Business Travel and the Briefcase

If you travel for business, then you understand the decision between traveling light and traveling prepared. However, more importantly, we’ve found that certain considerations should be made for optimal and ease of business travel. Understanding that the briefcase will be used at all times on your trip, this is what we will be looking at.

Top Handle
If you have not put any thought to it, you must think we are crazy to talk about the top handle as an important briefcase function. For longer trips, we find that businessmen usually bring a briefcase with a strap. These briefcases may not have a top handle, and it is our proposition that no top handle when moving about is dreadfully annoying.

When you are getting out of a cab, moving between offices and getting up from your seat quickly, the first thing you grab is the top handle. Briefcases without a top handle will be grabbed by the strap, which is lengthy and will dangle from side to side. The bottom line is that a top handle is required for effective travel.

Running Out of Time

Detachable Strap
Similar to the above, because of the preference of taking the weight off your hand and also freeing your hand for flexibility, a strap is usually needed for business travel. While not required, we greatly prefer the briefcases with a detachable strap. Typically, in business, a strap is unprofessional and sloppy. When dangled unused from the sides of a briefcase, it detracts from the clean professional look that you want to portray.

Suitcase Handle Flap
Some suitcases have a flap at the back of the suitcase that allows you to slip it over a suitcase handle. This is invaluable for travel as it allows you to free up your shoulder and hand so it is more comfortable or if you need to use it hold on to a railing, press an elevator button, sign paperwork, etc. Most suitcases have a rear slot where you can slide paperwork in, the best ones have an additional slot that pokes through the bottom, or a zipper bottom that can allow the rear slot to double as a suitcase handle flap. This feature isn’t advertised often, so definitely do your research before you buy. We typically check PerfectBag to confirm our needs are met before buying.

Overall, preferences aside, we feel that these three features are worth consideration when looking for a briefcase for travel.