Things To Do Before You Travel

Going on holiday is something that most of us look forward to all year round. But in looking towards our travels we sometimes forget to plan properly. Well we here have some things for you to think about before you set off on that awesome trip.

Check Your Passport

I cannot stress this one enough. Do not spend hours planning and booking a holiday without checking if your passport is in date. Getting a passport last minute can be a really stressful and expensive experience so make sure this is one of the first things you check.

Check Your Luggage

Check if you have all essential items in your luggage. Make sure you have a skin protection cream if you are going to a sunny spot. This is not only a case of checking that you have all the essential items packed, but you also need to make sure you know what the weight limit of your luggage is. There is no worse way to start you holiday than being stuck in the airport having to deal with an overweight suitcase.

Home Alone

We are not talking about leaving one of your kids at home here, but you certainly want to make sure that your home is properly locked up and secured. So many people leave to go on their holidays without properly securing their homes. Make sure that you let neighbours know that you will be away as well. Lock the doors, hide the valuables and do what you think is necessary to make sure your home and belongings are safe.

We Need To See Your Papers

Make sure that you have all the proper documentation is an easy to reach place (this includes passports) you do not want to be having to fumble through five bags to find a certain document. You need to have everything organised so that your travel experience is as painless as possible. Visas, drivers licenses and everything else you may need should be easily accessible for you.

Plan Ahead

Do not just think you can get up and head off to the airport or wherever whenever you feel like. Make sure that you have everything planed out to the smallest detail. Once you get to your holiday destination you can kick back and relax, but before then you need to make sure you are well organised.

Beijing Airport Transport and Tours Experience

Arriving in a large and unfamiliar airport is always a daunting experience, but at the Beijing Capital International Airport you needn’t worry as efficient and reliable transport is available to take you into the city or on a layover tour. In fact even if you just want guide to be with you while you navigate the large airport Beijing Airport Transportation can provide that service. Beijing Airport is vast, there are 3 terminals and it is one of the world’s busiest airports, seeing 48,154,484 passengers passing through the airport in 2013.

Beijing Capital Airport is located 32km from the city center and so ground transport is critical. Instead of battling to understand the rail and bus system on your first day in Beijing rather book an airport to hotel transfer with our company. You’re driver will be waiting just after you exit the customs area with a sign showing your name.  The driver will then transport you to your hotel in a modern, comfortable and luxury car like the Audi A6 or Buick GL8. If you’re in a group you can order a business van or the Mercedes MB100. You won’t have to try to understand the public transport system, you won’t have to search for your hotel and you can sit back and relax as one of our drivers takes you directly to your hotel.

Alternatively if you are in Beijing on a layover why not utilize your time to see a bit of the city, and specifically Beijing’s top attraction, the Great Wall of China. One of our drivers will pick you up at the airport on your arrival and take you directly to the Mutianyu Great Wall for a 3-4 hour tour. This is the ideal entrance point to the wall if your time is limited. There is a cable car that can take you to the top or you can hike to the top of the wall. You’ll avoid the usual tourist traps and hidden fees, the tour does not stop at any tourist shops along the way and the best part is that it is a private tour. The tour includes the entrance fee to the wall and free bottled water. Your vehicle will be air-conditioned and the driver/guide will be able to speak perfect English. Other layover tours are available to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace or the Olympic Games sites of the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube.

Luckily for international visitors stopping in Beijing Capital International Airport on a layover flight, there is now a 72 hour Free Entry Visa. This means that you won’t have to arrange any complicated visa in order to enjoy a quick layover tour.

Mango Flights

Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines

Mango Flights is a low cost air carrier that serves the people of South Africa with domestic flights. Mango Flights have 8 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts that have a seating capacity of 186.

Mango Flights offer Wi-Fi on board and was also the first airline to offer retail flights through the grocer Shoprite Checkers. They also allow you to pay for your flights through mobile apps.

Mango Flights fly between South African major airports and offers flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, Lanseria and Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, Durban and Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and between Johannesburg and George.

They also offer twice weekly flights between Johannesburg and Zanzibar.

With Mango Flights you are able to book your flight online as well as choose your seats when you check in online.

Mango has been operation for more than 5 years and with that comes innovation and cheap flights for you to get to your South African destination.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Travel Agent to Plan Your Holiday

Planning for trips in and out of Australia can be both tedious and time consuming. For this reason, a lot of people look to hire a travel agent to help guide them in planning and booking their travel adventure.

Travel agents will not only be responsible in arranging different modes of transport during your travel (such as flights, trains and busses), but will also help you save money by offering you with early booking discounts, travel advisories, special fares, and hotel deals.

There are several benefits that a travel agent can provide you with. Travel agents, in general, are considered as “travel advocates”. Their priority is to provide you with quality services to help you enjoy your journey. For example, when we booked our last holiday, we planned and then subsequently booked through the Adelaide based travel agency Peregrine Travel Centre who were extremely professional and got us some excellent deals on our trip.

Below are some of the benefits of hiring a travel agent.

Travel Convenience
Travel agents can provide convenience to their clients. Think of this scenario: Christmas is fast approaching and a lot of people are weighin up whether to spend their holidays out of town which could result in a very long and tedious preparation time.

To reduce the stress of this booking process, you can hire a travel agent. Since they are the ones who will arrange and organise your trip, you will be spared the drama of having to take your time to research your itinerary, hotel bookings, and transportation.

Strong Work Dedication
Travel agents are very dedicated in their work and would want to deliver the best service for you. They typically go the extra mile for you and do everything to provide you with your travel needs. They will even get you the lowest possible prices and best deals to suit your preferences.

Most of the time, travel agents have contacts with airline companies and hotels which will help you find excellent deals that will save you enough money for other travel expenses.

They Know Your Travel Needs
Your Adelaide travel agent will also be asking you with questions. The questions that they will be asking should outline your trip. They will ask you the place that you are going to and the reason for this travel.

They will also ask you how you want to travel, how long your stay would be, and how much is your allotted budget for this. Your answers will help them in determining the kind of service that they will be offering you. They will put together some of their sample tours, which will describe the availabilities of accommodations, transportation, and the estimated cost of the package.

A good travel agent will be able to recognize your needs upon answering all the questions that they will have of you. Hiring a travel agent will give you ample time to prepare for the things that you will need during the travel and not the details of the travel itself.

How To Find Limo Services Online

Corporate travelers are constantly searching for methods to make their travel better. Many factors go into what the very best method would be to get to and from the airport. In the event you’re on the fence and attempting to determine whether to rent car service or not, consider these benefits prior to making your choice.


6 Passenger limousine

1. Productivity
Time is valuable for corporate travelers, so being free to send emails, make phone calls, and work throughout the airport transport is an enormous advantage.

2. Dependability
The worst nightmare for many airport travelers is missing their flight and showing up late. Most limousine companies will correct the pick – up time founded in the flights and monitor your flights in the event of any delays genuine arrival time. You also change to a distinct flight and the only time you’d have to get in touch with your supplier is assuming that your flight is canceled.

3. Efficiency
Limousine services which are dedicated to transport have dedicated staff that are experts in traffic patterns and tracks traffic reports helping you to really take the most effective course to your own designation.

4. Economical
Parking fees, rental cars, becoming lost in an unknown city, or just sitting in traffic all costs cash to you.

5. Time saving
This easy advantage could be critical in the event you’re in a time crunch. Contingent upon your scenario, this might be the difference between making your flight and close the huge deal, or not. One of the Limousine services we recommend for our business clients is because of their prompt and reliable service.

Consider all these advantages against the price of an airport transport and consider what matters most to you. You have the knowledge of what to perform, when the advantages outweigh the costs. The advantages of utilizing a trusted limo service for your next airport transfer much outweigh the price of parking and rental car fees.

Four Reasons Why You Should Book a Corporate Holiday

We are fast approaching the final months of the year. This is a time to look back and reflect on your achievements, and that also applies to companies. For many organizations, the end of the year will be busier than usual, so if you want to reward and motivate your team, why not consider booking them into a corporate holiday? Here you will find the main reasons why this is a great idea.

 Build team spirit
Regardless of how long you have been working with your team, it is always a good idea to look out for new ways of strengthening team spirit among your staff members. Corporate holidays are a great way of promoting team building and getting to know your employees outside their roles in the office. Most corporate holidays, such as the packages offered by companies like Transun, include dedicated team work activities to help you achieve that objective. As you know, a positive working atmosphere is an invaluable tool and no manager should skimp on this.

Extend your business network
The fact that you are away on a corporate holiday does not mean that the business side of things is totally out of the picture. Being in a different location can be seen as a great opportunity to increase your business contacts and do some networking. You never know where business opportunities will be, so don’t forget to keep your eyes open while you are away.

It might seem obvious, but the main point of taking a corporate holiday is to take a welcome break from the highly pressurized world of business. Stress is one of the worse enemies of productivity and efficiency. According to Business Matters magazine, stress in the workplace costs UK businesses more than £3.7 billion a year. When you book with a dedicated company like Transun, you can choose from a range of relaxing activities for your corporate holiday, including wilderness walks in the Scandinavian forests, ice fishing, or a night safari to watch the Northern Lights.

A great way to show your appreciation
Last but not least, taking your employees on a corporate break is a great way of saying thank you for all the hard work they have done during the year. Showing your appreciation will go a long way, as employees that feel valued are more loyal and committed. Take a look at Transun’s range of short breaks for example, and start planning your corporate holiday today

F1 Austin GP packages – Luxury Travel!

The Austin Grand Prix is the newest race in the Formula One championship,  and already attracts motor-sport enthusiasts, Film stars and music legends from around the world.

Austin is the capital city of Texas and has a reputation for great music and night life – known as The Live Music Capital of the World. With live music everywhere you go, you’ll soon realise why. The city really has a lot to offer, so preparation is needed to make the most of your Austin GP packages.

After a five year break, the US Grand Prix returned to north America in 2012 at the purpose built “Circuit of The Americas”. Here motor sport fans are treated to 56 laps of action as the world’s greatest drivers negotiate the 3.4 mile track. As the season comes to an end, teams will be fighting for the last few championship points – sure to be a thrilling spectacle.

Other than F1 Austin has lots to offer. Austin is a city full of culture, fine restaurants, music and shopping. There are restaurants to suite everyones taste from Contemporary Japanese dining, to all American gourmet burgers and obviously Tex-Mex! Seasoned travellers to Austin recommend breakfast tacos from Juan in a Million and Gourdough’s Specialty Doughnuts. With so much choice you might have to come back again.

Want some retail therapy? Then Austin has what you need. With a huge choice of independent retailers, top designer labels and boutiques you won’t be disappointed. Getting yourself a ten gallon hat and a pair of cowboy boots before the race won’t be hard.

With more music venues per capita than any other city in the US, there’s a guarantee of a great night out. Whatever genre of music you enjoy, there’ll be something to entertain. There are numerous nightclubs on 6th street so you’ll be able to party the night away in style.

If thats not enough, Austin has a vibrant Arts and culture scene. With festivals, theatre, opera, museums and galleries, this cosmopolitan city has it all.

With so much going on, why not get help planning you’re perfect trip with one of the Austin GP packages on offer. Bespoke F1 hospitality packages can be arranged to include everything you need and want. Along with the best tickets to F1 Austin we’ll take care of your hotels, flights, dining and entertainment.

Book your trip now and see why Texas is such a great holiday destination.

5 Tips to save money on a Melbourne Tour

Visiting the second largest city in Australia should definitely be on your holiday to do list. There is so much to see there. For example, its architecture combines modern and historic Victorian era elements, including many beautiful parks and gardens. And that’s just one of the reasons Melbourne is visited by millions of tourists each year.

Believe it or not, there are ways to save some money in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Here are some useful suggestions.

1. Ride cheap

Public transport in Melbourne can be as cheap as it gets. There is a free hop on hop off city circle tram. It runs in 10 minutes intervals and provides a great overview of the city. Other means of public transportation are relatively cheap too. You can save up if you buy a ticket and validate it at proper hours. That can give you few extra hours or even days for a city tour. Also, Sunday saver tickets are very cheap and allow you to ride all day anywhere in the city.

2. Eat up and save up

If you’re not too keen on eating at restaurants, choose self-catering and buy food at local markets, such as Queen Victoria Market. At this deli you can find sandwich meats, fresh made pasta, fruit, vegetable etc. If you’re, however, sticking to eating out, it’s best to eat the main meal in the middle of the day, since lunch is cheaper than dinner due to special offers. There are discounts on off-peak days, meaning Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, that can go up to 50%. You should also check out discount websites for good restaurant deals. One more thing, eating in the bar areas and pubs is cheaper than choosing to eat in lounge places.

3. There’s always something happening

When in Melbourne, it’s good to check out the calendar of events. It is known for its exciting art scene and most galleries are free for visitors, such as the National Gallery of Victoria. Here, art goes out from the galleries and out on the street. At Hosier Lane, near Flinders Street Station, every available space is spray painted, stenciled or postered with designs including the rubbish bins and metal bars of gates. Melbourne International Arts Festival is one of the major attractions this city has.

4. Sport as a main attraction

Everyone knows about the Australian Open and it’s a must see if you’re in the city when it’s being held. The other main sport is Australia Rules Football that is played only in Australia. Melbourne’s biggest sporting ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG),  where you can see an ARF game, opens the gates at three quarter time, mainly to allow for the losing side’s supporters to make a humbled exit from the venue. That will, on the other hand, allow you to get in and watch the final quarter of a match for free.

5. Time to spend?

Don’t get your head in the clouds quickly in this metropolitan place surrounded by retail shopping centers and designer shops. Stick to your budget and buy only basic items which you fall in love with. There is so much to see and do in Melbourne so it’s better not to spend it all at the mall. Have in mind that certain consumer items can be purchased over the Internet too at a smaller price.