Design Your Own Vacation on a Personal Level

Sun, sand and surf constitute a perfect getaway for many people. We have
to admit that the combination is pretty unbeatable. Add in sightseeing and
shopping and the result is spectacular — all the components of a
memorable vacation.

A sailing excursion with Alternate Latitude gives you all that — and more —
on your own terms. In effect, we invite you into our own “home,” doing our
best to feed you well, make you comfortable, show you around and give
you the space, the time and the “toys” to unwind and relax. Our sailing
getaways are vacation on your own terms, and they are unique in every


Our Playground
The Caribbean is our “back yard,” with all the varied attractions of the
American and British Virgin Islands at our doorstep. You will enjoy the sea
as you’ve never imagined it before, from a private vantage point just a few
inches above the waves. Settle in to one of the three queen-size
staterooms on board our 44-foot, luxuriously appointed catamaran for your
week in paradise. Our vessel has state-of-the art safety and navigation
equipment, and is fully outfitted for your pleasure, including a 13-foot
tender to get you to shore and back.

Captain Steve and First Mate Deb do all the work if you wish, or you can
book a “captain only” cruise and we’ll simply stock the boat with your
preferences of food and drink. We can take you to island resorts like the
legendary Bitter End Yacht Club to rub elbows with round-the-world sailors
as well as the world’s rich and famous. If bars and beach clubs are on your
agenda, we also know the way to The Pub in Road Town, Foxy’s and the
Soggy Dollar at Jost Van Dyke, and the Willy T off Norman Island.

Vacation Done Your Way
Our vacations have no bounds — if you want to see all the sights and party
late into the night, we’ll make it happen. If you’d rather spend lazy days
swimming in quiet coves, reading a novel on deck, and dining on Deb’s
fresh specialties as you watch the sun set, we will oblige you. You can
explore the reefs, marvel at colorful fish and rays, fish for your dinner, dive
at the wreck of the Rhone, or just play the days away on beautiful beaches.
We’ll make it easy for you to spend time at the Baths on Virgin Gorda or
visit the caves at The Bight with no need to follow someone else’s

Best of all, you’ll never have to put on shoes if you don’t want to, and you
can leave your wallet untouched in your stateroom the entire week!
You’ll return home renewed, refreshed and ready for more. Isn’t that the
perfect vacation?

7 Magical Cruise Ship Ideas

If you think that you will be bored going on a cruise then it’s time to think again! Modern cruise ships have so much to offer the whole family that you will be struggling to fit in all of the activities on your short stay aboard ship. If you want to know more about what’s on offer then have a look at this list of seven top travel activities to do on a cruise ship.


A bit of kayaking or even windsurfing is a great way to spend your day when you’re on a cruise. Of course you’ll be unable to do these activities when the cruise ship is on the move, but as soon as the cruise ship stops by a beautiful tropical island then it’s time to hit the water. Most cruise lines offer beginner classes for those who have never tried their hands at kayaking or windsurfing before.

Regal Boat Tours

A regal boat tour is a fantastic day trip for cruise goers. A spin out on one of these luxury boats is a great adventure and an amazing way of seeing the local sites. This is especially popular in tropical cruise destinations, but you can also find regal boat tours in the Mediterranean. Be sure to compare regal boats before you book the tour if there are a selection to choose from. It’s well worth paying that little extra for some luxury.

Surfing at Sea

You no longer need real waves if you want to try surfing at sea, instead try your hand on a surf simulator for an endless ride. However, if you’re not already a surfer be prepared for a very public wipe out. Regardless of what happens, these surf simulators are great fun and make for a great afternoon’s entertainment.

Banana Boat

The holiday makers favorite; squeeze your knees and hold on tight as the banana boat flies over the ocean waves as the boat tries to loose its passengers. If you have a family with school aged kids, you can guarantee that they’ll want to join you for the fun! Of course you’ll only be able to try this out when the cruise ship stops off for the day.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf is just plain fun and you will be glad to know that most of the major cruise lines like Disney, Caribbean, Princess and Carnival now have a mini golf course on board the ships of their fleet as standard. The rocking of the cruise ship adds an extra edge to crazy golf games. Remember, most of the ships don’t offer the full 18 hole course, but that shouldn’t really matter as it’s offered for free.

Dance Classes

Do you want to learn how to dance the tango or maybe you want to try your hand at a bit of line-dancing or even an Irish jig. Even if you have two left feet, an evening dance class is a great experience and it’s also a nice chance to meet other passengers. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself with your new found dance moves by the end of the cruise.

Outdoor Movies

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. To end the day, why not wrap up warm and take a seat at an outdoor movie theater to enjoy an evening movie. With the stars twinkling above your head and the sound of the cruise liner passing through the ocean you are guaranteed to enjoy the setting, after all, this is one movie theater you will always remember!