5 Best Safaris in Africa

Safaris are known for its wildlife inhabitants. During the olden times, safaris are popular for hunting primitive animals. If you are one of the people who are into desert life adventures, a tour in a safari park is the best for you. Want to know the great safaris in Africa? Here are the best five hunting expedition locations that you would surely enjoy.

1. Chobe National Park, Botswana

One of the greatest sights in this wildlife park is the presence of around 120,000 elephants. That is what the Chobe National Park is known for. It is found it the Okavango Delta and envelopes four distinct Eco-systems. The famous Savuti marsh offers its visitors the highest accumulation in African wildlife all year round. Not only will you encounter elephants here but also giraffes, zebra, and buffalos just to name a few. The perfect time to take a tour on this outstanding safari park is between the months of April and October.

2. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

It is known to be the favorite destination of most safari-goers because of its migratory animals. Not only that, the safari is also very picturesque and impressive in its’ own right. Serengeti is flourishing with birds, a magnificent wildlife and a splendid landscape. The flora and fauna will definitely make you engrossed as well as its village scenes and busy markets. Truly it is one great adventure that you shouldn’t miss.

3. Kruger National Park, South Africa

If you would like to see animals such as crocodiles, hippos, cheetahs and more, then the Kruger National Park is the one you might be interested in. It bluster a wide array of African wildlife. Kruger is also one of the well-kept safaris in the country which makes it excellent for driving around the area.

4. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

It is one place that you would never get tired of touring. The Ngorongoro Crater caters to a lot of animals and other various species that live all together. It might be small in size but it boasts of a great wildlife preserves as well as a burgeoning areas of woodland that is best for picnics,  while gazing at the marvelous creation and adorable animals such as flamingos and the like. There is also a marvelous small lake that is surrounded by tall grasses and trees to shade you from the sun.

5. Etosha National Park, Namibia

Last but definitely not the least is the Etosha National Park in Namibia which is so far the best safari there is. It is the home to a lot of mammal species as well as to the black rhinos that are near to being extinct and to Africa’s tallest elephants. During the dry season, a lot of photographers tend to gather in the wildlife and waterholes to take fascinating pictures of the spectacular views and the animals too. You would get a chance to marvel at giraffes, lions, leopards and cheetahs as well. It is a solo-drive safari experience that you would surely enjoy.

Being able to make a visit to a safari park would not only make you feel one with nature but it would also give you full awareness of the beauty that surrounds us in this living planet. A lot of discoveries and learning will also be unveiled. So, take a Safari tour and have the time of your life in the wild.

Warm up to a holiday in Iceland!

We usually think of holidays in the sun taking in the sand and sea, but why not a holiday in the sunshine surrounded by beautiful views and hills or mountains covered in a blanket of snow and ice where you can even take a swim in a beautiful Blue Lagoon! Then why not sign up for one or more Icelandic Excursions offered by many Tour Operators!

There are many ways of visiting Iceland – taking Icelandic Excursions with an experienced operator who knows the ropes and who can give you the best experience on your holiday making sure you don’t miss any of the superb sights, birds and other animals and sealife native to Iceland. In June this year scenes for the series Game of Thrones were filmed at Vatnajokull – the wall of ice.

Tours can vary in length and are usually taken in luxury by coach or boat and are suitable for families. An English speaking guide will be with you every step of the way offering information and sharing his/her wealth of experience with you. There will be stops where you can enjoy lunch and a drink while you write your postcards home and maybe do some souvenir shopping.
What does Iceland have to offer?

Most of us will have heard of The Northern Lights – (The Aurora Borealis) but have you heard of the Golden Circle, Whale Watching, Geysers and The Blue Lagoon.

The Full Circle Tour is an ideal first time taster tour which will take in volcanic landscape, the national park area where you can see the Thingvallir Unesco world heritage site where Icelandic Parliament was formed; there will be waterfalls, and geysers to take in with a surprise stop along the way.
A Blue Lagoon full day tour will take you past volcanic landscape, the President’s residence whale watching, bird watching – including Puffins! Lake Kleifarvatn with its black sandy beach will also be taken in.

The Aurora Borealis is an evening tour where you will see the phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

A long night with a small group of people – you will need to wrap in warm clothing and be prepared to be amazed.

Whale Watching is another popular option offered – by boat, which offers seating inside and out with a cafe lounge. An experience guide with make sure you don’t miss the most important sights including puffin spotting on the island they inhabit, geysers a waterfall and much more.
There is a south coast tour which is very scenic where you will be able to see where the more recent eruption occurred in 2010 and can hear some first hand experiences from the people who were there. You will also be able to walk along to a glacier and touch the glacier ice.

These Icelandic Excursions are just the tip of the iceberg – there are many many more depending on the time you have to spend and the sights you want to see.

Travel by Limousine in London

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Traveling to Bhutan

Choose Pantha as your Bhutan tour guide. 

Bhutan is a fascinating country, renowned for its Gross National Happiness policy and mystical Himalayan landscape. It has a thriving and vibrant culture with colorful handicrafts and unique architecture.  If you are planning to travel to Bhutan in 2013 you might consider hiring a guide.

Journeys with Pantha  offers expert tours of Bhutan.  Pantha has been leading journeys to the Himalayas since 1996.  She regularly visits Bhutan, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and West Bengal.   Pantha’s contacts in Bhutan are fantastic; great tour guides, lovely accommodations and wonderful food, and best of all – wonderful hosts!

There are two standard tours and two artistic painting tours scheduled for 2013.  The standard tours are October 20-30th and the other December 1-11th.

Bhutan Itinerary’s Include:

  • Thimphu – The capital of Bhutan
  • Punakha – A couple of hrs drive from Thimphu via the stunning Dochu la pass.
  • Bumthang Valley – A days travel through the beautiful Bhutanese countryside into Central Bhutan.
  • Paro – Visiting the magnificent Tigers Nest (Taktsang Monastery)  is one of the highlights of our visit to Bhutan.

For Artistic Travelers Pantha has two Painting Retreats Scheduled in Bhatan

October 13th-19th and Decemver 12th – 18th 2013.

Bhutan has an immense beauty and a vibrant culture.  The painting retreats will allow time for inspiration and sketching as you explore a variety of spectacular Himalayan landscapes including Taktsang (Tigers Nest) and Cheli la Pass.

If you’re considering hiring a guide for your Bhutan trip be sure to contact Pantha at Journeys with Pantha.  Her personal relationships in both business and religious circles give access to amazing people, and places throughout the trip.