St Lucia Luxury Hotels: Spa Treatments in St Lucia

Dreaming of a relaxing holiday in St Lucia? Luxury hotels all across the tropical island have just what any peaceful getaway needs – spa treatments. From facials that leave you feeling ten years younger to massages that rejuvenate your whole body, St Lucia has it all. And the best part is once your treatment is over, your relaxation can continue on the stunning sandy beaches of the exquisite island.

Sunny St Lucia

St Lucia’s year round sunshine and warm weather are two reasons why the quaint island is such a hit with tourists.

With a population of only 175,000 people on an island that is a mere 238 square miles, St Lucia is one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive and peaceful places.

St Lucia luxury hotels have capitalized on the fact that the island is renowned for being a destination for visitors to relax in a care free atmosphere and that is why so many have phenomenal spas.

Spa Treatments

Spa treatments vary from resort to resort, however classic favourites alongside new and innovative treatments are available everywhere.

Swedish Massage: The Swedish Massage is the perfect introduction to Spa Therapy and it uses long and relaxing strokes to relax the muscles and body while stimulating the nervous system and improving circulation.

Peace of the Senses: This is the perfect massage for anyone looking to distress. Sothy rituals are used to restore the body’s senses while simultaneously allowing it to distress. It is an extremely nurturing treatment designed to bring peace and tranquility.

Tropical Mandarin Oasis: The Tropical Mandarin Oasis is one of the most popular facials in St Lucia. Luxury hotels typically offer a wide variety of men’s treatments and this is one of them. It is designed to give skin a boost with layers of Vitamin C infused in a mandarin massage mask and serum.

Soft Delight Exfoliation: This treatment has been described as fifty minutes of heaven. It is designed for men or women of all skin types and uses loofah particles to leave skin soft and smooth.

Delicious Lucian Scrub: The name says it all. The Lucian scrub is an exotic exfoliation that is good enough to eat. Oils made of ginger, orange and cinnamon cover the body and once they are removed, skin is left silky smooth.

Awakening Salt Glow: Beautifully designed to invigorate the skin and boost circulation, the Awakening Salt Glow is a treatment that blends together hydrating algae extract, re-mineralizing marine salts, orange and grapefruit that is then applied over the body to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and promote the natural elimination process.

No matter what kind of spa treatment you fancy you are bound to find it in St Lucia. Luxury hotels across the island have remarkable spas with a plethora of massages and unique treatment options to choose from.