Prague Beer Tours in Czech Republic

Prague Beer Tours in Czech Republic

Are you interested in the Prague sightseeing, but want to avoid end up with boring lecture?  Do you want to learn the history of the beer in Czech republic and get some knowledge about the brewing process? Combine going through the city with some beer tasting! The company called Beer Prague located in Czech republic has a solution for you. The unforgettable trip promises visit of the local mini-breweries with UNLIMITED beer consumption. Yes, you will not only taste the number of regular samples during each brewery visit, but you can drink as many beers as you wish on the last stop. Each time you will join the tour you might see the different places and districts of the Prague. Well-known beer brands are today nothing surprising. You can buy them in every shop and that makes them very common. Luckily those trips focus specifically on local mini-breweries, which produce really unique beers various in color, taste or the drinking feeling in general.

Did you know, that?

  • Czech republic is having the greatest per capita consumption of the beer in the world (i.e. 160 liters annually). That is one bottle of beer for every man, woman and child living here per day! Such has been fact in nearly last hundred years.
  • Czech beer comes in many degrees from 6-19%; but 10% and 12% are the most common. Many think that the percent is the amount of alcohol, but it’s actually the amount of malt extract used in the brewing process. Of course, malt contains sugar, so to some extent, the higher the % (malt used), the higher the alcohol. The percentage of alcohol is about a quarter of the “percent” shown on the bottle, so 12% beer is roughly 3.1% alcohol.
  • It was the Czech brewery in Pilsen that has given the world the brandname of Pils in 1842.
  • The best temperature at which to drink beer is between 7-10 degrees Celsius. Which by the way, is keeping it on the seventh step down to the cellar.

Learn how is the traditional Czech beer brewed, no matter what’s the weather like. Forget about the well-known brands and focus on the beauty of small beer production, which can surprise even experienced beer drinkers. That all for the cheapest price in the city.

The tour starts at 6:00 p.m. every working day, and at 4:00 p.m. during weekends. It takes about 3 hours and costs 1000 CZK.
Join the Prague Beer Tour today!