Mexico Travel Tips and Advice For Women

Planning ahead of time is important for a gratifying and successful vacation.  This involves readying your stuff and getting details on where you will spend your vacation.  It does not need to know everything, but learning the basic things about what to bring matters. Travelling to Mexico is a great experience if you know the guide to follow:

Mexico Travel Guide

1. Packing all the stuff you need is important, but don’t forget to mentally prepared as well.  This will help you understand the different culture of the place you’re headed to.  Don’t be surprised with the practices you are not used to.

2. Mexico has exotic culture and practices, some of which are imitated from the South America. Mostly, cultures and lifestyles in other countries are not easy to do if you are not accustomed to doing it.  When it comes to climate, Mexico has a different weather from Asia, USA and Europe. Therefore it is highly advised that you take time to knowing at once the practices and culture existing in Mexico.

3. Passport is the first and most important thing to carry when driving to Mexico. Known for multiple events of crimes and accidents, bringing big cash amount is discouraged.  A simple waist-pack pocket will do for your needs of money. Also, highways and roads are not totally clean in Mexico.  It helps if you bring extra footwear to use on rough and stony roads.

4. Tips on traveling and kind of clothes to put on are important.  Mexico is a tropical place, so don’t forget your sunscreen. However, mountain areas have cold temperature, that’s why you need to bring thick clothes as well.

5. To overcome loud music during your travel, handy earplugs should be worn on your ears. Many first-class transportations play noisy music late at night. Earplugs help you not to get disturbed.

6. There’s no need to bring with you extra clothes. You will be provided with washing facilities in your place of accommodations. Toiletries, however, can be brought. Don’t forget your own towel because accommodations don’t provide any towels.

Tips for Traveling Women

1. If you’re a woman, one thing you should know when driving to Mexico is that many Mexican men will always look at you.  Those men are easily attracted to women especially to women who are not dressed modestly.

2. Dress up yourself appropriately by not wearing mini-skirts. More importantly, women should always have companions when travelling to Mexico.

3. Don’t dare talk to strangers, especially men who have the intention of flirting with you. In a sense, this tip could be funny, but it is crucial to be cautious because you don’t really know what might happen.

Always bring your Mexican Insurance

And finally, buying your Mexican car insurance before leaving for Mexico is very important. Although you may have car insurance in Canada or US, this insurance is not valid in Mexico.  Therefore, plan ahead to get your car insured immediately before leaving.  Regardless of what driving experience you want to do in Mexico, you will enjoy it if you know you have car insurance with you.

A Sporty Timeout in the Fantastic Caribbean

Tennis time in the Dominican Republic

Enjoy a game of tennis during your timeout in the Caribbean

International Tennis Academy in the Dominican Republic

International Tennis Academy in the Dominican Republic

A holiday in the Caribbean is everybody’s ideal – lying by the pool during daytime, partying in the night time – sounds like a fantastic time!

But you’ll find also numerous options for sports in the DR. Aquatic sports including sailing, kiteboarding seems logical, still there exists much more.

The DR is certainly one of the most well-liked vacation spots. The second-biggest island in the Caribbean, the DR has lots to offer. The beaches are fantastic, and watersport possibilities are huge. But other sports are also fairly well-known right here. You are able to discover golf, tennis, or rafting and many others. The establishments may perhaps occasionally be adjacent with a hotel, but virtually always accessible to be used by anyone.

One specific region which has a fantastic reputation for various sports activities certainly is the Eastern Coast of the in the A sporty timeout in the fantastic Caribbean. Holidaymakers travelling to probably the most recognized towns of Sosua and Cabarete can select from many sports activities. While most tourists arrive here for the beaches and also the water sports, there are also tennis hotels available in the Dominican Republic.

There’s the Sea Horse Ranch  in between Sosua and Cabarete, yet another tennis club may be present in Playa Dorada  and you’ll find various more tennis courts on the premises different resorts in the region.

In case you need to combine those holiday with a match of tennis, and even boost your technique and take  a few classes, here is a tennis school within the Dominican Republic which has a nice site. (click here to head over to to discover excellent details about the tennis scene within the island.  You can find information regarding all resorts with tennis facilities within the several areas in the DR, house rentals, plus of course it’s possible to get tennis training with their tennis school by itself.

Flying First Class Is a Different Experience

So you want to obtain that coveted first class ticket for an upcoming business trip because you have heard of how you will feel pampered on the airplane and this is something you want to try for yourself. In order to upgrade to first class, you need to arrive at the airport at least an hour before your flight takes off because if you come too late, you not get the seating you want. Another way to get a first class ticket is by getting an upgrade using your frequent flyer miles at the airport.

Why You Should Fly First Class

One benefit of flying first class with your first class ticket is that you have access to wider and more comfortable seats and there is also better legroom than other types of airline classes. You also have better boarding experiences as a first class traveler because you will get in a special check-in and security line at the airport and you and other first class travelers are the first ones to board the plane. You will eat gourmet meals on the plane and you can surf the Web and watch movies while flying. You also have the chance to earn more frequent flyer miles as you travel often in first class.

It is Quieter On The Plane

Another reason why flying first class is a different experience is because it is less noisy and crowded on the plane than in economy class. You do not have to worry about screaming babies and children on the plane because generally families will not pay a high price for their children to travel in first class.

Now that you have a first class ticket, here are additional facts about first class travel. Most first class seating spots are in the front of the airplane and there are numerous electric ports to plug your gadgets into and there is also a separate restroom that only first class travelers can use. Other perks of first class travel include towels and toiletries provided by a friendly staff and the privilege to carry more baggage on the plane than those who fly in economy class. If you are a frequent flyer, you should travel first class as often as possible because this is how you earn more miles and rewards with your airliner. Finally, look out for new discounts during the week on first class tickets.

Travel by Limousine in London

Are you planning your next vacation to London?  Do you have a wedding to attending in London?  Are you visiting London for a special corporate event?  Then you must call Easy Limo!  They are the premier private transportation company in London.  They have one of the largest selections of transportation to choose from in London.

Available Autos Include:

  • Hummers
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  • Lincolns
  • Wedding Limousines

Limo Hire London

Limos in London

No limousine would be complete with a professional chauffeur. Easy Limo only employees professional chauffeur’s that will make you feel secure and well represented.  You will be the star of the evening!

Easy Limo’s 24/7 Limo Hire in London

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Travel Free 4 You …

My name is Geoff Venning here in Christchurch beautiful New Zealand and I would like to share with you a tour which I am personally going to experience in August.

My daughter lives in London and works at Kings College University so I thought it time to visit and look around England, Wales, Scotland and including Ireland. We have a niece in Northern Cyprus so on 3rd October we fly to Istanbul then onto Cyprus for 10 days. I thought I would share my coach tour details with you as I did spend sometime researching different options like whether to self-drive or not. The tour I have selected below I believe overall provides the best value for money.

It includes a treasure trove of historic sights, rolling countryside and cultural jewels to explore on this fascinating tour. Breathe in fresh air as we explore the best that Britain and Ireland have to offer, from Roman ruins and stunning Cornish coastlines to Shakespeare’s birthplace. Sights include dazzling London and mystic Stonehenge in addition to the charming streets of Edinburgh and the ancient Giant’s Causeway in Ireland.

 “Insider” Experiences also provide for …

  • Local Speciality Visit the House of Waterford Crystal showroom and workshop
  • Local Guide in Londonderry/Derry, Dublin and Edinburgh
  • Be My Guest Visit one of the most beautiful privately-owned castles in Scotland and meet the family whose ancestors have resided in it since the 16th century. After a tour around the castle with your hosts, enjoy a specially prepared buffet lunch
  • Unique Insight Enjoy a visit to the Guinness Brewery for a Storehouse tour and pint pulling demonstration
  • Unique Insight Visit the fascinating ‘Another Place’ by British artist Anthony Gormley at Crosby Beach near Liverpool
  • Unique Insight Meet the official Town Crier of Chester and hear about the history of this traditional role which dates from medieval times
  • Local Expert Experience Belfast from the comfort of your dedicated Black Cab with expert ‘Cabbie’ commentary
  • Hidden Treasure Enjoy at least one surprise Hidden Treasure experience, unique to your itinerary, courtesy of your expert Travel Director

Travel Highlights include …

  • Return ferry across the Irish Sea between Wales and Ireland
  • First Class hotel accommodation featuring two-bedded rooms/private facilities
  • All hotel service charges and tips, baggage handling fees and local taxes
  • Travel by luxury, air-conditioned coach with reclining seats/on-board restroom
  • The services of a professional Travel Director
  • Audio headsets to clearly hear your guide’s commentary on all sightseeing
  • A travel wallet with your documentation
  • Complimentary keepsake photo and map

Tips for keeping your Passport safe:

  1. Always keep your Passport in a secure place
  2. Don’t carry your Passport in your pocket
  3. Have an additional means of identification on you
  4. Never ever hand your Passport over as a guarantee
  5. Don’t ever leave your Passport in your vehicle
  6. Make a note of your Passport number and take a photocopy of your personal details page, keep this separately from the Passport

So, I have my new e-Passport (contains an integrated circuit chip) new suitcase, I have had a flu jab, booked flights with window seats … always fun when flying over new destinations. Nearer the time I will go online to register all my travel plans with our Ministry of Foreign Affairs (safety precaution only) I have had 2 heart procedures so any practical medical insurance cover is out of the question unfortunately!

As a Tour guide for many years I can truly recommend a World-Class International Travel Company for all your travel experiences. 

Travel With Us for a Journey of a Liftime. Travel and Accommodation at Wholesale Rates.  Enjoy 5 STAR Vacations at 2 & 3 STAR prices. You can even get paid at the sametime by becoming your very own Travel Agent and using the best Travel Search Engine ROVIA  which includes a price pledge and rate shrinker …  a WIN / WIN for all.

You are welcome just to use the product yourself for your own unforgettable vacation or tell others about it and get paid for doing so.

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 Bon Voyage!




Top tips for a round the world trip

When my husband and I made the decision to take a sabbatical from our jobs and head off on a round-the-world trip last year, our first reaction when we booked our flights was one of anticipation and excitement. The second was a dawning sense of panic – how on earth were we going to manage a round-the-world trip with all the youngsters we’d meet on our travels? We spoke to lots of friends before we went (or indeed, the children of friends) and we picked up some invaluable tips which made our trip a breeze.

Shop around for the best flight prices. It’s a big expenditure so don’t feel pressured into taking the first price you’re offered. Be sure not to check out only the official tourist websites, but also travel blogs. These give you a real sense of the parts of the world you want to visit and won’t omit any bad points that might put you off. It’s better that you know now what it’s going to be like so that you don’t end up wasting time and money.

One of the essentials you’ll need is some form of sarong. This is extremely versatile, as you can use it as beachwear, as a shawl or shoulder covering if you enter any religious buildings, as an extra layer on beds or to sit on on beaches or grass. Another extremely useful option is an international SIM card. These mean you can call friends at home and stay in touch with people you’ve met on your travels without spending a fortune on the phone bill. An external hard drive can also be useful if you’re planning on taking lots of photos so you can clear pictures from your camera.

Take some earplugs if you’re a light sleeper. You’ll find yourself on lots of long flights, long train journeys and long bus rides. You won’t sleep a wink if you don’t have something to block out all the noise. Also think about taking a small puzzle book and a pen. You need to make sure there’s something to keep your mind occupied when there are hours of a journey left.

Once Traveling
The most important thing to remember is that you should be flexible. Traveling around the world shouldn’t mean having a strict schedule or rushing around to see everything. If you like a country, don’t feel bad about spending an extra week there before moving on to your next destination. The rest of the world isn’t going anywhere, so make the most of each place as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and shouldn’t be spent being stressed and anxious about time-keeping.

We learn that while some days are better than others when you go traveling for so long, it’s all made bearable if you check in with friends and family back home from time to time and throw yourself into the experience, even if things don’t go to plan. Bon voyage!

Kids suitcase ideas by Valenciaflats

Kids suitcase ideas by Valenciaflats

When planning a journey with children one never is sure about what to put into the suitcase. The list of things that must be carried never ends and once in the journey we sometimes regret not having included that item or having included these ones.

This infographic is done by Valencia Flats , the  top company of holiday rentals in Valencia, Spain.



Here are some ideas that may help you to do the perfect kids suitcase:

The first thing is the suitcase. A funny suitcase for the kid, better a light trolley, It is going to be their “home” for a few days and they need feeling comfortable with it.

A little backpack, different from the school one, will be useful too for the outings.

His/her favourite toy. Only one is the best. Let them choose it and in case it would be the bike or that big lovely bear, try to explain that it must be carried of by him/her at any time as well as the suitcase. Avoid the electronic toys, they might be useless sometimes.

The medicines they are used to take, only in small samples, one thermometer, decorated plasters, an after bite cream, towelettes and toothpaste with toothbrush and a comb. Better in a hard plastic box easy to identify.

Always include a coat, not matter what weather is and best if it is a raincoat. In warm sunny places it is cooler in the evenings and early mornings and if you are going to a beach place, the coat will protect the kid from the wet air in the nights.

High sun protection cream for kids and sun-glasses for mountain and beach. Swimming goggles for the swimming pool and  trunks or swimsuit and armbands if they are still using them.

It is quite useful a small light for the nights with an international socket, not only for the babies but for the growing ups too. Awakening in a strange place is somehow upsetting.

Small pastime like game cards for children, little pencils and a notebook to draw or write will delight them in the long journeys by plane, by car, by train…

The older ones would love to play with their game console too.

Two pairs of comfortable shoes at least, better the sport ones and water resistant and a pair of sandals (that can be used too as slippers)

And why not? A light blanket or duvet if the kid is fond of it, will be useful in the train, in the car, in the sofa having a nap. And an inflatable ball, the little type will do to play in everywhere.

Apartments in Valencia – Free Kids Accommodation

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Travel Safely with a NinjaStik

Don’t leave home witho…. Wait – I think that line is trademarked.

You could be preparing for a trip to the mountains of Nepal, a quick business trip, a resort with sandy beaches, or just a road trip across the country.

In any situation, travel security is important, locking up your valuables, not wearing a fanny pack with all of your stuff in it, have back-up copies of your documents, etc.

What about your data and financial security?

There are serious risks to your data when traveling but the NinjaStik has you covered.

Here are a few scenarios that you may find yourself in while traveling and how the NinjaStik can protect you.

1) Using an unknown or public computer.

You are traveling, you need to get to a computer.  You decide to use a hotel computer, a business center computer, borrow a computer, or use an internet kiosk.  Any computer can easily be setup to record your activity – it takes only seconds to compromise a public computer like those in a hotel business centre.  A compromised or infected computer can record everything you type and look at.   This includes websites you visit, logins, passwords, credit card numbers and pin numbers. Using an unknown computer can give someone complete access to your financial data, your money and your identity.

You just wanted to check your credit card balance, and now someone has cleaned out your credit card and your bank account. All because you used an unknown computer.

If you have a NinjaStik, you are protected from malicious software because you are booting from the NinjaStik – bypassing any software that is already on the computer. All of your data is saved to the NinjaStik, encrypted and secure. There is no trace of your activity on the computer you used – nothing at all.

2) Using an unknown wifi connection.

You have your own computer, so unlike the first scenario, you don’t have to worry that the computer is infected or compromised.  Now you only need to get connected to the internet.  A common hacker tactic is to setup a free wifi signal in a busy tourist area.  Unsuspecting travelers will see the free wifi connection and use it to access the internet.  As soon as you connect, your computer and your data are accessible to the people running the wifi connection.  They could potentially install viruses, malware, keyloggers and other software to steal your data or identity information.

Any data sent through this connection could also be compromised. Most banks, many websites and some email use HTTPS, a secure form of communication, but it is still a risk. When in doubt, don’t use free wifi unless you know the provider or you have a NinjaStik.

Again, a quick check of your credit card balance could leave you with nothing in minutes.

The NinjaStik protects you by using a secure, encrypted connection for all data. With a NinjaStik you can use any open wifi connection securely and safely. Because the communication is encrypted and anonymized, hackers are unable to read your data.

3) Undemocratic, Oppressive countries and regimes / Untrusted Internet Service Providers

Another consideration is the law of the country you are traveling in. Internet privacy and freedom is not always a right. In some countries your internet activity is actively monitored by government agencies. Your internet usage could be monitored and used against you. In the case of business travelers, your company activities could be monitored and valuable data stolen. Corporate espionage is a real and serious threat. This concern applies to all internet connectivity in some countries, where by law all internet communication is monitored, even if you are using the wifi of a major corporation, airport or hotel chain.

A business trip to build new opportunities could result in loss of confidential data, loss of business and unnecessary risk in general.

The NinjaStik protects you in this scenario in the same way as it does for untrusted wifi connections – all communication is fully encrypted, anonymized and protected from intrusion. The NinjaStik uses the TOR network to route all data, which means the systems trying to monitor your activity are unable to even see your data, much less monitor it.

4) Hostile Authorities / Border Guards

In a similar situation to hostile countries and ISPs are other authorities including border guards and police. If you are in a country that does not have personal and privacy rights, your computer can be inspected and/or confiscated.

The NinjaStik uses 256bit encryption for all data saved to the usb drive. 256 bit encryption is so strong that there is no known method of cracking it – not by anyone – governments, police, border guards etc. If anyone takes your NinjaStik and plugs it into a computer it will appear to be an ordinary, empty, unused flash drive. The NinjaStik doesn’t even have a logo or name printed on it – it just looks like a regular USB flash drive.

5) Theft of physical data – if someone steals your computer or regular usb drive.

Last but not least is theft. Most frequent travelers have been victimized by theft at some point or another. You may have had a cell phone, camera, money or other possessions stolen. If someone steals your computer, they can gain access to all of the data saved. Even if you have your computer password protected, it can be accessed quite easily. This includes personal data, email accounts, financial data including saved passwords etc.

A stolen laptop in the wrong hands could lead to a financial loss you may never recover.

This is another situation where the NinjaStik has you covered – if someone steals your NinjaStik, you will certainly be unhappy, your data is gone. The good news is that no one will be able to read or use the data. All data saved to the NinjaStik is protected with 256 bit encryption. So, yes, losing your NinjaStik is not fun, but there is a great deal of peace of mind knowing that the data is never going to get into the wrong hands.

Catered Ski Chalet: Skiing Vs Snowboarding

Are you a skier or a snowboarder? Often times, people select one of the two sports and become avid advocates of it. There seems to an undisputed rivalry between the two and many people view snowboarding to be more challenging and “hip” than skiing. However, skiing has a well-established reputation of being an extreme sport suited for only the most physically fit. If you are staying at a catered ski chalet in a region that offers both sports, why not judge the two for yourself?


To Ski or to Snowboard

Lets say that you are quite familiar with both skiing and snowboarding, however you want to dedicate your time and money into one of the two. The best way to make the decision is to consider a few factors: which sport best suits your budget, which activity is best for your physical abilities and which is your overall preference.

If you feel that your physical abilities allow you to participate in both activities and you are financially able to fully commit to buying the equipment necessary for both then selecting one or the other is really not necessary.

When renting a catered ski chalet it is vital to make sure the region or resort in which you are staying has the capability to both ski and snowboard or has your desired sport.


Both skiing and snowboarding have various costs to consider. For both, you will need to factor in travel costs and the cost of renting a catered ski chalet. The difference between the two sports is of course in the cost of the equipment.

To purchase mid-range snowboarding gear, ideal for intermediate skillsets, it will cost you about $420 for the board, $120 for the binding and $90 for the boots.

For an intermediate skier, you will need to purchase skis at about $600, boots at about $320, $150 for the binding and $120 for the poles.

These are both average prices for equipment and it is possible to purchase used equipment or perhaps find sales. Also, both prices do not take into consideration the cost of lift tickets, which tend to vary from resort to resort.

Skills Needed

Both skiing and snowboarding require advanced physical ability. Snowboarding is often considered to be more difficult, however it very much depends on individual skills sets.

When snowboarding, both of your feet are strapped to a single board and therefore you will need to learn how to move as one fluid object in order to be able to be a good at the sport. Initially, learning this skill is considered to be more difficult than learning how to ski, however, once you have mastered it, it is no longer a challenge.

Skiing is considered a more “streamlined slope experience” because you can use both legs to stand and move which is less labour intensive (at first) than hopping along mountain troughs on a board.

Trails and Slopes

Prior to renting a catered ski chalet you should research the area in which you are planning your holiday to determine whether they are best known for skiing, snowboarding or both.

Snowboarders typically prefer fluffy, powdery terrain while skiers like icier bumpier trails better. If snowboarding is your preference, make sure the area you are looking at allows for snowboarding, as a select few do not.

Virtual Mailboxes with Mail Forwarding Services for Travelers

The world has become a global community of results driven people, thanks to ICT systems and mail forwarding services. Today irrespective of where you are, you can easily get to know what is happening in the other corner of the globe. People are traversing the globe doing business. The ability to access mail in a timely manner for travelers has greatly been aided by the use of virtual mailboxes. Travelers who need to get their mails in a timely fashion make use of the virtual mailboxes. This is a relatively new service. The use of this kind of service has been embraced by travelers and other people who are well informed about the developments taking place in the tech world.

It is expected that with time more people will get to use this service as it becomes known to the masses. A virtual mailbox works more or less in the same manner the physical addresses work. The clients signs up for a virtual box and forwards all the mails to this box. The mail forwarding companies offer the clients with the virtual addresses which do not represent the physical address of the clients. With a virtual street address the customers’ mails are sent to a location which is selected by the customers. These virtual mailboxes offer more than just convenience to the travelers. The additional benefits which accrue as a result of hiring the services of a mailbox forwarding company include:

Benefits of Virtual Mailboxes and Mail Forwarding Services

Access to Mail Online:

Mail forwarding companies are today scanning the mails and making them available online. In this way clients especially travelers are able to access their mails from anywhere in the world. The travelers are assured of not getting to miss anything which is important while in their travels. This offers a peace of mind to the travelers.

Enhanced Security:

Virtual mailboxes provided a higher level of security for the travelers. It is virtually impossible to tell the physical address of the travelers. The travelers get to eliminate unwanted visitors to their homes coming to deliver mail. This is also a good solution for people who conduct most of their businesses online. Given the number of scammers online it is good to remain anonymous as the situations demand.

Eliminates Snail Mail Pile Up:

With mail forwarding, travelers are able to access their mails immediately they are delivered to their virtual mailboxes. This means that the customers get to read their mails as they arrive eliminating possible mail pile up which is often the case with physical mail addresses for travelers.

Selecting a Mail Forwarding Company

In selecting an ideal mail forwarding company to do the delivery of mails, an individual needs to look at a number of issues related to different companies. One of the most important attributes for consideration is the reputation of the companies. A good reputation for a company implies that the company has been able to satisfy the needs of its customers.

“Mail forwarding is a service which is fast changing the way business is conducted” says Andrey Priadkin, Online Marketing Expert.

To find a virtual mailbox service that fits your needs check out mail forwarding companies list at