Seeing Miami from the Water on a Miami Boat Rental

Traveling to Miami is a great way to enjoy a vacation, but South Beach can easily become overcrowded. This is when you should consider a Miami boat rental to get away from the crowds and allow yourself to unwind and relax. Some of the reasons why you would want to see Miami from the water on a charter yacht in Miami is the extra privacy you can have, the chance to see more of the sights which are in the area, and even getting to enjoy swimming without the crowds of people. Swimming can be a really enjoyable time, but if you are at the beach and a lot of people are swimming it can be hard to enjoy yourself. However, when you are onboard a charter yacht you will see Miami from the water. Swimming at the sandbar, enjoying the sights and sounds of Miami from your own private charter yacht for the day is a special way to spend your Miami vacation.

Miami Boat Rental

Miami Boat Rental

Extra privacy is something you can enjoy immensely while taking these types of trips. Your crew will attend to your safety and will assure that you have a fun day on the water.

Sightseeing on your charter yacht is a wonderful thing to do. Cruising the bay and enjoying sights such as Biscayne Bay, Bayside Marketplace Marina, Star Island, Fisher Island, mansions such as Scarface Mansion from the movie. Also, check out the digs from Dexter. You may even catch a glimpse of a water chase scene being filmed from Burn Notice, CSI-Miami, or the many movies that are filmed in Miami.

Chartering a yacht or boat rental in Miami is perfect for families, small groups of 12 or less, or for a romantic day or evening for couples. Renting a boat for a marriage proposal is special. Just ask about our Proposal dinner package for two. Whether your group wants to jet ski, swim, soak up the sun or just relax, we can take care of the details.

Boat rentals and yacht charters in Miami affords one the day to enjoy the water, see the local sights, have privacy and be a king for the day! Experience Miami from the water in a private boat rental. For your special day on the water, give Terri a call and get out on the water today!