Vietnam tours

Vietnam is a wonderful and unique destination and visiting Hanoi gives you a chance to sample the cities sublime food experiences which will certainly have you going back. For real foodies looking for the best experience and most authentic meal the best thing to do is head away from the main tourist area.

You should venture into Pacific Bia Hoi on Doi Can. The best thing about this cuisine is that it does not matter if you cannot read the menu. Part of the fun to be had is in the guessing and sampling, just be sure to have an open mind and pallet. The best advice would be to pick a dish from every section available on the menu and you are sure to be in for an exquisite feast. This feast will include everything from the crispiest spring rolls to the most mouth-watering ribs. For those of you who like a tipple you can even wash it down with freshly brewed and authentic local beer. Delicious.

If you head back to the main tourist hotspot, discover Hang Bong, where you will find a veritable bevvy of restaurants that come alive at night. All of which can be sampled by Vietnam tours, these night restaurants will give you a taste like you have never sampled before. It truly is remarkable food.

On this cuisine experience of a Vietnam tour it is almost essential to hunt down a large bowl of pho. This shouldn’t be hard to do as any number of the countless market stalls will have it in hordes, so you should need to stray of your Vietnam tour to specially locate it.

With Vietnam tours there is so much to experience, the food and cuisine just being one of them. Be sure to travel to both the north and south experiencing the old before the new and to ensure you gain a broad perspective. Culturally and politically Vietnam tours have much to offer, go there and expect the unexpected, so much can happen.