What to Do in Sydney

If you are among the visitors who want to be in Sydney this summer or any time this year, do you already know where to go? Perhaps it is wiser to have things planned first before you go there so that you can maximize your time.

 The Best Restaurants

There are fine restaurants in Sydney that you need to visit otherwise you will regret it. If you want to eat and enjoy the view outside the city, the Blue Diamond is best for you. If you want to laugh the night out in a bar, then the Comics Lounge is the place to be. The sky has no limit and your fun should also be, hence you need to try experiencing the rooftop cider bar in the Young and Jackson’s Hotel. If you want an elegant dine then the Icebergs Dining room is perfect for you and your partner. This has swimming pool and feature an Iceberg’s view across the Bondi Beach Arc to the sea. The Jacketed, bow-tied waiters will amaze you with their excellent services. These are just some of the restaurants that you need to consider when visiting Sydney. You may also try checking out Sepia, Porteno, New York Restaurant, Universal, Chat Thai. Three Blue Ducks, Bather’s Pavilion, Duke, Single Origin Roasters, Red Lantern, and Gourmet Viking.

Make a Good Plan

Make sure that you have a good plan. This is a great place to find deals on Gold Coast accommodations. Once you book for the hotel, start out with the nearest sights and then try booking for another place where the farther sights are located. It is usually great to walk around instead of drive.

You can go to Sydney for an escape over the weekend or for a family retreat that will mean so much to your loved ones. In any way you want to do it, plan it out well and see what you can do to make it memorable not just to you but to the people who will go with you as well.


Top 5 Reasons To Visit Sydney

When visiting Sydney, there is plenty to see and do. Accommodations are plenty, and one can stay in a big five-star hotel or somewhere less fancy but comfortable. There is always plenty of fun to enjoy in Sydney, and below are some of the top reasons you should find the time to visit Sydney yourself.

1. The Rocks

One of the oldest parts of Sydney rich with history is the Rocks. Full of beautiful sandstone buildings, mazes and courtyards, the Rocks is full of weekend markets, antique stores, gift shops, art galleries and clothing stores. There are plenty of cafes where you can sit down and enjoy a bite to eat. Some of the oldest pubs reside here as well. A stay over at The Rocks includes a beautiful view of the harbor.

2. The Harbor

Everyone loves visiting the harbor in Sydney. You can charter a yacht to see the beautiful views of the Opera House and the city, or if you are full of energy, paddle yourself from Rose Bay into the harbor in a kayak. There are guided cruises that take you through the many islands in the harbor and pass the waterfront mansions.

3. Sydney Aquarium

The aquarium in Sydney is found in the Darling Harbor and is a famous tourist destination. One of the biggest aquariums in the world, the Sydney Aquarium, houses some of the most unusual and astounding aquatic life around. There are over 650 different types of aquatic life here. The aquarium has recreated the Great Barrier Reef, and there is an exciting crocodile display for the family to enjoy.

4. Manly

Everyone visiting Sydney should take the ferry over to Manly for a day. Located on the north side of the harbor, Manly offers great shops, bars and cafes. It is always nice to take a walk through the bush land to Spit Bridge Walk. Scuba diving is popular in Manly as well as kayaking, sailing and many other outdoor sports.

5. The Bridge Climb

An unforgettable experience, the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb is one of the most amazing and enjoyable tourist activities in Sydney. You can choose from three guided climbs that go 134 meters above the harbor. The climb actually takes over three hours. Groups of up to 14 people are led by a professional climb leader.

There is no doubt that a visit to Sydney is always an enjoyable one. Along with the many stunning beaches, breathtaking sights and fabulous cities, Sydney always has something fun everyone.