Great Ways of Making Money during Gap Year

A big question for students taking gap year is how to afford it. Volunteering is really exciting and satisfying, but how to afford the hostel stay, traveling to your next destination and a call to home? But you need not worry as there are several ways through which you can make money during your gap year and spend the period almost for free, i.e. without having to spend much of the money you have carried from home. There are many temporary jobs waiting for you and they are fun along with being remunerative.

Fruit Picking

The job of a fruit-picker is very popular in Australia. You can do it for a period to get enough cash to enable yourself to get an extension on your working visa.

English Teaching

English is a fantastic language which teaches you innumerable things. By teaching English to children or adults in a non-English-speaking country, you get to learn a lot of knowledge of the language. You come to know the actual pronunciations and meanings of words, difference between past and present participles, and lots of phrases and idioms. This is going to definitely add to your communication skill during your future job, in addition to making money.

Working in Resorts

To work in resorts is a wonderful way to collect some decent cash and also save quite a lot on accommodation and food, because both these things are usually free for the employees. At many places, you can even get fat tips to add to your saving. Resort jobs include childcare, maintenance, kitchen management, cheffing, and chalet duties.

Mobile Beauty Therapist or Masseur

Most gals and even guys have an inborn skill as a beauty therapist! If you have properly learned it, you can use this skill to enhance the beauty of the residents of your host country and earn a handsome amount, plus tips. If you are good at massage, you can also provide massage service.

Camp Counselor

If you work at holiday camps, your life will become a fun tour and greatly affordable, because right when you step in the camp, everything is paid for already. It’s not all about devoting your allegiance around smores and flagpoles. Just play hard, work hard and be the best camp counselor children had ever met, and you will earn big cash every changeover day.

Acting or Modeling

This is a great way to earn in countries like India where the world-famous Bollywood needs foreign faces in films or advertisement campaigns. You make pretty good cash and have a great story to share when you return home.

So, if you are facing shortage of money and are about to cancel your foreign trip because of it, don’t! Take a job and enjoy your gap year.

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