The Roman Table: Dining While Staying in a Design Hotel Rome

There are many aspects of Rome that appeal to visitors, and high on the list of highlights is the fabulous cuisine. A stay in a design hotel in central Rome is a true treat for the foodie traveller, with the best of the city’s fine dining at your fingertips – not to mention the excellent market fare, enticing cafés, and gelato shops. If you’re looking forward to sampling the best that Rome has to offer, read on for some tips on what to look out for.

Market Treats


 A great starting point for exploring the city’s culinary highlights from your design hotel, Rome is a market trip. Not only are the colourful outdoor markets such as Campo de Fiori full of atmosphere and appetising wares, they also offer a great way to familiarise yourself with the Roman diet and get a sense of what the key ingredients are. Strolling through their aisles, you’ll see fresh regional produce, and deli counters stacked with popular local lunch items – perfect for putting together a picnic to enjoy during your sightseeing. This is also a great way to take the flavours of Rome home with you, as the ingredients here are not readily available everywhere else in the world – why not stock up on edible souvenirs?

Fine Dining

There are plenty of options when it comes to dining out from your design hotel Rome, and plenty of opportunities to savour the taste of traditionally prepared Roman dishes. The city’s cuisine is known for its strong yet well-balanced flavours and simple preparation, achieving elegance with the unique flavours of regionally produced ingredients – for this reason, it is hard to get a truly Roman meal anywhere but Rome. There is a long tradition of roasting meat such as pork and lamb with fragrant spices – but the most popular food in the city, with both residents and visitors – is pasta. Some of the most well known Italian pasta sauces originate in Rome, including alfredo and carbonara, while other typically Roman sauces include gricia – which is like carbonara without the egg – and amatriciana – made with cured pork cheek, pecorino and tomatoes. For dessert, a local specialty to try is the ricotta-based cheesecake known as crostata di ricotta.

 Ancient Roman Cuisine

 If you’re feeling more adventurous, a stay in a design hotel Rome is as good an excuse as any to seek out the flavours of Ancient Rome. Some of the popular delicacies – including dormice and live fish – from that former era are very different from what can be found on modern menus, but other dishes are less strange, and it can be interesting to seek out restaurants serving recipes from the ancient world, including delicately flavoured meats and rich fruity desserts.