London’s Great Attractions

A lot of people visit London for both business and leisure. And why not? Aside from a string of great attractions, it is also home to a number of London conference venues that play host to some of the grandest, most important events. But whether you are planning a visit for business or a holiday with a loved one, or a mix of the two, it is a crime to miss out on the attractions this great city has to offer.

If you have the time or the inclination to venture outside the London conference venues, here are some of the highly recommended attractions you need to visit and experience up close and personal:

Big Ben

Even if you are visiting purely for business or out scouting for possible London conference venues, this oversized clock is considered the city’s landmark. It is also the world’s largest clock inside a tower, which was installed way back the 19th century. The clock got its name from the clock’s hour bell, Big Ben.

 London Eye


Another famous landmark of the city is the London Eye, which remains to be a very popular tourist attraction to this day. The London Eye offers you the ultimate observation deck wheel that is situated on the South Bank’s Jubilee Gardens. This gigantic structure stands 135 meters and was built as an integral part of the city’s millennium celebrations.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is another great landmark of the city, which served as the prison, stronghold, royal palace, execution site and treasury in the past. Today, it is recognized as a World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular attractions of London. Explore the cells and turrets and a day of explore will allow you to see the beefeaters and the Crown Jewels.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Another iconic attraction, it is the spiritual heart of the city and is considered to have a more human feel to it compared to the great Westminster Abbey. You can enjoy the best views of London from one of its lofty lanterns.

The Buckingham Palace

A visit to the Buckingham Palace is of course a mainstay in any tourist itinerary. If you happen to visit London during the summer months, the palace is open for tourists who want to snoop around. You will be dazzled by the opulent interiors of the Palace, including an array of great paintings and Her majesty’s secret dinner service.

London Zoo

The London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the planet. This mega-menagerie was opened back in 1828 and continues to be a research organization in the present day, with even supports a molecular biology team.
Truly London remains to be among the great destinations in England today; apart from great London conference venues, which offers ideal locations for business conventions and seminars. Of course, you don’t want to miss out in exploring the great many attractions that offer some of the most unique, enthralling experiences even for world weary travellers.