Going Camping? Then Hire a Minibus to Get You There

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like in the UK, there are still many of us that enjoy camping trips.

Are you planning on going camping with some friends? Don’t want to take the car. Then hire a minibus and driver to get you there. If there are quite a few of you going, you will most likely have to go in separate vehicles, if you were driving yourself. With a minibus you can all travel in style and comfort together, even if it’s just for the weekend. Choosing to hire a minibus with its driver is cheaper than having to fuel etc. more than one vehicle to get you there. Start your adventure from leaving home together, before getting to the campsite.

Minibuses are probably a lot safer than years gone by, because they have to pass such vigorous rules and regulations. They are very spacious giving you plenty of leg room, and to pack away all your camping gear. Minibus companies can now fit trailers to the back of their vehicles for extra luggage.

Hiring a minibus means you can chat away with your friends and family along the way. Plus, you can travel in style and comfort. Many of the minibus companies around the country now have their vehicles fitted with seatbelts, air conditioning, CD and DVD players, plasma TVs, tables, reclining seats, docks for iPods, tinted windows and even curtains.

No need to worry about keeping an eye on the other traffic or getting lost. Minibus drivers are very knowledgeable about roads, where road works etc. are, giving you an enjoyable journey to let you relax. You can rest assured that your minibus driver will get you to the campsite without any hitches. Not only will they drive you there, but also take you home at the end of your holiday. Most minibuses seat from 8 to 16 people. They will also pick you up door-to-door or at a location of your choice.

If you are planning a camping trip over in Europe, you must check that the drivers have the necessary documents. There are more rules over there about buses transporting passengers.

Camping can be very enjoyable if you like the outdoors. Cooking your food in the open-air can give it a certain taste that is different to indoor cooking. Many campsites have buildings for showers and toilets these days, as well as running water. They are not as primitive as they once was. Plus, the tents you can buy have separate rooms in them. They are lot more comfortable, making your camping trip a lot more enjoyable.

Many people are taking up camping as some form of holiday, because it’s cheaper than staying in a hotel. You can also tour around, and not stay in one spot for your holiday. The only downside to camping in the UK is probably the weather. We cannot guarantee good weather from one day to the next. So, as long as you don’t mind getting wet, camping is the way to go.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter a Private Jet

Riding a private jet is one of the ultimate fantasies of travelers worldwide. After all, who doesn’t want to take flight on a plane that is exclusively theirs (even for just a day)? Beyond the aesthetics, there are also tangible values for riding on a private jet, ranging from superior convenience to increased speed of travel. However, one of the biggest sticking points for those considering traveling via a private charter jet is the price of getting one. How much does it cost to get private jet charter flights? At the same time, what are the factors that dictate the going price for such services?

One thing about the cost of chartering private jets is that their prices tend to fluctuate depending on market conditions. Naturally, if demand is high, the price is going to be high. If the demand is low, there is a better chance for you to get a charter price that’s lower than usual. However, just to give you an idea of what prices to expect, a charter flight from Miami to Los Angeles costs anywhere from 15 to 25 thousand dollars. This can give you a good estimate on the going rate of local private jet services in America. This price can go higher if the charter flight would carry you overseas.

There are specific factors that dictate the going rate of private jet charter flights. These factors are the biggest factors that would dictate the going rate of these services.

1. Flight time

Each kind of plane has an hourly rate of rental. The potential rate you’ll be charged will be estimated with the help of programs that would dictate flight time on a round-trip basis. For example, if a flight from point A to point B takes 3 hours to complete, that means a round-trip would take 6 hours. If the rate for a specific plane is $2500 dollars, the chartering company would charge $15000. The rent formula is simple: hourly rate multiplied to flight hours.

2. Plane size and amenities

The airplane to be used for the flight is another major factor that dictates overall charter price. Naturally, the larger the cabin size of the commissioned plane, the more expensive it would be. Also, the more amenities and luxuries the plane contains, the higher the price it would demand. Small jets typically cost $2500 while large jets cost $4500.

3. Extra expenses

There are other expenses that the charterer must consider when taking a private jet charter. One of them is plane parking. The price of parking a plane on an airport may vary, but it costs at an average of 500 dollars a day. Permits from immigration, customs, and other agencies are also necessities for international flights. Last but not least, you also got to considerer extra costs such as fuel, food, and accommodations for the flight crew.

Those are just some of the factors that affect the cost of private jet charter flights. Having this sorted out in advance will help you get a hassle-free travel experience.

How to keep your traveling costs down.

Prices are always going up and traveling has become more of a luxury during these past few years.

Sometimes people just need a few helpful tips to tell them exactly how they can save money.

Saving money on cheap calls is the way to go!

If you are out traveling and have family that need to get in touch with you then making sure you have the cheapest international call provider is essential. A great provider for this type of cheap calls is Call2Call. Their main service is offering amazingly low call rates for contacting people in foreign countries.

This could not only save you money, if you have to call companies abroad to book stuff, but if your family has to get in touch with you then it will save them a lot of hassle and more importantly a lot of money.

Last minute deals can be absolute bargains!

A lot of families nowadays use websites, which help them to find out the best last minute package holiday bundle.

The great thing about last minute deals is that you might just save yourself about 50% of the total holiday costs.

You might also find better holidays!

So it’s always worth checking the latest offers available just to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything.

The other option is to book far in advance to make sure that you get the best rates for the place you want to go because sometimes last minute deals will not always be ideal for everyone.

Always Travel by Public Transport.

For some people this is just not a viable option, but if you can put up with it and know, roughly, how to get around the country your visiting then it could just be the biggest money saving decision throughout your entire holiday.

Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail!

Planning and preparing your holiday is arguably the most important part. It helps to make sure that anything, which you want to do, is done and you have plenty of time spare to just relax.

Find free Internet!

To wrap things up I guess talking about securing free Internet could save you potentially hundreds! Because e-mails are so ubiquitous in the world we all need to have some sort of access to the Internet.

Internet cafes in foreign countries know this and that’s why a lot of them charge ridiculous rates for having access to the Internet.

So the best way to get around this is to try and find a hotel, which has free wifi for all staying guests. Although limited at times which you can have access to the Internet it could save you from the dreaded 1 euro or 1 dollar per 5 minutes of internet which is a ridiculous amount to pay!

The world famous experience that will keep you coming back to the Cooks!

So you’re going to the Cook Islands and want a couple of recommendations? You’ll be wasting your time if you look any further than Captain Tama’s. Ask any local of the island, any past traveler, or just look on their Trip Advisor reviews.  Since 1992, Captain Tama’s has worked hard in establishing themselves as the most visited tourist attraction in Rarotonga.

Why you ask? How is their service different than the dozens of other operators on the island? Some say it’s the hilarious, boisterous and every so friendly staff that will make your 4 ½ hour journey utterly entertaining.  After you don’t think it gets any better the boat drops you off at Motu Koromiri (a small island) and an authentic Polynesian lunch is served! A BBQ lunch of fresh fish, side salads and local fruits are served. While eating, the Tama boys put on an epic coconut show with island sounds from the N.S.A String Band.  AHHHHH…island life.

Whether you’re a snorkeler or not, the boat is equipped with a glass bottom so you have the chance of seeing giant clams and heaps of colorful reef fish from the comfort of the boat. However, if you want to experience the waters yourself, they will provide you with snorkeling gear and guidance while in the water.

The only disappointing part of the whole experience is the fact you have to leave the wildly entertaining group and authentic island experience. After a day like this, you’ll wish they offered overnight cruises! Take a better look at what you’ll be experiencing:

My recommendation is to book before you go. You can book online via their website: http://www.captaintamas.com/captains-home


Happy sailing!

Welcome to Raro…Paradise for Big Game Fishing!

Rarotonga is the epitome of small island paradise. If you’re seeking an authentic adventure on the water….you need to visit the Cooks! The trend of ‘game-fishing’ is picking up for travelers all over the South Pacific. Whether you are a fishing enthusiast or have never picked up a rod in your life, game fishing in the Cooks is a once in a lifetime experience you will not want to miss!

Marlin Queen provides an exciting experience built on delivering a hospitable service and providing travelers with everything they need. It’s recommended that travelers book in advance online at www.marlinqueen.co.ck.

Their chartered services provide the best value for the money spent when comparing their company to any other competitor on the island. Your day starts off early in the Avatiu Harbour so there is no time wasted while on the water. Their experienced staff will do all of the work while passengers sit back and relax. The views of the island from the sea are worth it alone.

Refreshments, snacks, safety equipment and the latest Shimano fishing gear is all on board for passengers to use. Marlin Queen guarantees you will have an unforgettable experience whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler. Want a better look at what you’ll be experiencing?  Check our their youtube video:

Happy Fishing!

Benefits of A Limo Service When Traveling

During prom-night, becoming picked up and arriving within an exquisite limo is every teen’s wish! Orange County Prom Limo provides nothing less than the very best limousine and chauffeur providers in township. Prom limousines, party buses as well as homecoming limousines can be found to assist you get for your prom celebration in both fashion and luxurious.

During prom-night, the one thing in your head will undoubtedly be to bash and dance all night out, and what greater solution to do that than with Orange County Prom Limousines.
Booking and Services

Get in the telephone number or search our website to locate promotions, bundles and special services which might agree with your prom nighttime needs. Our firm takes pride in supplying speedy and trouble-free bookings, with courteous employees, who are all thrilled to last. Plus, our cultured and skilled chauffeurs are certain to handle you with extreme regard, that’s just suitable, as you are his supervisor for the night time.

Orange County Limousines services are certain to get there on time to bring in your house, and promptly take you for your celebration destination, or you could also opt to hold the celebration about the limousine itself. Yes, you can perform all your dance moves to your prom day and your entire celebration pals about the bus. Refreshments e.g. water, juices and soda pops can be found the celebration limousine to quench your thirst.

Our business supplies a fleet of beautiful and trendy vehicles to select from including Lincoln Stretch Limousine, Hummer, SUV Stretch Limousine or you also could even hold the top-standing night club on-wheels party buses.
Each one of These Good at Pupil-Friendly Costs

Your needs are understood by no other limousine service provider in town better than we do. Which is why, the majority of our prom limo bundles are at pocket-helpful prices perfect for pupils in Orange County.

Our booking can help you select the best option prom bundle to match your own needs. These bundles will vary based in the amount of hours, the car you select, and could even throw-in an unique reduction or promotion on specific occasions.

Secure your destiny during prom-night, and don’t forget to get Orange County Prom Limousine, and we will ensure that you would get the most interesting, the most intimate along with the most unforgettable prom nighttime encounter that you experienced. Thus, don’t wait until our solutions become total, reserve your prom limousine services now!

Need An Airport Limousine For Your Vacation?

Our John Wayne Airport Limo is the leading airport limo service in township for greater than 10 years, and over the last few years, we’ve served over one thousand happy clients, who are all ecstatic to employ our solutions again and return.

Orange County John Wayne Airport Limo services run from door to door, and alleviate you from all of the hassle that accompanies other sorts of airport like taxis, which aren’t easy to come-by without rivalry, also to enhance your relaxation, we’ve a broad selection of top notch vehicles to consider you in the airport for your resort. These luxury vehicles ensure you will get an easy ride every time.

John Wayne Airport Limo Services requires pride in supply first course, expert and well-mannered employees, chauffeurs and We additionally take the excess effort of tracking the status of our clients merely to be certain they are being treated in accordance with the finest of criteria.

Our John Wayne Airport Limos Services are offered twenty-four hours a day, 7 times of the week, throughout the year. As a result, you could be certain your limo and chauffeur will probably be there to pick you up around the designated set in the proper time each time. Your limousine driver may also be in a position to track flight postponements. So, you’ll be in a position to speak using them in the event you might have any sort of trouble to your flight programs.

We have been a reliable limo company for decades, and we have experienced nearly every sort of scenario. So, you could be certain that we shall manage to manage any sort of scenario that you belong to.

Eventually, our limo services come at quite affordable costs. Multiple bundles can be found to suit your pocket. Regardless of what budget-you have, you’ll still be capable of experience SIMPLY the very best limo and transportation services in township, so. So, why accept inexperienced chauffeurs driving rickety automobiles, when it’s possible to experience the greatest and still purchase exactly the same cost?

To find out more about the many different limo services supplied by our business, telephone our workplace today. Our courteous staff will undoubtedly be a lot more than prepared to reply to your inquiries and aid you in all of your limo and chauffeur needs

If you need an airport shuttle we highly recommend calling a limousine service for the ease of use and stress free drop off.

Things To Do Before You Travel

Going on holiday is something that most of us look forward to all year round. But in looking towards our travels we sometimes forget to plan properly. Well we here have some things for you to think about before you set off on that awesome trip.

Check Your Passport

I cannot stress this one enough. Do not spend hours planning and booking a holiday without checking if your passport is in date. Getting a passport last minute can be a really stressful and expensive experience so make sure this is one of the first things you check.

Check Your Luggage

Check if you have all essential items in your luggage. Make sure you have a skin protection cream if you are going to a sunny spot. This is not only a case of checking that you have all the essential items packed, but you also need to make sure you know what the weight limit of your luggage is. There is no worse way to start you holiday than being stuck in the airport having to deal with an overweight suitcase.

Home Alone

We are not talking about leaving one of your kids at home here, but you certainly want to make sure that your home is properly locked up and secured. So many people leave to go on their holidays without properly securing their homes. Make sure that you let neighbours know that you will be away as well. Lock the doors, hide the valuables and do what you think is necessary to make sure your home and belongings are safe.

We Need To See Your Papers

Make sure that you have all the proper documentation is an easy to reach place (this includes passports) you do not want to be having to fumble through five bags to find a certain document. You need to have everything organised so that your travel experience is as painless as possible. Visas, drivers licenses and everything else you may need should be easily accessible for you.

Plan Ahead

Do not just think you can get up and head off to the airport or wherever whenever you feel like. Make sure that you have everything planed out to the smallest detail. Once you get to your holiday destination you can kick back and relax, but before then you need to make sure you are well organised.

The Hidden Cost of Spinner Suitcases

Spinner suitcases are very popular these days. Characterized typically by four 360 degree rotation wheels, this type of suitcase allows effortless movement along smooth surfaces with minimal strength and maximum maneuverability. The ability to take the weight off your arm to move the luggage is a big benefit for those looking to travel with ease. This article is to tell you that before you buy a spinner luggage, that there are some things you have not yet considered.


Typically spinner suitcases come in polycarbonate hard cases, occasionally cloth exterior. The hardcases are always marked up due to the hardness of the exterior. They are also prone to cracking. where the cloth is prone to tearing. However, this affects all luggage. The big problem with spinner luggage in particular are the wheels. The 360 rotational wheels you love so much also protrude quite a bit, and are very prone to breaking during baggage handling. You only need one wheel to break or be faulty for the entire suitcase to be useless. Regular luggage of the two wheel plus stand variety has a recessed wheel and are far more durable. The first to break on these types of luggage is actually the handle.

Additionally, over longer walk, because the wheels are designed for 360 rotation flexibility, they do not stand up to the long walks over rough terrain. What ends up happening is that the wheels shear off and become rough. When you tilt the luggage over for two wheel diagonal use, the wear on the back wheels is much quicker than the front, causing imbalance and the usual “turning” of the suitcase when back on all fours.

We noted previously that this was a strength. However, if you have every used a spinner luggage for longer periods of travel, you would also know that it is a weakness. A smooth surface is required for easy movement. If it is bumpy, rocks, gaps in the road, or if you need to walk a long distance, typically rolling it on all four wheels is not only difficult but dangerous. The alternative is rolling it on two wheels like a typical suitcase. However, the design of the wheel is optimized for upright movement, not diagonal movement, and the wheels are typically smaller and less durable than standard suitcases.

These are two of the main problems we have found with spinner suitcases. However, please don’t discount the value proposition of this type of suitcase, as there is still a big reason to get it. We recommend the LuggagePicks a resource to help you chose the luggage that is best suited for your travel needs.

Seat Selection in an Airplane

Not all economy airplane seats are identical and they are certainly not equal. Savvy travelers bag the best seats on the plane by following these air travel tips.

 Get a head start.

Early birds get the good worms so as soon as you are permitted to, choose your seat. Other travellers know the good seats, the bad and the truly awful so select a good seat as soon as you can. If you are booking on-line, many airlines allow you to choose your seat at the time of booking. If not, phone the airline immediately after booking and ask for a seat allocation. Some airlines hold bulk head and exit row seats til check-in so be sure to check-in on line as soon as that facility opens. Airlines have cottoned on to the advantages of some seats over others and are charging for the privilege. Consider paying on a long haul flight or if you have particular needs. But let’s not encourage them by shelling out for middling seats on short-hops. If you find yourself being allocated a seat in the airport 45 minutes before take-off you might really deserve all you get, however you can still enter into negotiations at the gate. Premium fliers sometimes get bumped to first class. A good travel tip is to ask if anyone has just vacated a really plum airline seat and could you have it.

 Know the good seats

Accepted wisdom states that exit seats are good and anything to the front of the plane is a gain. You can have a look on sites like seatguru.com and seatexpert.com for detailed maps of each plane on each airline. They give ratings to airlines according to comfort level, service and food which you may want to consider before booking. They also have compiled composite advice based on reviews of the best air plane seats. Ultimately it comes down to personal choice and needs. If you want to disembark promptly look for an aisle seat at the front or the back. If you suffer from motion sickness you are best in a wing seat at the window. The wing experiences less turbulence and looking out the window towards the horizon really helps with the conflicting brain messages which cause the nausea. If you have long legs look for a seat with extended leg room like bulk head seats or exit row seats.

Know the bad seats

On an overnight flight an aisle seat is to be avoided. Imagine hopping up and down every moment to allow inside passengers stretch their legs. Bulkhead seats are good for leg room but be warned passengers travelling with infants are often allocated these seats as there is room for a bassinet. Anything in the middle is generally pretty rotten and if there are 5 seats in a row the middle-middle is a real dud. Seats in the middle of the plane are also last to be served food as service usually starts from the front and the back. If seat width is an issue avoid seats which stow the table-top in the arm rest as this reduces the seat width slightly.

 Know the really awful seats

Any seat near the toilet, which has limited recline or does not recline, is squeezed into an after-thought space or has limited leg-room is a total washout. Sites like seat guru help to identify these and travellers should avoid at all costs. If you find yourself in one of these it is time for a charm offensive with the air steward to get reallocated to an empty seat.

By following these travel tips travellers in the know can grab the best airline seats and avoid the most unpleasant.