How to Scuba Dive in the Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa islands are a chain of 20 volcanic islands situated to the north-east of the mainland of Fiji. These islands are among the most popular destinations, especially for local as well as international and budget tourists, in this country. The islands in this group are spread up to over 80 kilometres. The islands containing mountains offer unexplored natural beauty through its spectacular beaches and natural sceneries to their visitors.

This group of Yasawa islands contain 12 major islands which contain nearly 30 resorts and other accommodation options for the people visiting here from all over the world. Yasawa islands offer you real escape from civilization as even if you can find resorts and hotels with modern amenities to stay here but you may not find any bank, medical service or shops on these islands. One can enjoy scuba diving in the Yasawa Islands along with various other activities including island hoping, hiking, kayaking, sailing and snorkeling etc.

Most of the resorts on these islands have basic accommodations with modern amenities. To those who want to enjoy the serenity of the tropical regions without spending lots of money per night to stay at resorts. You can enjoy access to natural and cultural sites of this country along with local and international cuisines at these resorts at very reasonable price.

Though these islands have a few high-end resorts they are popular among backpackers due to their budgetary accommodations. So if you are short of time and have limited budget to enjoy tropical environment at the natural beaches of Fiji then these islands are the best destination for you. The rugged volcanic rocks with sheer cliffs falling into the sea in the Yasawa islands create amazing drop offs and limestone coral formations which attract travellers who want to scuba dive in the Yasawa Islands to explore unexplored reefs submerged in their jade green and turquoise seas.

Some of the sites at these islands offer a bit of a gentle current where one can experience scuba diving in the Yasawa islands with a team of expert divers to help you at the site of your choice. But before starting scuba diving you should consider various things including intensity of the currents, tides and the condition of the local sea along with your expertise in this respect.

Though Yasawa islands can be visited from Nadi through various economic transportation options including boat rides that take over 4 hours, various adventurous scenic flights are also arranged by airline operators like Turtle Airways that can reach these islands in under an hour. Boat operators run daily boat transfers from Nadi through various island ports in the Yasawa group of islands which take 4-5 hours to complete. The seaplane rides on the other hand operated by Turtle Airways offer multiple seaplane flights from Nadi per day that allow you to reach Yasawa islands within 30 minutes only.

So to explore the unexplored natural beauty at their beaches along with scuba dive in the Yasawa islands you can choose your preferred means of transportation to reach these islands from Nadi.

Marco Polo on the Silk Road

The Silk Road is a name given to ancient trade routes which run from China to the west. These routes were navigated by travelers, adventurers, pilgrims and traders. Among the most famous Silk Route travelers is Marco Polo (1254-1324), the iconic Italian merchant traveler. He came from Venice, Italy and set out for Asia with his father and uncle in 1271. Their journey lasted 24 years and included the Silk Road. His travelers were recorded in the Book of the Marvels of the World also known as The Travels of Marco Polo written in c.1300. Through this remarkable book the imaginations of people in the west were ignited, people became interested in travel to the Far East. Although Marco Polo was not the first European to reach China he was the first to leave a record of his travels.

The Story of Marco Polo, Kublai Khan and the Silk Road

In the book retelling Marco Polo’s travels we read of his father and uncle who were invited to meet Kublai Khan (1215-1294), Mongol leader and founder of the Yuan Dynasty. This is said to have been Kublai Khan’s first encounter with Europeans. The two Italian merchants travelers to Dadu (present day Beijing, China) to meet the Asian leader. Khan met the travelers and enquired about life in the west, politics, trade, Christianity, the Pope and the western legal system. He then gave them a letter to deliver to the Pope. One of the requests in the letter was for oil from the holy lamp in Jerusalem. The Polo brothers had to put off their journey to Jerusalem as there was a delay between the death of one Pope and the appointment of another. In this interlude they returned to Venice where Marco Polo, at that time seventeen years old, joined them on their quest to bring the oil to Kublai Khan in 1271.

The three travelers sailed from Venice to Acre and on to Jerusalem where they collected the oil. From there by camel to the Persian port of Hormuz (present day Qal’eh-ye Hormoz in Iran). Here they failed to find a seaworthy ship to take them to China and so they took the Silk Road. Marco Polo, his father Niccolo Polo and uncle Maffeo followed the Silk Road to Kublai Khan’s summer palace in Shangdu near present day Zhangjakou. Along the way they traveled both independently and as part of a larger caravan of travelers making their way along the Silk Road.

One of Marco Polo’s Silk Road adventures included being attacked by bandits who snuck up on the caravan of travelers under the cover of a sand storm. Many of the travelers in the caravan were murdered or taken as slaves but the Polos managed to escape to a nearby village. Marco Polo and his traveling companions eventually reached Kublai Khan’s palace after three years of travel. Marco Polo spent time serving in Khan’s court before returning home to Venice. His writings about the Silk Road, his observations about the culture, landscape and wildlife have been an invaluable source for future explorers, historians, anthropologists and travelers along the Silk Road.

5 Aspects of Cultural Holidays in Kyrgyzstan


The ease and flexibility of international travel in the 21st century has created a different breed of tourist.  Our generation doesn’t want to follow a tour guide rambling off a monotonous, memorized script of historical facts in a herd of 40 other people.  We want a cultural vacation that allows us to experience different facets of other cultures at face value.  We want to see life as it truly is in another country.

That’s the beauty of traveling in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is an almost entirely mountainous Central Asian country bordered by China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan.  It contains stunning alpine lakes, unending mountain ranges, and houses a people with a rich nomadic heritage.

While Kyrgyzstan is prime real estate when it comes to natural beauty and unrestricted movement, tourism in Kyrgyzstan has never been fully exploited.  There aren’t hotels on every corner or tons of tourist traps.  Kyrgyzstan is happy to exist naturally without trying to transform itself to create a false face for visitors.  For the tourist interested in authentic cultural experiences, Kyrgyzstan is the place to visit.  Here are 5 different ways you can observe true Kyrgyz culture:


Modern Kyrgyz culture has 3 different facets: city culture, village culture, and nomadic culture. For travelers interested in the country’s ancient nomadic roots, it is possible to stay with a modern nomadic family and witness how their lives work in the 21st century.

Kyrgyz nomads live in round, felt tents called yurts and move their herds to different locations a couple times a year.  Nomads line their yurts with colorful sleeping mats, make homemade dairy products for their table, and milk and tend to their flocks.  They are often up before the sun rises and finish working well after dark.  However, nomads are most famous for their lavish hospitality.  Staying as a guest with a nomadic family will let you see Central Asian hospitality first-hand.



No matter which country you visit, food is an integral part of any trip that explores culture.  Since the livelihood of nomads revolves around herding horses, cows, goats, and sheep, meat and dairy dishes are popular.  You can find traditional meals served in small cafes and homes all throughout the country.  Here are a few common dishes and drinks:

  • Besh Barmak – a combination of noodles and shaved meat often served during special celebrations.
  • Monti – Meat and onion filled steamed dumplings.
  • Kymyz – fermented mare’s milk.  It is often served to guests of nomadic families.


Any modern culture has been shaped by its past experiences.  There are numerous historical monuments, museums, and sites scattered throughout the country.  In the city of Talas, there’s a museum dedicated solely to the legendary Kyrgyz hero: Manas.  Visit Karakol to see both a famous Orthodox church and mosque that reflect the religious dichotomy of the country.


The capital city of Bishkek has acquired a few western style malls, but the majority of city and village dwellers still shop in open air markets.  For cultural travelers that want to rub shoulders with locals, bazars are the place to go.  Brace yourself for narrow walkways filled with nonstop activity and dust off some of your Russian to bargain with vendors.  After all, a cultural holiday in Central Asia wouldn’t be complete without a little haggling.

One of the most interesting markets is in the city of Osh; stretching for an entire kilometer the bazaar has been in operation for over 3000 years.


Experience the excitement of attending a Kyrgyz festival during your cultural tour.  Attend the Festival of National Horse Games and watch expert horsemen play a version of polo that involves a headless goat.  If dead goats aren’t up your alley, check out the Birds of Prey or Handcraft Festival.  Each festival will give you a different insight into Kyrgyz life.

One thing you’ll notice as you roam Kyrgyzstan is that the overall culture of Kyrgyz people is one of kindness and hospitality, whether they live in a big city, small village, or wander the mountains.  If you don’t speak local languages, most people will bend over backwards to find a common language, or if they fail, call a relative that might succeed.  If you’re a guest in someone’s home, you’ll be treated like royalty.  With the world getting smaller every day, don’t pass up the opportunity to absorb this rare cultural experience.

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Photo from source:, photo by Vlad Ushakov

Staying in Brighton at Guest House Rooms and Apartments

Brighton as a city in the United Kingdom has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and which is why you get to see hordes and hordes of visitors flocking into this enchanting seaside city. Apart from being a favoured seaside destination, the place is well known for its activities, nightlife and shopping centres. The Pier, the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Dome, North Laine, The Lanes, Fishing Museum, Peace statue etc. are some of the popular tourist attractions. Be it music, art, history and heritage, cultural, sports, entertainment, amusement, or performances there is something here for everyone. Being close to the capital city London, Brighton has been witnessing a surge in tourists past few years. The local economy and the community have taken all efforts on providing proper infrastructure for tourists wanting to visit the place. As a result the hotel and hospitality industry here is well equipped to meet the challenges of tourism. In recent years in addition to hotels several inns, motels, guest houses, self-catering furnished apartments and Bed and Breakfast outlets have come up in and around Brighton.


In the Guest House and apartment category at Brighton, the name of Churchill Brighton Hotel deserves a special word of mention for being able to offer great value in terms of comfort and convenient stay at affordable rates. Some of the pros for choosing to stay in a guest house or apartment include friendly counter-staff, ideal locations, early or late check-in provision, free Wi-Fi service and much more at great rates.

Guest House rooms at Churchill Brighton is much more homely compared to a normal hotel with many of these just a few minutes of walking distance to the beach. Whilst breakfast is not included with the facilities, there is provision for making tea and coffee. Also included are amenities such as TV and free wireless connectivity. The rooms are well ventilated with en-suite facilities. Check-in time has been made flexible by advancing the same to as early as 9:30 am so as to suit irregular timings certain guests might want to arrive. Further for the consideration of those checking in after the reception work hours, there is a facility for a self-check-in service. You have categories such as classic, standard, executive, luxury, deluxe, deluxe double with balcony, room for three etc. thus serving the purpose according to need.

Besides provision of guest house rooms for visitors,Apartments come in two categories viz. classic and premier. A classic two bedroom apartment is just like a home away from homes as it is ideal to accommodate a family or group of five persons. The best thing is that there is a fully-functional kitchen alongside a refrigerator and washer. In the premier apartment there are some additional amenities making it a complete luxury stay with a feel of a home.

For information on reservations and booking please feel free to contact through phone, email or social media site such as Facebook.


Shanghai Nightlife

Shanghai is a dynamic city with a blend of locals and expats that bring to the city a unique and special brand of nightlife. The city is on a par with many western cities in terms of the clubs, pubs and bars but retains its traditional forms of entertainment and in many ways its traditional values. The party culture is cosmopolitan and offers a wide range of ways to keep yourself entertained at night in Shanghai.

Parties, Pubs and Clubs

Most Shanghai clubs have a cover charge and provide some form of entertainment or added value like live music, karaoke or screened sporting events. Shanghai night spots tend to open 7 days a week with longer hours on weekends. The bars and clubs open early, some as early as 6pm and remain open until 2am, 3am and even 4am in the morning. The drinking age is 18 and you could be asked for ID.

Just On The Bund is the latest hot spot in town and is one of several venues with a stunning elevated location on the 23rd floor of a building overlooking the Bund. Muse on the Bund also has a birds-eye-view of the Bund from its rooftop terrace. Here there are KTV rooms, an infinity pool and VIP lounges. Cirque Le Soir is a bar with branches in London and Dubai. Its burlesque theme and innovative décor and entertainment makes it a top Shanghai night spot. The 7th Floor is a hot dance club and The Shelter is the place to go for underground music played in a former bomb shelter. M2 in Plaza 66 and CD Soho are two more of the many dance clubs in Shanghai.

Popular Nightlife Areas in Shanghai

In Xin Tian Di you will find open-air bars, cafes, fashionable galleries and fashion boutiques housed in beautiful historic buildings. Hengshan Road is close to Xujiahui Commercial Circle and was one of the first areas to cultivate the city’s nightlife. The busy area has both quiet intimate coffee bars and loud friendly bars. Maoming South Road is where you’ll find Shanghai’s Yuppies and foreign visitors. Three popular clubs are located in Fuxing ParkPark97 wine and music bar; Cash Box is the city’s oldest and most famous Karaoke bar and Guandi is the most prestigious of Shanghai clubs. This area is more glamorous and elegant than the flashier Xin Tian DI.

Laid Back Shanghai Nightlife

If you’re looking for some way to keep occupied at night which doesn’t involve bright lights, alcohol and loud music then Shanghai has plenty of elegant options to offer. Start with a cruise along the Huangpu River or take a walk up Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and do some nighttime shopping or have a casual dining. Shopping centers tend to stay open until 10pm but tea houses and restaurants continue late into the night. For live entertainment there is no better than the Portman Acrobatic Show. Why not try out Shanghai’s popular karaoke lounges or its thriving jazz music scene.

If you’re planning a night out on the town in Shanghai then check local newspapers and ask at your hotel as clubs and bars tend to open and close frequently and the next hot nightspot could be just around the corner.

What you’ll See on a Layover Tour to the Great Wall

Many people pass through Beijing airport on route to other destinations and some take the opportunity to do a layover tour from the Beijing Airport to the Great Wall. However there is always a little indecision over whether to make the trip or not. If you’re worried that a layover of 7 or 8 hours is not enough to really see anything then this article will put your mind at rest.

If you make your layover tour plans with a tour guide company you can get either a private driver or travel with a small group. Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign showing your name as you reach the arrival hall of the airport. After greeting you he will take you to the car and your adventure begins.

The journey from Beijing Airport to the closest section of the Great Wall, Mutianyu, will take between 45 minutes and 80 minutes depending on traffic and time of day. The distance is about 45 miles (72km). The drive to and from the Wall can be just as interesting as the Wall itself! Along the way you will pass through small rural villages and undeveloped areas which you would not have seen on a visit just to the city of Beijing. Once you are approaching Mutianyu you will see rolling hills almost completely covered with thick woodlands. In the distance the Great Wall wends its way across the countryside like the tail of a giant dragon. Depending when you visit you may see the hills and Wall covered in snow, reds, yellows and browns during autumn or vivid shades of green in summer with a scattering of colorful wild flowers in the spring. Close to the Wall there are many pine trees some of which are over 300 years old.


Mutianyu is not only the access point to the Wall closest to the airport it is also the easiest to “climb”. No matter what your fitness level or age you can reach the top of the Wall with the Mutianyu cable car. Once on top of the Wall you can walk along the ancient stones and enter the guard towers which are built at even intervals along the Wall. Inside the small hut-like stone guard towers there is graffiti left by many visitors over the years. Here your guide will tell you the story of the Wall and its incredible history. You will be able to imagine the lives of the many workers it took to build the Wall, the battles fought to cross it, the cold nights spent by guards patrolling the Wall and the way the Wall has changed and developed over time.

At the end of this incredible trip, having seen the Chinese countryside and the iconic Great Wall of China your guide will return you to the airport in plenty of time for your connecting flight. So you see you can see quite a lot in your short layover at Beijing Airport, definitely a lot more than you would see if you just sat in the airport for half a day!

Great Ways of Making Money during Gap Year

A big question for students taking gap year is how to afford it. Volunteering is really exciting and satisfying, but how to afford the hostel stay, traveling to your next destination and a call to home? But you need not worry as there are several ways through which you can make money during your gap year and spend the period almost for free, i.e. without having to spend much of the money you have carried from home. There are many temporary jobs waiting for you and they are fun along with being remunerative.

Fruit Picking

The job of a fruit-picker is very popular in Australia. You can do it for a period to get enough cash to enable yourself to get an extension on your working visa.

English Teaching

English is a fantastic language which teaches you innumerable things. By teaching English to children or adults in a non-English-speaking country, you get to learn a lot of knowledge of the language. You come to know the actual pronunciations and meanings of words, difference between past and present participles, and lots of phrases and idioms. This is going to definitely add to your communication skill during your future job, in addition to making money.

Working in Resorts

To work in resorts is a wonderful way to collect some decent cash and also save quite a lot on accommodation and food, because both these things are usually free for the employees. At many places, you can even get fat tips to add to your saving. Resort jobs include childcare, maintenance, kitchen management, cheffing, and chalet duties.

Mobile Beauty Therapist or Masseur

Most gals and even guys have an inborn skill as a beauty therapist! If you have properly learned it, you can use this skill to enhance the beauty of the residents of your host country and earn a handsome amount, plus tips. If you are good at massage, you can also provide massage service.

Camp Counselor

If you work at holiday camps, your life will become a fun tour and greatly affordable, because right when you step in the camp, everything is paid for already. It’s not all about devoting your allegiance around smores and flagpoles. Just play hard, work hard and be the best camp counselor children had ever met, and you will earn big cash every changeover day.

Acting or Modeling

This is a great way to earn in countries like India where the world-famous Bollywood needs foreign faces in films or advertisement campaigns. You make pretty good cash and have a great story to share when you return home.

So, if you are facing shortage of money and are about to cancel your foreign trip because of it, don’t! Take a job and enjoy your gap year.

LetzLive helps you find perfect opportunities for your gap year jobs. UK gap year is one of the currently top popular destinations.

Design Your Own Vacation on a Personal Level

Sun, sand and surf constitute a perfect getaway for many people. We have
to admit that the combination is pretty unbeatable. Add in sightseeing and
shopping and the result is spectacular — all the components of a
memorable vacation.

A sailing excursion with Alternate Latitude gives you all that — and more —
on your own terms. In effect, we invite you into our own “home,” doing our
best to feed you well, make you comfortable, show you around and give
you the space, the time and the “toys” to unwind and relax. Our sailing
getaways are vacation on your own terms, and they are unique in every


Our Playground
The Caribbean is our “back yard,” with all the varied attractions of the
American and British Virgin Islands at our doorstep. You will enjoy the sea
as you’ve never imagined it before, from a private vantage point just a few
inches above the waves. Settle in to one of the three queen-size
staterooms on board our 44-foot, luxuriously appointed catamaran for your
week in paradise. Our vessel has state-of-the art safety and navigation
equipment, and is fully outfitted for your pleasure, including a 13-foot
tender to get you to shore and back.

Captain Steve and First Mate Deb do all the work if you wish, or you can
book a “captain only” cruise and we’ll simply stock the boat with your
preferences of food and drink. We can take you to island resorts like the
legendary Bitter End Yacht Club to rub elbows with round-the-world sailors
as well as the world’s rich and famous. If bars and beach clubs are on your
agenda, we also know the way to The Pub in Road Town, Foxy’s and the
Soggy Dollar at Jost Van Dyke, and the Willy T off Norman Island.

Vacation Done Your Way
Our vacations have no bounds — if you want to see all the sights and party
late into the night, we’ll make it happen. If you’d rather spend lazy days
swimming in quiet coves, reading a novel on deck, and dining on Deb’s
fresh specialties as you watch the sun set, we will oblige you. You can
explore the reefs, marvel at colorful fish and rays, fish for your dinner, dive
at the wreck of the Rhone, or just play the days away on beautiful beaches.
We’ll make it easy for you to spend time at the Baths on Virgin Gorda or
visit the caves at The Bight with no need to follow someone else’s

Best of all, you’ll never have to put on shoes if you don’t want to, and you
can leave your wallet untouched in your stateroom the entire week!
You’ll return home renewed, refreshed and ready for more. Isn’t that the
perfect vacation?

Experience Dubai Excursions, with Excursions Dubai

Experience Dubai Excursions, with Excursions Dubai

Dubai Excursions

Looking to escape to Dubai? One of the world’s most vibrant and exquisite cities. Need a hand to create the perfect itinerary then look no further; Excursions Dubai will help you plan the trip of a lifetime. The experienced UK based staff with 5* rated service are more than happy to help plan your dream holiday.

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 Excursions Dubai LTD is a UK based Tours Company working directly with the most reputable agents in the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Their aim is to provide you with the best rates and highest quality service to avoid disappointment when arriving at your luxury destination.

Whether you just want to lounge on a beach, go sightseeing, shop till you drop or participate in thrill seeking sports, Dubai will cater for you. This is where Excursions Dubai can help you pre-book your holiday activities, with over 40 different tours to choose from, including: Desert Safari Adventures, Sightseeing & Shopping, Fun & Sports, Seaplane Tours, Cruises, Yacht Hire and More.

So if you’re looking for things to do in Dubai, and need help on choosing what tours and excursions to do within your budget, then get in touch with Excursions Dubai Ltd. The best part? All you do is tell them what you want to see, and do, and leave the rest to them. They specialise in tailor made holidays to Dubai, to suit every customer’s needs, wants and desires.

They will find and book the best excursions and tours for you, saving you the time, effort and money.

Leave your dreams with Excursions Dubai Ltd and they guarantee to make them come true…

Top 10 Things to do in Dubai (Most popular 2014)

  1. Desert Safari / Overnight Safari
  2. Dubai Marina Cruise / Dhow Cruise
  3. At the Top – Burj Khalifa & Burj Al Arab
  4. Scuba Diving / Snorkeling
  5. Sightseeing/Shopping Tours
  6. Helicopter Tour
  7. Hot Air Balloon
  8. Swimming with Dolphins
  9. Yacht Hire
  10. Seaplane Tour

See the website for more details: Dubai Excursions

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Casona Plams in Mahahual Mexico

Casona Palms

We had the luxury of staying at Casona Palms when we visited Mahahual, Mexico last month. All I can say is WOW! What a gorgeous vacation villa!

It was perfect in every single way! I don’t even know where to start. The home is gorgeous, cool and comfortable even with no ac. The breeze flows thru the house so it is always comfortable. It is well stocked with everything you need. I could sit for hours just looking at the sea. We went for a snorkel almost every day. There are several small coral reefs right in front of the home. Each time I saw something different; octopus, lobster, barracuda, snapper, blue tang, conch, star fish, sea anemones…. the list goes on and on! The care takers were very nice. Angelina keep the house clean and tidy and kept the beds made every day. They were always there if we needed them, but never really in the way. Most times we didn’t even know they were home. We ventured to see ruins, and the lake, and swam in cenotes, ate tamales from the street vendors. We had a BLAST! I highly recommend this home if you are looking for paradise. It is heavenly!

We found this property on VRBO, here is a link:  Casona Palms

Here is another view of the beach!  Love it here….