Mango Flights

Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines

Mango Flights is a low cost air carrier that serves the people of South Africa with domestic flights. Mango Flights have 8 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts that have a seating capacity of 186.

Mango Flights offer Wi-Fi on board and was also the first airline to offer retail flights through the grocer Shoprite Checkers. They also allow you to pay for your flights through mobile apps.

Mango Flights fly between South African major airports and offers flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, Lanseria and Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, Durban and Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and between Johannesburg and George.

They also offer twice weekly flights between Johannesburg and Zanzibar.

With Mango Flights you are able to book your flight online as well as choose your seats when you check in online.

Mango has been operation for more than 5 years and with that comes innovation and cheap flights for you to get to your South African destination.