A Money Saving Guide to Australia

If you’re thinking about Australia as a travel destination but you’re also thinking about your back pocket, then this is one reference you should have a look at!

Whilst Australia is not expensive like “Japan” or “Paris” expensive, you still can go through your money quickly if you’re not careful.   And with the Australian dollar quite strong compared to other currencies, this is even more pertinent right now!

There’s lots of “tricks to the trade” when it comes to making sure you don’t spend more than you have to when traveling.  As far as my own travels have gone, ultimately the cheapest experiences have been when I’ve known someone “in the know” locally to guide me (plus it helped that I got free accommodation too!)

So having an Australian “local” reveal lots of local tips is really beneficial.  Most travel websites will be able to tell you about saving on international airfares, inexpensive accommodation and how to get from state to state.  But they won’t tell you how walking isn’t the only way to get around for free in big cities or where to get free household goods if you’re setting up home in Oz for a while.

Naturally the longer you stay down under, the more you will save by following the tips in this guide.  But that’s kind of the point… it’s designed to help you stay for as long as possible – to extend your travel budget for as long as possible.

And for all those madly saving for an extended stay in Australia, an exciting prospect is the opportunity to stop saving and book a ticket tomorrow. Because a working holiday visa allows to work, then travel on the money you’ve earned, then work a bit more etc etc. Something I’ve never seen before is a list of no less than 9 job boards or websites all in one place to help make your job search down under as simple as possible.

The benefits are even greater if you’re planning ahead.  Save on transport with advanced bookings or find a free bed using one of “sleep for cheap” references.

I love the ideas for saving on food and drink, because quite frankly that’s a big part of traveling for me.  Eat what the locals eat, and enjoy yourself with a few drinks.  So I’ve always welcomed any advice in that arena.

All in all there are over 215 hyper linked references in this e guide, so a lot of research has already done for you. Save time AND money. That’s priceless!

For details on the e guide go to http://www.australiabudgettravel.com/.

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