The Top 5 Benefits of Staying in a Self Catering Holiday Cottage

Most of us are too used to having everything done for us when on holiday. We let the travel agent show us hotels and then conveniently wrap it up into a package holiday. This means one thing more often than not, poor service. Many holidaymakers in England are deciding to stay in the country and book a self catering holiday cottage, here’s why…

  1. Superior Quality Accommodation

Holiday cottages are usually owner by a single family. Often they use the cottage for themselves for little breaks. This means you get all the little personal touches which make the place feel like a home rather than a stale hotel room. You are more likely to find luxury items like a jacuzzi or elegant patio too.

  1. Great Value

When staying in a self catering cottage you won’t be paying for all those behind the scenes services and facilities. What you see is what you get. That means you pay to stay in a place with no hidden charges. You pay a reasonable rate for your rental and of course save on airfares too.

  1. Beautiful Locations

England has some amazing scenery but us Brits are too used to ignoring it for abroad. Counties like Cornwall in the south and Northumberland in the North have picturesque coast lines. Holiday cottages are often set within their own grounds in the countryside, with only a local farmer as a neighbour.

  1. Endless Choices

There are hundreds of properties to choose from right across the country. You can opt for a quaint, traditional cottage or something more modern. There are some truly unique options too like The Ducket in Northumberland, which is a converted lighthouse and winner of the Best Unique Retreat at the recent Unique Holiday Cottages Awards

  1. Take Your Holiday Anytime

British weather isn’t the best but you will often be able to make a booking at the last minute for a quick weekend break when you see a favourable weather forecast. There is no need to plan too far in advance, just pick up the phone and then drive to your little holiday home for a well earned rest.

If you are ready to make the switch Unique Holiday Cottages is a great place to start searching. They have beautiful luxury self catering holiday cottages across England and Wales. Their site features multiple photos for all cottages and makes choosing the perfect break easy.