Design Your Own Vacation on a Personal Level

Sun, sand and surf constitute a perfect getaway for many people. We have
to admit that the combination is pretty unbeatable. Add in sightseeing and
shopping and the result is spectacular — all the components of a
memorable vacation.

A sailing excursion with Alternate Latitude gives you all that — and more —
on your own terms. In effect, we invite you into our own “home,” doing our
best to feed you well, make you comfortable, show you around and give
you the space, the time and the “toys” to unwind and relax. Our sailing
getaways are vacation on your own terms, and they are unique in every


Our Playground
The Caribbean is our “back yard,” with all the varied attractions of the
American and British Virgin Islands at our doorstep. You will enjoy the sea
as you’ve never imagined it before, from a private vantage point just a few
inches above the waves. Settle in to one of the three queen-size
staterooms on board our 44-foot, luxuriously appointed catamaran for your
week in paradise. Our vessel has state-of-the art safety and navigation
equipment, and is fully outfitted for your pleasure, including a 13-foot
tender to get you to shore and back.

Captain Steve and First Mate Deb do all the work if you wish, or you can
book a “captain only” cruise and we’ll simply stock the boat with your
preferences of food and drink. We can take you to island resorts like the
legendary Bitter End Yacht Club to rub elbows with round-the-world sailors
as well as the world’s rich and famous. If bars and beach clubs are on your
agenda, we also know the way to The Pub in Road Town, Foxy’s and the
Soggy Dollar at Jost Van Dyke, and the Willy T off Norman Island.

Vacation Done Your Way
Our vacations have no bounds — if you want to see all the sights and party
late into the night, we’ll make it happen. If you’d rather spend lazy days
swimming in quiet coves, reading a novel on deck, and dining on Deb’s
fresh specialties as you watch the sun set, we will oblige you. You can
explore the reefs, marvel at colorful fish and rays, fish for your dinner, dive
at the wreck of the Rhone, or just play the days away on beautiful beaches.
We’ll make it easy for you to spend time at the Baths on Virgin Gorda or
visit the caves at The Bight with no need to follow someone else’s

Best of all, you’ll never have to put on shoes if you don’t want to, and you
can leave your wallet untouched in your stateroom the entire week!
You’ll return home renewed, refreshed and ready for more. Isn’t that the
perfect vacation?

The Subconscious Works in Funny Ways

My wife, daughter and I were way overdue for a family vacation. It had been more than four years since our daughter was born. Consequently, it had been more than four years since our last vacation. The vacation talks started a month ago. Our daughter’s summer vacation from school was coming up, and we had to decide where to go. She wanted Europe. I wanted Australia. She threw out New England. I threw out the Virgin Isles. We could not agree. And a vacation, at least the kind we go on, should not be something you compromise on.

It was a month and a half of back and forths. Ideas after ideas. Travel sites after travel sites. We couldn’t figure it out. We decided to put a moratorium on the travel talk for one night. We made dinner while our daughter watched a movie in the living room.

The next morning, I woke up and went downstairs in my robe and put on a cup of coffee. Then an idea hit me for a place neither myself nor my wife has been. A place with beaches, wildlife and culture.  A place that would be fun and educational for our daughter. My wife came downstairs half an hour after me. I told her my idea, and she had the strangest response. She told me she had a dream about that very same place last night. I braced for a fight and instead, surprisingly, got a “Let’s look into it!”

We were going to Madagascar.

We looked into it. The beaches were white and pristine. The water was a beautiful turquoise color, great for swimming, snorkeling and sailing. The national parks were lush jungles, filled with playful lemurs, hiding chameleons and rare trees. The pictures were beautiful. The reviews were great. There wasn’t one thing that drew us to it, but a combination of everything we wanted. And most importantly, our daughter would be able to enjoy her first real vacation. We called our travel agent and booked a yacht charter for a week off the coast of Madagascar. This was it. We finally figured it out. But why?

My wife and I racked our brains on how this came about. Obviously it was meant to be as we were both thinking the same thing that one morning. And as I sit in the airport, about to board our plane in an hour, it hit me. The night of the moratorium on travel talk, my wife and I made dinner while our daughter watched a movie. A movie about a lion, giraffe, zebra and hippo far from their home in the New York City Zoo. In the background played Madagascar.

This is sure to be a vacation we’re not going to forget. And we have my daughter to thank.