Casona Plams in Mahahual Mexico

Casona Palms

We had the luxury of staying at Casona Palms when we visited Mahahual, Mexico last month. All I can say is WOW! What a gorgeous vacation villa!

It was perfect in every single way! I don’t even know where to start. The home is gorgeous, cool and comfortable even with no ac. The breeze flows thru the house so it is always comfortable. It is well stocked with everything you need. I could sit for hours just looking at the sea. We went for a snorkel almost every day. There are several small coral reefs right in front of the home. Each time I saw something different; octopus, lobster, barracuda, snapper, blue tang, conch, star fish, sea anemones…. the list goes on and on! The care takers were very nice. Angelina keep the house clean and tidy and kept the beds made every day. They were always there if we needed them, but never really in the way. Most times we didn’t even know they were home. We ventured to see ruins, and the lake, and swam in cenotes, ate tamales from the street vendors. We had a BLAST! I highly recommend this home if you are looking for paradise. It is heavenly!

We found this property on VRBO, here is a link:  Casona Palms

Here is another view of the beach!  Love it here….


Nowra Bamarang Bush Retreat

Nowra is an amazing Australian city to visit. If you are still deciding about which sights to go, make sure that you do not overlook the Nowra famous hotels. The city is known for its rich history and culture; the people are very friendly and accommodating as well.

If you get your way to the Fleet Air Arm Museum, located at HMAS Nowra and want to explore the whole place, you surely can check out the other cool places that are within the proximity. There are many hotels,restaurants, fishing spots, and of course the beaches. If you love the beach, you may want to see and enjoy the Archer Resort. Convenience meets comfort at Archer Resort as it is located at the heart of Nowra so you have access to everything the exotic South Coast has to offer.

In the Bamarang Bush Retreat, while you are accommodated at Bamarang Bush Retreat, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as:

  • Nature walks treks and hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing
  • Viewing bush animas

Also make sure that you book for a good Nowra accommodation if you are staying for more than a day. Staying in this city for more than a day will be so much fun and you do not have to worry about your temporary home because you can find and experience best Nowra hotel accommodations. You will never run out of places to go. Book for a nice Nowra accommodations today and have the exploration at the soonest possible time.

Cincinnati the Paris of America

Whoever said America is a place with no history should come to Cincinnati. One of the largest and most prominent cities of Ohio, at the Turn of the Century, Cincinnati was known as the “Paris of America”. This was – and still is – due to the Italianate architecture found in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, home to countless European immigrants and tourist attraction to thousands of visitors.

Here are some interesting facts about Cincinnati! As it was the first major city to be built in the aftermath of the American Revolution, Cincinnati is known as a purely American town, so there is no better place to feel the life of America than here, yet preserve the veneer of the European spirit in architecture and style.

There is much to see and do here, especially music and sports events. Cincinnati is home to two major teams: the Bengals and the Reds, so the place is bound to attract much attention from sports fans. But this is not to say there are no academic or cultural attractions. Part of the University of Cincinnati, the Medical College of Ohio was founded in 1819.

The place is buzzing with life and verve, but in order to negotiate the place best, you are going to need some Reliable Transportation in Cincinnati. And for this purpose, did you actually know that you can travel as a “Royal” in Cincinnati? Find out how!

Royal Cab suggests a great Cincinnati taxi service, dividing its offer between royal Sedan, van Limo, SUV and Bus Limo. Depending on your travel needs and the size of the group, the company can accommodate you and offer incredible services in exchange for the lowest prices.

Booking the taxi transfer is very easy and can be done either by phone or online, so your Cincinnati experience will be rendered absolutely fabulous by the most Reliable Transportation in Cincinnati. Have a great American trip!

What to Look for in a Retirement Community

There comes a time in everyone’s life when age has made common tasks exceedingly difficult. Something as simple as grocery shopping can turn into a major problem when someone gets old enough. Not only does this make life hard for an older person, it creates a large amount of stress for their families. We love our parents and we want them to be safe. At the same time, however, we also want them to maintain their freedom and independence. This is precisely what a retirement community offers.

The Truth
Many senior care facilities have a bad reputation but this is, more often than not, founded on a lack of information rather than anything else. Senior retirement communities are not, in any way, to be confused with nursing homes or hospice care. The emphasis in these communities is on life, freedom, and independence, three things everyone wants.

A retirement community is simply a community of people. The only real requirement is that residents be above a certain age. The ultimate goal of a retirement community is to allow seniors to continue to live on their own by providing maintenance and worry free living in an attractive and well cared for neighborhood.

Quality Senior Housing
One of the first things you should look for, when choosing a retirement community, is quality senior housing. Since the purpose is to allow them to enjoy their life, the housing needs to be attractive and functional. Remember that many seniors have special requirements, especially when it comes to things such as showers and bathtubs, so the housing should cater to these needs.

You’ll also want to make sure the housing, whether they are individual houses or condo type apartments, are as attractive and desirable as possible. Everyone wants to live in a nice house but there is more to it. Many senior retirement communities offer full home ownership as well as a place to live. You’ll want to make sure your parents or loved ones are making a wise investment.

Compassionate Health Services
The health services offered by a retirement community should also be a major concern. Seniors tend to have more extensive health requirements than younger people. This includes regular appointments with physical therapy professionals as well as typical doctors and specialists. In addition to this, many seniors have specific medical needs that must be taken care of on a regular basis.

As part of a worry free life, the retirement community you choose should have compassionate health services. This can include professional nurses and caregivers, as well as on-site facilities for things such as physical rehabilitation.

A Great Place to Live
Overall, however, the main requirement for a senior retirement community should be that it’s a great place to live. Remember that the whole goal, the entire focus, is on enjoying life. Make sure the community has everything your parent or loved one will need to achieve this goal. They will be happier, healthier, and have a better outlook on life when all of their needs are met without frustration or complication.

 BIO:   At Marian Village you feel as though you’ve stepped into an environment of warmth and sophistication with an abundance of good food, activities and amenities. Marian Village presents a unique opportunity for remarkable retirement living while serving as an excellent alternative to the cost and time-consuming demands of maintaining a home. Find us on Google Plus

Sultanahmet Hotels

Our Balcony-WOW what a view!

It’s my second time to be in Istanbul, and I feel regretful not to stay in this hotel on my last trip. I came Istanbul with a package tour, and stayed one of the Sultanahmet hotels some two years ago and it was a total disaster. Hotel menu was poor, price was very high and so on… Though I loved the city and decided to come back again.

So I came again, and stayed Premist Hotel. Room layout is perfect, so does its panoramic view of Istanbul. When you look out the window, you see nearly whole seven hills of Istanbul. Staff are always smiling and so kind to you. Breakfast buffet is totally amazing. In each food, there is both Turkish and English descriptions of the meal you want to eat. And price is kinda low when I compared with menus of other Sultanahmet hotels.

Rooms are all good designed and each room has its own fridge and mini-bar. Bathrooms are cleaned in an hourly basis and are perfectly clean. Free snacks are everywhere. Even in your first step to your room, you feel the comfort and luxury.

Another major advantage of Premist Hotel is its location. This Sultanahmet hotel is near to nearly all the historical sites of Istanbul. What do I mean by historical sites, let’s say, European side of the city. If you want to see Topkapi Palace, it is five minutes by foot. And if you want to drink a cup of Turkish coffee on the seaside, it’s ten minutes on foot and five minutes by train. It’s amazing. If you are a low budgeted traveller and eager to see Istanbul with a short money and with best quality, I think Premist Hotel is the perfect choice among all the hotels in Sultanahmet.

I chose this hotel randomly, but I found the place very satisfactory. I stayed there, and if I come back again, definitely I will stay in there.

All-Inclusive Vacations: What They Don’t Include

All-Inclusive Vacations: Is it “all” really included?

Vacations are a way to re-connect with yourself, relax and get away from the daily routine of life. And though they can be an expensive luxury, that needn’t be the case. Many 5-star accommodations are aware of this and they usually offer all-inclusive deals which can make the experience more accessible.

These all-inclusive vacation packages are some of the most popular travel packages offered by travel agencies and resorts. They are extremely popular from December to April during the high Caribbean season, which should come as no surprise, but would you believe there are even specific resorts which provide only all-inclusive travel?

Looking back at when all-inclusive travel emerged, it was in the 1950s that Club Med resorts introduced an all-inclusive scheme in their resorts. Over the years, different resorts have altered the model depending on the services offered by the particular hotel.

So what are you actually getting?

While most all-inclusive vacation packages cover the same basic staples, some include amenities that may surprise you.

Some of the fairly standard items include the following:

  • three meals a day
  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • transport services
  • sports facilities and equipment
  • instructors for sports like water aerobics, archery, and swimming

And some resorts even offer the following:

  • spa treatments
  • live shows
  • 24×7 room service
  • laundry
  • airport transfers

We often get swayed by the “All Inclusive” sign on a deal thinking that this might be the best available at the quoted prices, forgetting to focus on the tiny asterisk that could literally cost us a fortune later. It is highly important to list all the things you need and don’t need and then do your homework on the various packages offered in order to select the best one suited for your needs.

And what’s not necessarily included?

The following are some of the things one must remember before booking an all-inclusive vacation:

  • No airfare – Most of the packages do not include airfare and one must be prepared to shell out for their own tickets.
  • Airport transfers – While some vacation resorts do offer free airport transfers for their all-inclusive packages, some — like those in the Dominican Republic — can charge up to $30 per transfer.
  • Limited alcohol – You should be aware that many of the hotels do not offer an all-you-can drink pass, and at some you might have to pay if you want an upgrade from a simple wine to a champagne-based cocktail. Premium brands of alcohol are also often an extra charge.
  • Sports – While most non-motorized sports facilities are included in these packages, several trademark destination-based activities like snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing and zip-lining are not included in the all-inclusive packages.
  • Services like babysitting, dry cleaning, tour excursions,  and beauty treatments are also not included in all-inclusive vacation packages.
  • None of the packages include honeymoon and anniversary specials, nor are birthday parties included.
  • Room service – Although integral to almost all hotels, room services might not be included in your vacation package. In fact, some hotels might even charge you extra for having your meals delivered to your room.
  • Internet – While it is downright preposterous that one has to pay for wireless in the 21st century, unfortunately some resorts do charge you for connecting to their Wi-Fi services. Some resorts might have complimentary internet services in the lobby but most of them charge for every byte your iPhone uses to keep you in touch with the outside world.

The above list is a great way to estimate the financial cost of your vacation, so make sure to do a little bit of research for the trip ahead. Also you can join us for Part 2 of this article where we cover the non-monetary cost of going the all-inclusive route: “All Inclusive Vacations: What They Don’t Include (Part 2).”

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Get Great Wall Beijing Airport Tour To Your Desired Place In The Capital Of China

Being the China’s capital and a significant cultural and transportation center, Beijing with its long history has a lot to offer to the visitors. Here some of the treasures of Chinese history and culture are hidden, mixed with a scenic beauty.

There are multiple landmark tours offered that allow guests to start exploring the wonders of the city and the region, where famous dynasties ruled over the great empire. Get great wall Beijing Airport tour to the Forbidden City, which for five centuries has been the imperial palace of emperors from different dynasties, including the Ming and the Qing. Today, the Palace Museum takes place there.

The unique Temple of Heaven is another must-see attraction, in which solemn rituals has been performed long time ago by emperors to multiply harvests. Both of these sites have been constructed by the Yongle Emperor between 1406 and 1420.

Your next stops could be the Summer Palace and the Ming tombs, where 13 emperors of the Ming Dynastyhave been buried.Tourists can take a look at their majestic mausoleums in the largest tomb. The second largest tomb is the Dingling Tomb, which is a typical imperial tomb, opened to the public as well.

Obviously, the most notable attraction, located near Beijing, is the Great Wall, and especially its Badaling Section. Get great wall Beijing Airport tour to the so-called Eighth Wonder of the World, where you can use a cable car or walk on the stone wall enjoying the beautiful panoramas.

Another tour is offered from Beijing Airport to the Mutianyu Section, which is among the prettiest parts of the wall. Mutianyu provides ideal opportunities for hiking on the wall or taking a cable car, if you are tired. For as little as 3 or 4 hours, people will be able to see all the interesting things there, including the 22 watchtowers and the Mutianyu pass and learn more about its history.

Those, who love classical music, can also pay a visit to the popular Beijing Opera, where they may enjoy classical dance styles and singing that date from the times of Ming Dynasty.

Tourists can also visit any of the public parksin Beijing early in the morning to meet the local people who do their exercises outdoors at these places. Different kinds of physical activities can be seen in these parks, such as jogging, ballroom dancing and tai’chi.


Going Camping? Then Hire a Minibus to Get You There

It doesn’t matter what the weather is like in the UK, there are still many of us that enjoy camping trips.

Are you planning on going camping with some friends? Don’t want to take the car. Then hire a minibus and driver to get you there. If there are quite a few of you going, you will most likely have to go in separate vehicles, if you were driving yourself. With a minibus you can all travel in style and comfort together, even if it’s just for the weekend. Choosing to hire a minibus with its driver is cheaper than having to fuel etc. more than one vehicle to get you there. Start your adventure from leaving home together, before getting to the campsite.

Minibuses are probably a lot safer than years gone by, because they have to pass such vigorous rules and regulations. They are very spacious giving you plenty of leg room, and to pack away all your camping gear. Minibus companies can now fit trailers to the back of their vehicles for extra luggage.

Hiring a minibus means you can chat away with your friends and family along the way. Plus, you can travel in style and comfort. Many of the minibus companies around the country now have their vehicles fitted with seatbelts, air conditioning, CD and DVD players, plasma TVs, tables, reclining seats, docks for iPods, tinted windows and even curtains.

No need to worry about keeping an eye on the other traffic or getting lost. Minibus drivers are very knowledgeable about roads, where road works etc. are, giving you an enjoyable journey to let you relax. You can rest assured that your minibus driver will get you to the campsite without any hitches. Not only will they drive you there, but also take you home at the end of your holiday. Most minibuses seat from 8 to 16 people. They will also pick you up door-to-door or at a location of your choice.

If you are planning a camping trip over in Europe, you must check that the drivers have the necessary documents. There are more rules over there about buses transporting passengers.

Camping can be very enjoyable if you like the outdoors. Cooking your food in the open-air can give it a certain taste that is different to indoor cooking. Many campsites have buildings for showers and toilets these days, as well as running water. They are not as primitive as they once was. Plus, the tents you can buy have separate rooms in them. They are lot more comfortable, making your camping trip a lot more enjoyable.

Many people are taking up camping as some form of holiday, because it’s cheaper than staying in a hotel. You can also tour around, and not stay in one spot for your holiday. The only downside to camping in the UK is probably the weather. We cannot guarantee good weather from one day to the next. So, as long as you don’t mind getting wet, camping is the way to go.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter a Private Jet

Riding a private jet is one of the ultimate fantasies of travelers worldwide. After all, who doesn’t want to take flight on a plane that is exclusively theirs (even for just a day)? Beyond the aesthetics, there are also tangible values for riding on a private jet, ranging from superior convenience to increased speed of travel. However, one of the biggest sticking points for those considering traveling via a private charter jet is the price of getting one. How much does it cost to get private jet charter flights? At the same time, what are the factors that dictate the going price for such services?

One thing about the cost of chartering private jets is that their prices tend to fluctuate depending on market conditions. Naturally, if demand is high, the price is going to be high. If the demand is low, there is a better chance for you to get a charter price that’s lower than usual. However, just to give you an idea of what prices to expect, a charter flight from Miami to Los Angeles costs anywhere from 15 to 25 thousand dollars. This can give you a good estimate on the going rate of local private jet services in America. This price can go higher if the charter flight would carry you overseas.

There are specific factors that dictate the going rate of private jet charter flights. These factors are the biggest factors that would dictate the going rate of these services.

1. Flight time

Each kind of plane has an hourly rate of rental. The potential rate you’ll be charged will be estimated with the help of programs that would dictate flight time on a round-trip basis. For example, if a flight from point A to point B takes 3 hours to complete, that means a round-trip would take 6 hours. If the rate for a specific plane is $2500 dollars, the chartering company would charge $15000. The rent formula is simple: hourly rate multiplied to flight hours.

2. Plane size and amenities

The airplane to be used for the flight is another major factor that dictates overall charter price. Naturally, the larger the cabin size of the commissioned plane, the more expensive it would be. Also, the more amenities and luxuries the plane contains, the higher the price it would demand. Small jets typically cost $2500 while large jets cost $4500.

3. Extra expenses

There are other expenses that the charterer must consider when taking a private jet charter. One of them is plane parking. The price of parking a plane on an airport may vary, but it costs at an average of 500 dollars a day. Permits from immigration, customs, and other agencies are also necessities for international flights. Last but not least, you also got to considerer extra costs such as fuel, food, and accommodations for the flight crew.

Those are just some of the factors that affect the cost of private jet charter flights. Having this sorted out in advance will help you get a hassle-free travel experience.

Top Sights in Kailua Kona

Kailua Kona is the name of a town that is located on the western shoreline of the big Hawaii Island. Most people know this town for the excellent dry and sunny weather, the coastline, its people, its warmth and its food. This town has a lot to offer any visitor and one visit there is not enough. There are many historical and cultural places to visit while in Kailua Hawaii and the warm weather allows tourists to engage in different forms of water sports, surfing being one of them. For those who dread going into the water, they can as well lie or stroll on the glistening sandy beaches as they enjoy a spectacular view of the pristine waters of the expansive ocean.

Besides giving travelers some very exciting and scenic sites, Kailua Kona is a great shopping town and you will find souvenirs of all types to take home with you. Shops line both sides of Alii drive where you can get souvenirs, T-shirts, fashion outfits, jewelry and sculpture. In addition, you can pay a visit on weekends to shopping centers such as Kona Inn Shopping Village and get great stuff at bargain prices. Even if you do not want to buy much, go ahead and just look. You will enjoy the window shopping experience. If you love sampling new dishes, you will find great food from several restaurants there. There is food for everyone irrespective of their budget.

5 Great places to visit in Kailua Kona

  1. Visit ‘Ahu’ena Heiau temple

This is a historic site, which is also known as King Kamehameha. The story goes that the great king settled in this temple during his sunset days. It has attracted numerous visitors who have come in Hawaii in the past. Your visit to this Island will not be complete without a tour of this temple. While there, you can also go to Kamakahonu beach which is one of the loveliest beaches around. Enjoy a day or two snorkeling or kayaking but if none of those interest you, just walk along the Kailua beach.

  1. Hulihe’s Palace

This magnificent palace is a few minutes-drive from the King Kamehameha temple. The building has survived a few centuries but still standing intact. It was built in 1838 and at the time, it was used as a vacation home for visiting royal families. Today, it hosts a fully established museum housing great collections of Koa’s furniture and photos of the royalty of Hawaii. A visit to the museum will give you a greater understanding of the culture of Hawaii.

  1. Take a tour to the Painted Church

This site attracts numerous tourists who come to Hawaii every year. It was built in the 1800s and it was named Saint Benedict’s Catholic Church. However, in the 20th century Father John Velge decided to paint frescoes on the ceiling and it’s inside walls presenting Biblical stories. Although years have taken a toll on this building, be sure to visit it; the paintings will really mesmerize you.

  1. Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Park

It is also referred to as the Place of Refuge, which means a place where offenders of law could get forgiveness and asylum, according to the culture of Hawaii. The national park has reconstructed Hawaiian houses, Petro glyphs and temples. The most striking site in the park is the expansive wall, which measures 1000ft long, 10ft high and 17ft in breadth. This wall separates the palace from the Place of Refuge. There is no better way of learning the culture of the people of Kailua Kona than by visiting this historic site.

  1. Hikiau Heiau temple

This is located on the Southern side of Kailua Kona. In this temple, human sacrifices were given to the gods. This might sound weird but it really used to happen in this town. The temple is an imposing stone structure standing on the south of Kealakekua Bay. The popular Captain Cooke used to be worshipped here as the god Lono, deity of agriculture, music and fertility. This is a must-see sight but not for the faint hearted. It can be difficult to imagine yourself placed on the stone ready to be sacrificed. Nevertheless, for those who are doubtful about this and similar kinds of past practices, it is an opportunity to come to terms with reality.

If you have not visited Kailua Kona yet, make it your next holiday destination. You will love the experience that you will get from its lovely beaches, amazing weather and distinct historic and cultural sites.