Nowra Bamarang Bush Retreat

Nowra is an amazing Australian city to visit. If you are still deciding about which sights to go, make sure that you do not overlook the Nowra famous hotels. The city is known for its rich history and culture; the people are very friendly and accommodating as well.

If you get your way to the Fleet Air Arm Museum, located at HMAS Nowra and want to explore the whole place, you surely can check out the other cool places that are within the proximity. There are many hotels,restaurants, fishing spots, and of course the beaches. If you love the beach, you may want to see and enjoy the Archer Resort. Convenience meets comfort at Archer Resort as it is located at the heart of Nowra so you have access to everything the exotic South Coast has to offer.

In the Bamarang Bush Retreat, while you are accommodated at Bamarang Bush Retreat, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as:

  • Nature walks treks and hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing
  • Viewing bush animas

Also make sure that you book for a good Nowra accommodation if you are staying for more than a day. Staying in this city for more than a day will be so much fun and you do not have to worry about your temporary home because you can find and experience best Nowra hotel accommodations. You will never run out of places to go. Book for a nice Nowra accommodations today and have the exploration at the soonest possible time.

What to Do in Sydney

If you are among the visitors who want to be in Sydney this summer or any time this year, do you already know where to go? Perhaps it is wiser to have things planned first before you go there so that you can maximize your time.

 The Best Restaurants

There are fine restaurants in Sydney that you need to visit otherwise you will regret it. If you want to eat and enjoy the view outside the city, the Blue Diamond is best for you. If you want to laugh the night out in a bar, then the Comics Lounge is the place to be. The sky has no limit and your fun should also be, hence you need to try experiencing the rooftop cider bar in the Young and Jackson’s Hotel. If you want an elegant dine then the Icebergs Dining room is perfect for you and your partner. This has swimming pool and feature an Iceberg’s view across the Bondi Beach Arc to the sea. The Jacketed, bow-tied waiters will amaze you with their excellent services. These are just some of the restaurants that you need to consider when visiting Sydney. You may also try checking out Sepia, Porteno, New York Restaurant, Universal, Chat Thai. Three Blue Ducks, Bather’s Pavilion, Duke, Single Origin Roasters, Red Lantern, and Gourmet Viking.

Make a Good Plan

Make sure that you have a good plan. This is a great place to find deals on Gold Coast accommodations. Once you book for the hotel, start out with the nearest sights and then try booking for another place where the farther sights are located. It is usually great to walk around instead of drive.

You can go to Sydney for an escape over the weekend or for a family retreat that will mean so much to your loved ones. In any way you want to do it, plan it out well and see what you can do to make it memorable not just to you but to the people who will go with you as well.


Why You Should Consider Hiring a Travel Agent to Plan Your Holiday

Planning for trips in and out of Australia can be both tedious and time consuming. For this reason, a lot of people look to hire a travel agent to help guide them in planning and booking their travel adventure.

Travel agents will not only be responsible in arranging different modes of transport during your travel (such as flights, trains and busses), but will also help you save money by offering you with early booking discounts, travel advisories, special fares, and hotel deals.

There are several benefits that a travel agent can provide you with. Travel agents, in general, are considered as “travel advocates”. Their priority is to provide you with quality services to help you enjoy your journey. For example, when we booked our last holiday, we planned and then subsequently booked through the Adelaide based travel agency Peregrine Travel Centre who were extremely professional and got us some excellent deals on our trip.

Below are some of the benefits of hiring a travel agent.

Travel Convenience
Travel agents can provide convenience to their clients. Think of this scenario: Christmas is fast approaching and a lot of people are weighin up whether to spend their holidays out of town which could result in a very long and tedious preparation time.

To reduce the stress of this booking process, you can hire a travel agent. Since they are the ones who will arrange and organise your trip, you will be spared the drama of having to take your time to research your itinerary, hotel bookings, and transportation.

Strong Work Dedication
Travel agents are very dedicated in their work and would want to deliver the best service for you. They typically go the extra mile for you and do everything to provide you with your travel needs. They will even get you the lowest possible prices and best deals to suit your preferences.

Most of the time, travel agents have contacts with airline companies and hotels which will help you find excellent deals that will save you enough money for other travel expenses.

They Know Your Travel Needs
Your Adelaide travel agent will also be asking you with questions. The questions that they will be asking should outline your trip. They will ask you the place that you are going to and the reason for this travel.

They will also ask you how you want to travel, how long your stay would be, and how much is your allotted budget for this. Your answers will help them in determining the kind of service that they will be offering you. They will put together some of their sample tours, which will describe the availabilities of accommodations, transportation, and the estimated cost of the package.

A good travel agent will be able to recognize your needs upon answering all the questions that they will have of you. Hiring a travel agent will give you ample time to prepare for the things that you will need during the travel and not the details of the travel itself.

5 Tips to save money on a Melbourne Tour

Visiting the second largest city in Australia should definitely be on your holiday to do list. There is so much to see there. For example, its architecture combines modern and historic Victorian era elements, including many beautiful parks and gardens. And that’s just one of the reasons Melbourne is visited by millions of tourists each year.

Believe it or not, there are ways to save some money in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Here are some useful suggestions.

1. Ride cheap

Public transport in Melbourne can be as cheap as it gets. There is a free hop on hop off city circle tram. It runs in 10 minutes intervals and provides a great overview of the city. Other means of public transportation are relatively cheap too. You can save up if you buy a ticket and validate it at proper hours. That can give you few extra hours or even days for a city tour. Also, Sunday saver tickets are very cheap and allow you to ride all day anywhere in the city.

2. Eat up and save up

If you’re not too keen on eating at restaurants, choose self-catering and buy food at local markets, such as Queen Victoria Market. At this deli you can find sandwich meats, fresh made pasta, fruit, vegetable etc. If you’re, however, sticking to eating out, it’s best to eat the main meal in the middle of the day, since lunch is cheaper than dinner due to special offers. There are discounts on off-peak days, meaning Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, that can go up to 50%. You should also check out discount websites for good restaurant deals. One more thing, eating in the bar areas and pubs is cheaper than choosing to eat in lounge places.

3. There’s always something happening

When in Melbourne, it’s good to check out the calendar of events. It is known for its exciting art scene and most galleries are free for visitors, such as the National Gallery of Victoria. Here, art goes out from the galleries and out on the street. At Hosier Lane, near Flinders Street Station, every available space is spray painted, stenciled or postered with designs including the rubbish bins and metal bars of gates. Melbourne International Arts Festival is one of the major attractions this city has.

4. Sport as a main attraction

Everyone knows about the Australian Open and it’s a must see if you’re in the city when it’s being held. The other main sport is Australia Rules Football that is played only in Australia. Melbourne’s biggest sporting ground, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG),  where you can see an ARF game, opens the gates at three quarter time, mainly to allow for the losing side’s supporters to make a humbled exit from the venue. That will, on the other hand, allow you to get in and watch the final quarter of a match for free.

5. Time to spend?

Don’t get your head in the clouds quickly in this metropolitan place surrounded by retail shopping centers and designer shops. Stick to your budget and buy only basic items which you fall in love with. There is so much to see and do in Melbourne so it’s better not to spend it all at the mall. Have in mind that certain consumer items can be purchased over the Internet too at a smaller price.

Perth Adrenalin Junky Activities

Perth is one of the top destinations for adventure sports in Australia. Entertainment is what Perth does best, and if you consider that the City of Perth provides free entertainment for its 1.6 million metropolitan residents, you will realise why over 100,000 people visit here everyday.

Go Jet Boating – Jet boat rides travel at nearly 75km per hour and is a great way to let off some steam. Add some wild, fast pumping music and you have the perfect combination for a thrilling experience. As you push the throttle, your jet boat will release 25 tons of water per minute, which lifts the boat into the air.

Go SailingGo on a sailing tour and get to see the number of islands off of Perth. The Carnac Island, home of the Australian Sea Lion is one of the amazing islands that you will get a closer look at. Take a break from sailing and get in some snorkelling, swimming, or just relax. Sailing is a very romantic way to experience Perth with the one you love.

Go Tandem SkydivingIf you want the thrill of skydiving the safe way, then you need to do it while attached to a Tandem Jump Master. A bit of basic training and the correct kit is all you need to take your first leap. After twenty minutes in the air, you reach an altitude of 14,000ft, which is when you jump into nothingness. You fall at 200 kilometres per hour, but it is a fully monitored 7,500ft freefall.

Go On Aerobatic FlightsLoop the loop, Nose dive, barrel through the skies and fly upside down in a custom built Aerobatic plane in Perth. The aerobatics instructor will be sitting next to you, so there is no reason to panic. You will experience medium ‘G’ forces, and you can ask your instructor to put you through more Gs if you have the stomach for it.

Go Rally DrivingIf land sports excite you, and then try rally driving. It really is as thrilling as it is looks like it is on TV. You get to drive a real rally car, manage the controls and explore the dirt roads on your very own rally-driving track. Get a professional to hop in and show you what the turbocharged WRX or Evo can do.

Go AbseilingProfessionals will demonstrate the different abseiling techniques and provide you with the basic ground training. You will be monitored and directed by instructors as you move on vertical, over-hanging and rock faces higher up. You can even give forward-facing abseiling a try if you are up to it.

Go Water RaftingThe Avon River is where some of the best rafters and kayakers take each other on, especially in the Avon Descent. Whether you raft from Bells Rapid to Sandleford Winery or Walyunga National Park to Bells Rapid, you will have mind-blowing views of the surrounding landscapes.

Learn to flyIf you like the idea of flying all by yourself over Perth, you can! You will need to have an experienced instructor with you, but after a brief ground session, you will actually be able to fly the plane by yourself. You will even get a certificate for piloting the aircraft, which you can take home to show friends and family.

Explore Mitchell FallsThis amazing waterfall is created by the Mitchell River, which carves a path through the Mitchell Plateau and finally cascades over layers of rock into a deep pool. Fan palms surround the falls and this sight alone is gratitude enough after the two days of driving and 15 hours of trekking from Kununurra.

Go Hot Air Ballooningtake a hot air balloon trip if you want to experience the beauty of this place from the skies. The rolling hills, the Avon River, the countryside, and manmade glories are waiting for you when you reach the ground. Your adventure begins at dawn and lasts for about an hour, an hour of bliss among the clouds.

Swim with Wild DolphinsSwim with wild dolphins off the coast of Rockingham, which is only 45 minutes south of Perth. The dolphins are completely wild, and this is an experience that you will never get again. Experienced operators from Rockingham Wild Encounters have been operating for 25 years and they will be keeping an eye on you while you swim with these amazing creatures.

Go Kite BoardingWhether you kite board from Brighton Beach, Leighton Beach, or Mullaloo Beach; Perth’s sea breezes will give you the best kite boarding conditions around. There are a number of kite boarding schools in Perth, which is great news if you are a beginner and want to get some training before hitting the waves.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Sydney

When visiting Sydney, there is plenty to see and do. Accommodations are plenty, and one can stay in a big five-star hotel or somewhere less fancy but comfortable. There is always plenty of fun to enjoy in Sydney, and below are some of the top reasons you should find the time to visit Sydney yourself.

1. The Rocks

One of the oldest parts of Sydney rich with history is the Rocks. Full of beautiful sandstone buildings, mazes and courtyards, the Rocks is full of weekend markets, antique stores, gift shops, art galleries and clothing stores. There are plenty of cafes where you can sit down and enjoy a bite to eat. Some of the oldest pubs reside here as well. A stay over at The Rocks includes a beautiful view of the harbor.

2. The Harbor

Everyone loves visiting the harbor in Sydney. You can charter a yacht to see the beautiful views of the Opera House and the city, or if you are full of energy, paddle yourself from Rose Bay into the harbor in a kayak. There are guided cruises that take you through the many islands in the harbor and pass the waterfront mansions.

3. Sydney Aquarium

The aquarium in Sydney is found in the Darling Harbor and is a famous tourist destination. One of the biggest aquariums in the world, the Sydney Aquarium, houses some of the most unusual and astounding aquatic life around. There are over 650 different types of aquatic life here. The aquarium has recreated the Great Barrier Reef, and there is an exciting crocodile display for the family to enjoy.

4. Manly

Everyone visiting Sydney should take the ferry over to Manly for a day. Located on the north side of the harbor, Manly offers great shops, bars and cafes. It is always nice to take a walk through the bush land to Spit Bridge Walk. Scuba diving is popular in Manly as well as kayaking, sailing and many other outdoor sports.

5. The Bridge Climb

An unforgettable experience, the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb is one of the most amazing and enjoyable tourist activities in Sydney. You can choose from three guided climbs that go 134 meters above the harbor. The climb actually takes over three hours. Groups of up to 14 people are led by a professional climb leader.

There is no doubt that a visit to Sydney is always an enjoyable one. Along with the many stunning beaches, breathtaking sights and fabulous cities, Sydney always has something fun everyone.


A Money Saving Guide to Australia

If you’re thinking about Australia as a travel destination but you’re also thinking about your back pocket, then this is one reference you should have a look at!

Whilst Australia is not expensive like “Japan” or “Paris” expensive, you still can go through your money quickly if you’re not careful.   And with the Australian dollar quite strong compared to other currencies, this is even more pertinent right now!

There’s lots of “tricks to the trade” when it comes to making sure you don’t spend more than you have to when traveling.  As far as my own travels have gone, ultimately the cheapest experiences have been when I’ve known someone “in the know” locally to guide me (plus it helped that I got free accommodation too!)

So having an Australian “local” reveal lots of local tips is really beneficial.  Most travel websites will be able to tell you about saving on international airfares, inexpensive accommodation and how to get from state to state.  But they won’t tell you how walking isn’t the only way to get around for free in big cities or where to get free household goods if you’re setting up home in Oz for a while.

Naturally the longer you stay down under, the more you will save by following the tips in this guide.  But that’s kind of the point… it’s designed to help you stay for as long as possible – to extend your travel budget for as long as possible.

And for all those madly saving for an extended stay in Australia, an exciting prospect is the opportunity to stop saving and book a ticket tomorrow. Because a working holiday visa allows to work, then travel on the money you’ve earned, then work a bit more etc etc. Something I’ve never seen before is a list of no less than 9 job boards or websites all in one place to help make your job search down under as simple as possible.

The benefits are even greater if you’re planning ahead.  Save on transport with advanced bookings or find a free bed using one of “sleep for cheap” references.

I love the ideas for saving on food and drink, because quite frankly that’s a big part of traveling for me.  Eat what the locals eat, and enjoy yourself with a few drinks.  So I’ve always welcomed any advice in that arena.

All in all there are over 215 hyper linked references in this e guide, so a lot of research has already done for you. Save time AND money. That’s priceless!

For details on the e guide go to