Lake Garda

Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake, located in northern Italy between Brescia and Verona. The lake is over 50km long and has a maximum depth of 346 meters. It has a distinctive phallic shape, with the lake being at its narrowest in the north. This is said to be due to the result of an ancient Palaeolithic Glacier.

There are also some islands present on the like, including five major islands. The largest of the islands being the Isola del Garda.

The area around Lake Garda enjoys a favourable climate where many famed Mediterranean plants can be found. These include many species of citrus plans as well as the Olive tree. Those that have some to see what the Mediterranean has to offer won’t be disappointed.

The lake itself it home to many species of fish including the Salmo Carpio. It is also known as the Carpione del Garda for good reason. It is a fish native to Lake Garda although it has been introduced to other lakes it proved unsuccessful. The lake clearly has some special qualities.

Getting there
Getting to Lake Garda is quite easy, being in an idea location. The nearest airport is the Verona-Villlafranca approximately 15km away although there are many other airports that are within reach of this region of Italy. It is well connected by air to many major European cities.

If you are coming by land, there are many options to come to Lake Garda. Coming by train is a great option as there are stations along with southern shore, such as the stations at Desenzano and Peschiera del Garda. If you want to visit the north of the lake the station is located at Roverto.

If you are coming by car, many routes including the A22 Brenner-Modena motorway and the A4 Milan-Venice route serve Lake Garda.

There are many events that take place here, all year round. This includes sporting events, cultural festivals and even exhibitions and conferences. There are events year round. This summer there is the Chiaretto wine festival in true Italian style as well as the festival of love knot. Already there has been a bike festival at Garda Trentino nearby. There is certain to be something of interest for everyone.