River Cruise Trip in Myanmar

Myanmar is not just great place to travel by foot. Did you know that it is also the go-to destination of many tourists for top of the line river cruise trips? Over the past few years, Burma and its residents were able to amplify the beauty of their rivers by inviting more and more people to cruise packages. If you plan on a travel to Myanmar, you should book one today while the place is still not civilized and industrialized. Here are some of the places you could visit.

Irrawaddy River Cruise

This voyage would be journey like no other. As you journey upstream, the history of Myanmar unfolds before your eyes as well. There is so much to explore in this place and you are guaranteed a lot of quality shore landings. You will be able to see the famous Mandalay area with breathtaking views. One of the reasons why it is very nice to visit this place is because of little has changed over the centuries. You will still be able to experience how it was over a hundred years ago with the original structures and materials of the pagodas and other shrines. 15 days is enough for this cruise. You will already be able to see all of the major places in Irrawaddy. It is advised that you book as early as possible so that you can get the best prices and deals. Make sure to inform them as well how many heads will be attending.

Amara River Cruises

This is one of the most popular rivers of Myanmar as well situated along Ayarwaddy and Chindwin river. Because of its popularity, many cruise programs offer you something that you cannot refuse – a personalized cruise just for you. Your cruise can last from 2 days up to 6 days depending on the package you will choose. You will be cruising through the Chindwin River and the Ayarwady River and you are guaranteed a lot of fun. What is good about this is some cruise programs donate 50% of their profit to charities such as hospitals and schools. Thus, you just don’t get to go on a vacation and relax, you also get to help the Myanmar locals with their needs.

Expeditions such as these are a once in a lifetime chance. Make sure that you consider it as your itinerary when you go to Myanmar. There are many things to do in the city, but a river cruise is a totally different adventure which is very fulfilling indeed. You will be more relaxed as cruise ships will take care of anything you need.

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