Cincinnati the Paris of America

Whoever said America is a place with no history should come to Cincinnati. One of the largest and most prominent cities of Ohio, at the Turn of the Century, Cincinnati was known as the “Paris of America”. This was – and still is – due to the Italianate architecture found in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, home to countless European immigrants and tourist attraction to thousands of visitors.

Here are some interesting facts about Cincinnati! As it was the first major city to be built in the aftermath of the American Revolution, Cincinnati is known as a purely American town, so there is no better place to feel the life of America than here, yet preserve the veneer of the European spirit in architecture and style.

There is much to see and do here, especially music and sports events. Cincinnati is home to two major teams: the Bengals and the Reds, so the place is bound to attract much attention from sports fans. But this is not to say there are no academic or cultural attractions. Part of the University of Cincinnati, the Medical College of Ohio was founded in 1819.

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What to Look for in a Retirement Community

There comes a time in everyone’s life when age has made common tasks exceedingly difficult. Something as simple as grocery shopping can turn into a major problem when someone gets old enough. Not only does this make life hard for an older person, it creates a large amount of stress for their families. We love our parents and we want them to be safe. At the same time, however, we also want them to maintain their freedom and independence. This is precisely what a retirement community offers.

The Truth
Many senior care facilities have a bad reputation but this is, more often than not, founded on a lack of information rather than anything else. Senior retirement communities are not, in any way, to be confused with nursing homes or hospice care. The emphasis in these communities is on life, freedom, and independence, three things everyone wants.

A retirement community is simply a community of people. The only real requirement is that residents be above a certain age. The ultimate goal of a retirement community is to allow seniors to continue to live on their own by providing maintenance and worry free living in an attractive and well cared for neighborhood.

Quality Senior Housing
One of the first things you should look for, when choosing a retirement community, is quality senior housing. Since the purpose is to allow them to enjoy their life, the housing needs to be attractive and functional. Remember that many seniors have special requirements, especially when it comes to things such as showers and bathtubs, so the housing should cater to these needs.

You’ll also want to make sure the housing, whether they are individual houses or condo type apartments, are as attractive and desirable as possible. Everyone wants to live in a nice house but there is more to it. Many senior retirement communities offer full home ownership as well as a place to live. You’ll want to make sure your parents or loved ones are making a wise investment.

Compassionate Health Services
The health services offered by a retirement community should also be a major concern. Seniors tend to have more extensive health requirements than younger people. This includes regular appointments with physical therapy professionals as well as typical doctors and specialists. In addition to this, many seniors have specific medical needs that must be taken care of on a regular basis.

As part of a worry free life, the retirement community you choose should have compassionate health services. This can include professional nurses and caregivers, as well as on-site facilities for things such as physical rehabilitation.

A Great Place to Live
Overall, however, the main requirement for a senior retirement community should be that it’s a great place to live. Remember that the whole goal, the entire focus, is on enjoying life. Make sure the community has everything your parent or loved one will need to achieve this goal. They will be happier, healthier, and have a better outlook on life when all of their needs are met without frustration or complication.

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Top Sights in Kailua Kona

Kailua Kona is the name of a town that is located on the western shoreline of the big Hawaii Island. Most people know this town for the excellent dry and sunny weather, the coastline, its people, its warmth and its food. This town has a lot to offer any visitor and one visit there is not enough. There are many historical and cultural places to visit while in Kailua Hawaii and the warm weather allows tourists to engage in different forms of water sports, surfing being one of them. For those who dread going into the water, they can as well lie or stroll on the glistening sandy beaches as they enjoy a spectacular view of the pristine waters of the expansive ocean.

Besides giving travelers some very exciting and scenic sites, Kailua Kona is a great shopping town and you will find souvenirs of all types to take home with you. Shops line both sides of Alii drive where you can get souvenirs, T-shirts, fashion outfits, jewelry and sculpture. In addition, you can pay a visit on weekends to shopping centers such as Kona Inn Shopping Village and get great stuff at bargain prices. Even if you do not want to buy much, go ahead and just look. You will enjoy the window shopping experience. If you love sampling new dishes, you will find great food from several restaurants there. There is food for everyone irrespective of their budget.

5 Great places to visit in Kailua Kona

  1. Visit ‘Ahu’ena Heiau temple

This is a historic site, which is also known as King Kamehameha. The story goes that the great king settled in this temple during his sunset days. It has attracted numerous visitors who have come in Hawaii in the past. Your visit to this Island will not be complete without a tour of this temple. While there, you can also go to Kamakahonu beach which is one of the loveliest beaches around. Enjoy a day or two snorkeling or kayaking but if none of those interest you, just walk along the Kailua beach.

  1. Hulihe’s Palace

This magnificent palace is a few minutes-drive from the King Kamehameha temple. The building has survived a few centuries but still standing intact. It was built in 1838 and at the time, it was used as a vacation home for visiting royal families. Today, it hosts a fully established museum housing great collections of Koa’s furniture and photos of the royalty of Hawaii. A visit to the museum will give you a greater understanding of the culture of Hawaii.

  1. Take a tour to the Painted Church

This site attracts numerous tourists who come to Hawaii every year. It was built in the 1800s and it was named Saint Benedict’s Catholic Church. However, in the 20th century Father John Velge decided to paint frescoes on the ceiling and it’s inside walls presenting Biblical stories. Although years have taken a toll on this building, be sure to visit it; the paintings will really mesmerize you.

  1. Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Park

It is also referred to as the Place of Refuge, which means a place where offenders of law could get forgiveness and asylum, according to the culture of Hawaii. The national park has reconstructed Hawaiian houses, Petro glyphs and temples. The most striking site in the park is the expansive wall, which measures 1000ft long, 10ft high and 17ft in breadth. This wall separates the palace from the Place of Refuge. There is no better way of learning the culture of the people of Kailua Kona than by visiting this historic site.

  1. Hikiau Heiau temple

This is located on the Southern side of Kailua Kona. In this temple, human sacrifices were given to the gods. This might sound weird but it really used to happen in this town. The temple is an imposing stone structure standing on the south of Kealakekua Bay. The popular Captain Cooke used to be worshipped here as the god Lono, deity of agriculture, music and fertility. This is a must-see sight but not for the faint hearted. It can be difficult to imagine yourself placed on the stone ready to be sacrificed. Nevertheless, for those who are doubtful about this and similar kinds of past practices, it is an opportunity to come to terms with reality.

If you have not visited Kailua Kona yet, make it your next holiday destination. You will love the experience that you will get from its lovely beaches, amazing weather and distinct historic and cultural sites.

Benefits of A Limo Service When Traveling

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Need An Airport Limousine For Your Vacation?

Our John Wayne Airport Limo is the leading airport limo service in township for greater than 10 years, and over the last few years, we’ve served over one thousand happy clients, who are all ecstatic to employ our solutions again and return.

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We have been a reliable limo company for decades, and we have experienced nearly every sort of scenario. So, you could be certain that we shall manage to manage any sort of scenario that you belong to.

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How To Find Limo Services Online

Corporate travelers are constantly searching for methods to make their travel better. Many factors go into what the very best method would be to get to and from the airport. In the event you’re on the fence and attempting to determine whether to rent car service or not, consider these benefits prior to making your choice.


6 Passenger limousine

1. Productivity
Time is valuable for corporate travelers, so being free to send emails, make phone calls, and work throughout the airport transport is an enormous advantage.

2. Dependability
The worst nightmare for many airport travelers is missing their flight and showing up late. Most limousine companies will correct the pick – up time founded in the flights and monitor your flights in the event of any delays genuine arrival time. You also change to a distinct flight and the only time you’d have to get in touch with your supplier is assuming that your flight is canceled.

3. Efficiency
Limousine services which are dedicated to transport have dedicated staff that are experts in traffic patterns and tracks traffic reports helping you to really take the most effective course to your own designation.

4. Economical
Parking fees, rental cars, becoming lost in an unknown city, or just sitting in traffic all costs cash to you.

5. Time saving
This easy advantage could be critical in the event you’re in a time crunch. Contingent upon your scenario, this might be the difference between making your flight and close the huge deal, or not. One of the Limousine services we recommend for our business clients is because of their prompt and reliable service.

Consider all these advantages against the price of an airport transport and consider what matters most to you. You have the knowledge of what to perform, when the advantages outweigh the costs. The advantages of utilizing a trusted limo service for your next airport transfer much outweigh the price of parking and rental car fees.

F1 Austin GP packages – Luxury Travel!

The Austin Grand Prix is the newest race in the Formula One championship,  and already attracts motor-sport enthusiasts, Film stars and music legends from around the world.

Austin is the capital city of Texas and has a reputation for great music and night life – known as The Live Music Capital of the World. With live music everywhere you go, you’ll soon realise why. The city really has a lot to offer, so preparation is needed to make the most of your Austin GP packages.

After a five year break, the US Grand Prix returned to north America in 2012 at the purpose built “Circuit of The Americas”. Here motor sport fans are treated to 56 laps of action as the world’s greatest drivers negotiate the 3.4 mile track. As the season comes to an end, teams will be fighting for the last few championship points – sure to be a thrilling spectacle.

Other than F1 Austin has lots to offer. Austin is a city full of culture, fine restaurants, music and shopping. There are restaurants to suite everyones taste from Contemporary Japanese dining, to all American gourmet burgers and obviously Tex-Mex! Seasoned travellers to Austin recommend breakfast tacos from Juan in a Million and Gourdough’s Specialty Doughnuts. With so much choice you might have to come back again.

Want some retail therapy? Then Austin has what you need. With a huge choice of independent retailers, top designer labels and boutiques you won’t be disappointed. Getting yourself a ten gallon hat and a pair of cowboy boots before the race won’t be hard.

With more music venues per capita than any other city in the US, there’s a guarantee of a great night out. Whatever genre of music you enjoy, there’ll be something to entertain. There are numerous nightclubs on 6th street so you’ll be able to party the night away in style.

If thats not enough, Austin has a vibrant Arts and culture scene. With festivals, theatre, opera, museums and galleries, this cosmopolitan city has it all.

With so much going on, why not get help planning you’re perfect trip with one of the Austin GP packages on offer. Bespoke F1 hospitality packages can be arranged to include everything you need and want. Along with the best tickets to F1 Austin we’ll take care of your hotels, flights, dining and entertainment.

Book your trip now and see why Texas is such a great holiday destination.

Northern California Winery Escapes

Northern California is known for many things from San Francisco to the excellent wine vineyards!  Northern California winery escapes are some of the best around given the close proximity of so many great wineries.

California is one of the richest wine producing states in the US. and Northern California wine tasting is best the The Napa Valley wine country. Located in the northern region of California, this is home to miles of vineyards and many different wineries – all of which produce different wine varietals and blends. The climate of Northern California makes this area a perfect spot for wine lovers to take a vacation. Enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the many excursions available make this California destination a special place for couples and other groups of wine enthusiasts.


The Road to Dry Creek tasting pass is only $25 for Tasting Pass for two to Sonoma’s best wineries. Dry Creek Valley has long been home to some of California’s finest Zinfandel. More recently, this picturesque valley has grown in renown for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, becoming one of the best tasting regions in the Wine Country to visit. The Dry Creek Tasting Pass provides complimentary tasting experiences for 2 to Dry Creek’s best wineries. Deux Amis Winery, Dry Creek Vineyard, Fritz Underground Winery, Hook and Ladder Vineyards, Mutt Lynch Winery, Sbragia Winery, & Viszlay winery. Includes Complimentary Wine Tasting for 2 and 10-15% off Bottle Purchase at most wineries.

The Sip Sonoma Tasting Card for two  includes free tastings, bottle discounts, & barrel tastings to over 20 Sonoma Wineries. Not sure where to go or what to taste The Sonoma Wine Passport will not only act as a regional guide but offer huge savings as well. The easiest and most affordable way to experience the best wineries in Napa and Sonoma county, California’s most popular wine region boasting the biggest Cabs and sensational Chardonnays!

Whether you prefer the wineries of Sonoma or Napa, it is easy to see why Northern California wine tasting includes a mecca of wineries. There are many different places to explore, along with many different ways to see this beautiful wine country.

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Hot Spots throughout Columbia South Carolina

Columbia SC is more than just one big city – throughout this charming city are a number of districts that offer a unique edge.  On a recent trip to check out relocating to Columbia SC, we visited some of the hot spots in each district and found some hidden gems.

Congaree Vista

This was a warehouse district that has been updated to a lively arts community with some fun dining options.  For beer lovers, you must check out Microbrews at Liberty Tap Room – there are 5 locations in South Carolina and this spot is in one of the hippest locations.

Five Points

This area emerged more than 75 years ago with a laid-back vibe that exists today.   Just east of the area is Devine Street which offers a more upscale vibe.  If you are looking for live music, check out Five Points Pub – another beer haven.

Main Street | Downtown Columbia

Main Street is quickly becoming the hip part of town as this is the hub of Columbic SC Real Estate.  Condos, new restaurants and nightlife hot spots are catering to a youthful set of residents.  A hot weekly event is the local Soda City Market on the 1500 block.

West Vista

Looking for some awesome antiques?  This is the ideal location with a bunch of old shops including the local favorite – the Old Mill Antique Mall.

Decker International Corridor

The word International speaks volumes.  Looking for a quiet not-too-hip scene, this might be the best neighborhood for you.  We loved the Vietnamese noodles at Pho Viet Restaurant and kimchi at O Bok Korean Restaurant.

Main Street | Lexington

Main Street is full of historic charm, and its cobblestone lanes are lined with antique shops, delis and boutiques. The open-air mall, Shoppes at Flight Deck is a modern mecca for dining, bars and shopping.


Irmo is one of the nicest towns in the Columbia SC area and Harbison is a part of that scene. This area has endless dining, hotel and shopping options.  Be careful or a full day of shopping at the Columbiana Mall might do you in.

Village at Sandhill

Sandhill is a great live/work community that instills the ‘live local’ vibe.   There are a variety of locally owned shops and restaurants – all within a comfortable walking distance.  Take the time to breath in this area while bird watching in Sesquicentennial State Park.


Everyone loves Lake Murray and Chapin is the gateway to this relaxed lakeside lifestyle.  Why do we love it?  There is not a mega-big-box store in sight.  Take in the local scenery while sitting in the courtyard at the Tipsy Toad Tavern.

Forest Acres

Looking for a slow, laid back, grassroots community?  This community lives true to good old fashioned values.  To top off the wholesome lifestyle?  You must try the infamous mac n’ cheese from Tombo Grille…Yum.

Niagara Falls Weddings

The Niagara Falls are well known as a popular honeymoon and tourist destination, but it’s also a really intimate place really hold your wedding. There are lots of superstitions surrounding the huge waterfall, that people just fall in love if they are there so it’s an all-natural place to get married. This article gives you some suggestions and ideas.

Where To Hold your Wedding

A big hotel like the Giacomo, a popular Buffalo Hotel, is a great place.

If you wish to have your wedding in Niagara falls, you don’t need to necessarily go to a big fancy place like The Giacomo. You can have a small wedding, at a bed and breakfast, that has a chapel and a small reception hall. There are many bed and breakfasts, and family owned inns, that work well for this type of low key wedding.

For something more unique and particular, you can get married right outside in the water. The Maid of the Mist is a local boat tour which takes passengers to the base of the Niagara Falls for a loud and thundering experience. The Maid of the Mist bout tour allows for weddings on board the ship, but you need to do all the planning yourself, and that includes having an official who is licensed to legally perform the wedding ceremony for you. There are many florists and chapels all through the city, so making arrangements is quite easy, and comfortable.

The Niagara Area is Prime Wine Country
There are many vineyards in this area, with many acres of hills and fruiting grapevines. The vineland estates is an example location, and the Carriage House restaurant here is perfect, for a modest, yet tight-knit reception dinner.

The Niagara Falls Honeymoon
After your wedding is complete, the next important thing to plan out is the honeymoon, in the Niagara falls. Historically, one of the first honeymooners to come to Niagara Falls were Jerome Bonaparte and his new wife in 1803. That is Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother, in the event you noticed the last name.

Whatever honeymoon activities you plan on doing, do your best to plan ahead and make reservations whenever you can, so you can prevent any last minute issues. Remember, Niagara falls is a very popular destination, for honeymooners, and tourists alike. We recommend that when you do arrive, making car rental arrangements. There are many local car rental companies, such as Dollar Buffalo Car Rental, Thrifty Buffalo Car Rental, and more.