Explore the Gastronomic Heart of Italy

Italy is a reputable haven for the discerning traveller who also has a passion for food. With its delicious culinary specialities and huge variety of ingredients there is little wonder that Italy is so well-known in the gastronomic world. The island of Sicily lies at the foot of Italy, just to the north of Africa and is an abundant producer of some of the country’s most famous products. Home to over one third of Italy’s organic farms the volcanic soils and the Mediterranean climate provide the perfect foundations for producing top quality ingredients.

If you choose to stay in one of the wonderful villas in Sicily that are available to rent, you have the freedom to hire a car and embark on your Sicilian culinary journey at your own pace. Villas in Sicily are the most convenient accommodation option for those people wanting to travel independently and discover the real heart of the island, where the hospitality and culinary traditions are at their most authentic. The villas in Sicily are offered on a self-catering basis giving you the flexibility to choose where you would like to eat each day or even cook for yourself using some of the ingredients available from the many markets.


Villas in Sicily

A Taste of Traditional Sicilian Food

Food and Italy go hand in hand and community traditions often revolve around the table. Different products are celebrated at different times throughout the year and food is as strongly linked to the family circle today as it ever has been.

Sicilian pasta and bread are made form durum wheat, a hard course grain that produces a high quality pasta. When durum wheat is finely ground, it is used in a long fermentation process to produce some of the island’s most popular breads.

Some of the more common dishes you will find on the menu include the aubergine caponata, a stewed dish of aubergines, tomatoes and capers, and Pasta alla Norma, which is made with aubergines and smoked mozzarella. Couscous is a popular staple on the island having been introduced by the North Africans. Usually flavoured with seafood and saffron the couscous dishes are a main feature of the menu. Spaghetti with wild fennel and anchovies has a distinct, but exquisite flavour and the sardines stuffed with the beautiful capers grown on the island should not be missed.

Olive oil produced on Sicily is often served in its own right with simple bread and cheese as an accompaniment. The cheeses, such as caciocavallo and pecorino are aged to different strengths in order to make them available throughout the year. Originally sheep and goats were the main producers of milk on the island but today the government subsidies have meant that more cattle can be farmed, in turn producing more cheese made from cow’s milk. These often have a detectable hint of wild herb flavour depending on where the cows have been grazing. Cheese and wine go hand in hand, so make sure you indulge in some of the Sicilian favourites, which include the delightful Nero D’Avola.

The Arabs brought many of the nuts, citrus fruits and the idea of dried fruits to Sicily, many of which are used today in the selection of sweet treats and ice-creams available.

Stay in one of the beautiful villas in Sicily and enjoy your gastronomic adventure from a comfortable, stylish and relaxing base.