Kalafatis Beach, Mykonos

Kalafatis Beach in Mykonos, Greece, is one of the earliest established beaches on the Greek island. This beach, with its long shores and sparkling water, attracts many wind surfers due to its strategic location and the offshore breeze that swings though constantly. The beach is also a good family beach, with a laid-back, quiet atmosphere. Your kids can run around without fear of being lost or trampled and you can keep an eye out for them, as the beach is a quieter and less crowded beach than the more popular Paradise and Super Paradise Beaches.


There are a good many private rooms, apartments and studios for the visitors to the beach, and there is a sprawling holiday hotel complex as well. Part of the package deal for those beach-goers staying further into the city is an aquatics feature, with diving a premium that includes beach access through a regular bus service. The large Mykonos luxury hotels are a bit further, but there are some nice boutique hotels that will fit into your price range and comfort expectations very well. The prices are good and match the quality of the experience that you will have when staying on this section of the island of Mykonos.

What to Do

There is diving available through the hotels you are staying at or on its own, and snorkeling in the water is a beautiful experience. The water is warm, the sand is fine and spacious and the atmosphere is brilliantly calm. You can lay out on your towel or in a lounge chair and nap to the tune of the natural sounds of the sea and wildlife. Walks along this beach are pleasant and enjoyable, whether in the water up to your ankles or just past the water line. You can watch the windsurfers or do some windsurfing yourself in the warm weather and water.

Food and Drink

There are a number of smaller family-run restaurants that are around the area, which serve local seafood cooked and prepared to perfection. It is a lovely experience to sit and enjoy your food with a bit ouzo or riko to compliment the flavors. The prices are good to your wallet and will leave you satisfied with the quality and good service of the staff. You can take your drink along the beach and the leftovers (of there are any left of your delicious meal) can be enjoyed later in your Mykonos hotel room.