Five Activity Ideas for Your Barge Holiday in France

Cruising along a French canal and taking in the charm of the surrounding scenery is certainly a highlight of exploring this beautiful country by boat, but the joys of taking a barge holiday in France extend beyond the waterways to cover a whole range of exciting excursions and activities, with something to suit every taste and all ages. Read on for some of the most memorable.



Get Active

While a barge holiday in France is the perfect opportunity to relax, it is also worth taking advantage of the opportunities the French countryside offers for more active pursuits, such as cycling, walking or horse riding, all of which can be combined with barge travel. Canal routes also pass by some of France’s finest golf courses, offering golfers the chance to play a round or two.

 Paint a Picture

The idyllic scenery on display during a barge holiday in France is an artist’s dream, and what better way to preserve the experience than by painting a picture to take home – especially in a country that has produced so many renowned artists? The number of scenes to choose from – including picturesque old towns and villages and peaceful canal banks – offer plenty of opportunities for doing so, and the experience of painting a beautiful scene can be just as special as the results.

Enjoy the Cuisine

As well as the scenery and the culture, one of the most appealing aspects of a barge holiday in France is the fantastic food on offer. France is justifiably famous for its cuisine, which contains regional dishes from all around the country, and exploring the provinces by barge allows visitors to try some of the regional specialties at their most authentic. With the fertile farmland and bustling market towns, the country’s finest produce is at your fingertips.

Discover Local History

The history of France is a fascinating and layered one, filled with varied cultural influences and dramatic events, and some of the country’s most interesting historic sites are to be found along its waterways, from Roman ruins to striking chateaux – and even the canals themselves, some of which date back to the seventeenth century.

Watch the Wildlife

For lovers of nature, a barge holiday in France is a wonderful opportunity to see some incredible wildlife up close. The busy ecosystem of the water’s edge is thriving with plants and animals, with something different to see in every season, so that this is always a journey of discovery. From an exciting array of avian life to the fish that swim underneath the barge, there is plenty to be seen. Especially fun for those travelling as a family is to see who can spot the most different species of creatures along the way.

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