Mexico Travel Tips and Advice For Women

Planning ahead of time is important for a gratifying and successful vacation.  This involves readying your stuff and getting details on where you will spend your vacation.  It does not need to know everything, but learning the basic things about what to bring matters. Travelling to Mexico is a great experience if you know the guide to follow:

Mexico Travel Guide

1. Packing all the stuff you need is important, but don’t forget to mentally prepared as well.  This will help you understand the different culture of the place you’re headed to.  Don’t be surprised with the practices you are not used to.

2. Mexico has exotic culture and practices, some of which are imitated from the South America. Mostly, cultures and lifestyles in other countries are not easy to do if you are not accustomed to doing it.  When it comes to climate, Mexico has a different weather from Asia, USA and Europe. Therefore it is highly advised that you take time to knowing at once the practices and culture existing in Mexico.

3. Passport is the first and most important thing to carry when driving to Mexico. Known for multiple events of crimes and accidents, bringing big cash amount is discouraged.  A simple waist-pack pocket will do for your needs of money. Also, highways and roads are not totally clean in Mexico.  It helps if you bring extra footwear to use on rough and stony roads.

4. Tips on traveling and kind of clothes to put on are important.  Mexico is a tropical place, so don’t forget your sunscreen. However, mountain areas have cold temperature, that’s why you need to bring thick clothes as well.

5. To overcome loud music during your travel, handy earplugs should be worn on your ears. Many first-class transportations play noisy music late at night. Earplugs help you not to get disturbed.

6. There’s no need to bring with you extra clothes. You will be provided with washing facilities in your place of accommodations. Toiletries, however, can be brought. Don’t forget your own towel because accommodations don’t provide any towels.

Tips for Traveling Women

1. If you’re a woman, one thing you should know when driving to Mexico is that many Mexican men will always look at you.  Those men are easily attracted to women especially to women who are not dressed modestly.

2. Dress up yourself appropriately by not wearing mini-skirts. More importantly, women should always have companions when travelling to Mexico.

3. Don’t dare talk to strangers, especially men who have the intention of flirting with you. In a sense, this tip could be funny, but it is crucial to be cautious because you don’t really know what might happen.

Always bring your Mexican Insurance

And finally, buying your Mexican car insurance before leaving for Mexico is very important. Although you may have car insurance in Canada or US, this insurance is not valid in Mexico.  Therefore, plan ahead to get your car insured immediately before leaving.  Regardless of what driving experience you want to do in Mexico, you will enjoy it if you know you have car insurance with you.