Bring The Outdoor Into Your Living Room

Can’t seem to get the time off work to go to all those places on your bucket list? If so the next best thing is to bring the outdoors into your home with scenery videos. I recently upgraded my home entertainment system to include a media streamer. This means goodbye to DVDs and has opened up a whole new world of media to enjoy.

What I’d like to show you today is a cool way to make use of your TV with scenery videos. These simple 20 minute clips are designed to be used as a background when not watching TV shows and movies. They are said to help promote relaxation and conversation. They have certainly been aiding my own relaxation and made a great moving background to a dinner party with friends last weekend.

The videos come in MP4 downloads. So you will need some kind of media player or media streaming device. I went with Apple TV as I use a Mac but there are other options too like Roku and WD boxes. These devices then connect to your home wifi signal so that they can play the video files stored on your hard drive.

I also installed Plex which manages your files. You create a folder on your computer for movies, one for music and one for TV shows. If you like you can then install Plex on your iPad or iPhone to act as a remote or even play the files on your device. Anyway enough about the technical details, lets look at some examples of background videos I have been using instead of taking a holiday:

This website is called River Wild so I thought it fitting to start with a rather wild river clip. This one shows water rapids and lots of greenery. An ideal way to bring some of the outdoors into your living room:

We all love beach holidays and the clip below is a nice example which you can loop (set to repeat) for hours:

You can browse for more of the same at Nature Videos