Top 5 Places to Go in Marbella Spain

The Costa del Sol is a vacation hot spot for lucky luxury travelers year round. The wide array of excursions, beaches and night clubs can leave even the most seasoned traveler wondering what he or she should do first. Here’s a list of the top five things you should do first next time you’re in Marbella or Puerto Banus, Spain.

1)      Old Town Marbella. At the eastern end of town, just north of the main road you’ll find Old Town Marbella. Old Town is home to beautiful cobbled streets, local bars, pavement cafes and the best authentic Spanish restaurants. Orange Square is lined with orange trees and is a great place to people watch away from the hustle and bustle of everything else going on.

2)      Dali Statues in Marbella. If you’re a luxury traveler who enjoys the finer things in life, you’ll likely be impressed with the Salvador Dali sculptures in Marbella. They’re located in central Marbella down the Avenida del Mar. Both sides of the street are linked with fountains and statues in the center.

3)      Find a home away from home.  Although it may not be considered a tourist attraction, the beautiful vacation villas of Marbella and Puerto Banus are worth mentioning. The true luxury traveler doesn’t stay at a hotel, but instead rents a home away from home. Marbella Rentals  is one of the premier vacation rental companies of the region and has villas ranging from 3500 euros per week all the way up to 70,000 euros per week. Some of the villas are beach front, while others overlook the golf course. You can even find villas that include nannies, chefs, chauffeurs and butlers. Talk about rest and relaxation.

4)      Puerto Banus. If mingling with the rich and the famous is up your alley, then you’ll love Puerto Banus. It’s a favorite for jetsetters, A-listers and fun seekers alike. If yachts and marinas are your thing, you’ll be right at home.  Here you can find the hottest night clubs, fine dining restaurants, pubs and music bars to fit any taste.

5)      Beaches. What trip to southern Spain would be complete without soaking up some sun? For about 5 euros per day, you can rent a sun bed and parasol on one of Marbella’s beaches. If you’re an adventurous type, you can try out water sports such as water skiing and paragliding. If you prefer to just kick back, there are plenty of places to eat and drink along the shoreline.

Kids suitcase ideas by Valenciaflats

Kids suitcase ideas by Valenciaflats

When planning a journey with children one never is sure about what to put into the suitcase. The list of things that must be carried never ends and once in the journey we sometimes regret not having included that item or having included these ones.

This infographic is done by Valencia Flats , the  top company of holiday rentals in Valencia, Spain.



Here are some ideas that may help you to do the perfect kids suitcase:

The first thing is the suitcase. A funny suitcase for the kid, better a light trolley, It is going to be their “home” for a few days and they need feeling comfortable with it.

A little backpack, different from the school one, will be useful too for the outings.

His/her favourite toy. Only one is the best. Let them choose it and in case it would be the bike or that big lovely bear, try to explain that it must be carried of by him/her at any time as well as the suitcase. Avoid the electronic toys, they might be useless sometimes.

The medicines they are used to take, only in small samples, one thermometer, decorated plasters, an after bite cream, towelettes and toothpaste with toothbrush and a comb. Better in a hard plastic box easy to identify.

Always include a coat, not matter what weather is and best if it is a raincoat. In warm sunny places it is cooler in the evenings and early mornings and if you are going to a beach place, the coat will protect the kid from the wet air in the nights.

High sun protection cream for kids and sun-glasses for mountain and beach. Swimming goggles for the swimming pool and  trunks or swimsuit and armbands if they are still using them.

It is quite useful a small light for the nights with an international socket, not only for the babies but for the growing ups too. Awakening in a strange place is somehow upsetting.

Small pastime like game cards for children, little pencils and a notebook to draw or write will delight them in the long journeys by plane, by car, by train…

The older ones would love to play with their game console too.

Two pairs of comfortable shoes at least, better the sport ones and water resistant and a pair of sandals (that can be used too as slippers)

And why not? A light blanket or duvet if the kid is fond of it, will be useful in the train, in the car, in the sofa having a nap. And an inflatable ball, the little type will do to play in everywhere.

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Uniquely Menorca: Holidays to Remember

Visitors who return year after year to this small Balearic island know that Menorca holidays offer sights and experiences that cannot be found in any other place in thee world. In addition to some of the most beautiful beaches and countryside in the world, the island has a unique historical and cultural unlike other place. Prehistoric settlements, paleo-Christian basilicas, Talaiotic monuments that date back over 3000 years, ruins of Roman settlements dating back to 121 BC, and British colonial architecture are only some of the sites that will surprise new visitors that consider Menorca a ‘beach destination’. Listed below are some of the sites and experiences guaranteed to make your Menorca holidays unforgettable.



As an island of Spain, the island has more than its share churches and basilicas worthy of exploration in their own right, making it the perfect destination for a trekking holiday. However, unique to the island are the navetas. Navetas, named after the small ships they resemble, are prehistoric stone structures that served a variety of needs, from living areas to communal tombs (some are even purported to be altars for ancient pagan sacrifices. Navetas of different sizes and conditions can be found all over the island. From the outside, these structures look like piles of stones haphazardly piled on top of one another, but walk inside one and you’ll immediately be transported back in time and gain immediate insight into the lives of pre-Talaiotic Menorcans. These structures are even part of the island’s folklore. According to legend, the first naveta was built by a giant who was competing with another giant for the love of an island girl. Looking at these stone megaliths during you Menorca holidays, it’s quite easy to believe that they were indeed built by giants!

Cova d´en Xoroi

One generally imagines caves to be dark, dank, scary, and the last place to go to have a good time. This is why Menorca holidays are so unique. Only on this island can you view the sunset and a panoramic view of the sea comfortably from within a natural cave on the side of a cliff.  In the morning, get a glorious view of the ocean while you relax on comfortable cushions and sip cool drinks. After dark, the cave becomes a disco club where you can dance and socialise with fellow travellers.


Although the fiesta is celebrated in towns all over Spain, Menorca holidays during fiesta season many exciting events unique to the island. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these events is the jaleo, which celebrates the Menorcan horse, which is indigenous to the island, and its role in the island’s culture and history. On the island, horse riding is part of daily life, and horses are used in both trade and farming. The jaleo begins with a parade of horses adorned with ribbons and rosettes through the streets to the main square by riders dressed in black tails and white riding breeches. The jaleo culminates in horse show during which the horses ‘dance’ on their hind legs in time to music. For another great event featuring the Menorcan horse, check out the weekly harness races, which are reminiscent of the Roman chariot races.