidays in the sun taking in the sand and sea, but why not a holiday in the sunshine surrounded by beautiful views and hills or mountains covered in a blanket of snow and ice where you can even take a swim in a beautiful Blue Lagoon! Then why not sign up for one or more Icelandic Excursions offered by many Tour Operators!

There are many ways of visiting Iceland – taking Icelandic Excursions with an experienced operator who knows the ropes and who can give you the best experience on your holiday making sure you don’t miss any of the superb sights, birds and other animals and sealife native to Iceland. In June this year scenes for the series Game of Thrones were filmed at Vatnajokull – the wall of ice.

Tours can vary in length and are usually taken in luxury by coach or boat and are suitable for families. An English speaking guide will be with you every step of the way offering information and sharing his/her wealth of experience with you. There will be stops where you can enjoy lunch and a drink while you write your postcards home and maybe do some souvenir shopping.
What does Iceland have to offer?

Most of us will have heard of The Northern Lights – (The Aurora Borealis) but have you heard of the Golden Circle, Whale Watching, Geysers and The Blue Lagoon.

The Full Circle Tour is an ideal first time taster tour which will take in volcanic landscape, the national park area where you can see the Thingvallir Unesco world heritage site where Icelandic Parliament was formed; there will be waterfalls, and geysers to take in with a surprise stop along the way.
A Blue Lagoon full day tour will take you past volcanic landscape, the President’s residence whale watching, bird watching – including Puffins! Lake Kleifarvatn with its black sandy beach will also be taken in.

The Aurora Borealis is an evening tour where you will see the phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

A long night with a small group of people – you will need to wrap in warm clothing and be prepared to be amazed.

Whale Watching is another popular option offered – by boat, which offers seating inside and out with a cafe lounge. An experience guide with make sure you don’t miss the most important sights including puffin spotting on the island they inhabit, geysers a waterfall and much more.
There is a south coast tour which is very scenic where you will be able to see where the more recent eruption occurred in 2010 and can hear some first hand experiences from the people who were there. You will also be able to walk along to a glacier and touch the glacier ice.

These Icelandic Excursions are just the tip of the iceberg – there are many many more depending on the time you have to spend and the sights you want to see.