How to Scuba Dive in the Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa islands are a chain of 20 volcanic islands situated to the north-east of the mainland of Fiji. These islands are among the most popular destinations, especially for local as well as international and budget tourists, in this country. The islands in this group are spread up to over 80 kilometres. The islands containing mountains offer unexplored natural beauty through its spectacular beaches and natural sceneries to their visitors.

This group of Yasawa islands contain 12 major islands which contain nearly 30 resorts and other accommodation options for the people visiting here from all over the world. Yasawa islands offer you real escape from civilization as even if you can find resorts and hotels with modern amenities to stay here but you may not find any bank, medical service or shops on these islands. One can enjoy scuba diving in the Yasawa Islands along with various other activities including island hoping, hiking, kayaking, sailing and snorkeling etc.

Most of the resorts on these islands have basic accommodations with modern amenities. To those who want to enjoy the serenity of the tropical regions without spending lots of money per night to stay at resorts. You can enjoy access to natural and cultural sites of this country along with local and international cuisines at these resorts at very reasonable price.

Though these islands have a few high-end resorts they are popular among backpackers due to their budgetary accommodations. So if you are short of time and have limited budget to enjoy tropical environment at the natural beaches of Fiji then these islands are the best destination for you. The rugged volcanic rocks with sheer cliffs falling into the sea in the Yasawa islands create amazing drop offs and limestone coral formations which attract travellers who want to scuba dive in the Yasawa Islands to explore unexplored reefs submerged in their jade green and turquoise seas.

Some of the sites at these islands offer a bit of a gentle current where one can experience scuba diving in the Yasawa islands with a team of expert divers to help you at the site of your choice. But before starting scuba diving you should consider various things including intensity of the currents, tides and the condition of the local sea along with your expertise in this respect.

Though Yasawa islands can be visited from Nadi through various economic transportation options including boat rides that take over 4 hours, various adventurous scenic flights are also arranged by airline operators like Turtle Airways that can reach these islands in under an hour. Boat operators run daily boat transfers from Nadi through various island ports in the Yasawa group of islands which take 4-5 hours to complete. The seaplane rides on the other hand operated by Turtle Airways offer multiple seaplane flights from Nadi per day that allow you to reach Yasawa islands within 30 minutes only.

So to explore the unexplored natural beauty at their beaches along with scuba dive in the Yasawa islands you can choose your preferred means of transportation to reach these islands from Nadi.